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Beautiful. May take longer than you think to complete the hike. Route-finding can be difficult in the boulder section and may not be appropriate for children, older folks, or disabled. A stunning annual run for us with access to the Middle/Grand saddle.

We managed to do this trail in 4 hours between rain showers. The canyon is wonderful and great fall colors. No sign of bears but it is prime territory’s I tale precautions

1 month ago

First real big hike in Tetons. So worth the hike. Definitely gotta go again. Challenging hike and rock scrambling.

Fantastic trail, with breathtaking vistas, trail challenging enough to be exciting. Love it

It's nice, I've done with along with amphitheater and delta lake. But if you feel that's too much, skip this part and only do the lakes!!! They are much nicer

Trail is great, uphill for the first half at least, but beautiful enough to distract you. The lake is beautiful as is the rest of the hike up towards the peak. I did not make it to the peak but my friends did. (The altitude slows me down, and my friends are much fitter than I am) The road requires a four wheel drive with high clearance and you need to NOT care that the sides of your car will get scratched up. As a result of how far out this trail head it, it is never crowded. You’ll see other people but most of the time you’ll have solitude. Another positive, dogs allowed and they can swim in Goodwin Lake.

3 months ago

Beautiful trail!! We did is as part of a two-day backpacking trip. Our first day we went up Granite Canyon trail and stayed at a campground after we found the fork leading to Mt. Hunt Divide. There was lots of water access along this trail, so water wasn't an issue (as long as you have a filter). Their designated campgrounds look like they cover a huge area, but there were only 3 or 4 per camping area.

The next morning, we got up and headed up to the Mt. Hunt Divide via Open Canyon Trail. the beginning of the trail was easy, but it gradually got steep and there wasn't much shade and very little water access, so top off before you go up! The wildflowers were still blooming that far up, and they were beautiful! If you take this trail, be prepared to climb over a few a logs, and wear sunscreen. There is very little shade!! But the Divide was incredible, and it was satisfying to stand at 9700 ft. At the Divide, you leave Granite Canyon, and get a fantastic view of Open Canyon. There was still some snow up there, and more flowers. There was not much water access until we got past the switchbacks. The trees and undergrowth were very thick on this end, so there was lots of shade.

We rounded off our trip by taking the Valley Trail to the Granite Canyon Parking Lot. This section was fairly level, but we were tired and it seemed to take forever!

It was a great two-day trip, and we had fun!! Definitely worth the uphill and the elevation.

PS. The campsites are not marked on the map, so be prepared to walk and not know where you're going!! There were only three or four in each designated camping zone, and they were very spaced out. Plan accordingly. ;)

3 months ago

Strenuous if do the whole trail, but well worth it with varying topography and views.

3 months ago

The best!

The hike starts a little slow but afer 2-3 miles in really opens up! I recommend climbing past the boulders and continuing up the snow. You will not be disappointed with this one

Hiked with my beautiful wife on July 13, 2018. The view gets progressively better and better as you go. There are some places to fill up with ice cold water along the way, and make sure you plan for some time to sit among the large rocks at the top. Challenge: see if you can keep a bare foot in the water for 15 seconds - I did.

The views and wildflowers were incredible! Nice easy trail along a stream.

4 months ago

Took the Teton Village Aerial Tram up to the top of Rendezvous which was an exciting undertaking. The views of the surrounding peaks was incredible and offered a unique view from the summit without any work. The decline through the woods was very pretty but very steep. After getting down to the first "valley" there were endless wildflowers around, taking your mind off the next steep incline. The next few miles meander through woods and wildflower fields with small feeder streams running through them, something that seemed like it was straight from a storybook. Once you get to about the 6 mile mark the bugs began with biting flies of all sizes which took away from the views. The trail also dips down into the forest which only made the flies worse. From there, the next 6 miles seemed to have little to no views of the terrain besides the occasional stream here or there. Overall the first half is entirely worth it but underwhelming for the next half.

trail running
4 months ago

Nice single track, but it’s narrow in spots with the wildflowers and brush. Wear pants or prepare for some light scratches. Tons of wildflowers and scenic views!

4 months ago

made it to the trail split and then some bad looking weather scared us. this trail is beautiful, especially all the flowers in the beginning. WARNING: getting to the trailhead is a bit difficult without 4 wheel drive or high clearance vehicle. We parked about 1 mile away and walked up the road. Hopefully will do this trail again later and make it to the top.

4 months ago

Hiked this June 30, 2018–beautiful wildflowers but still a decent amount of snow to get to the summit. Still doable but it slowed us down! Definitely a favorite hike.

hiked 6/13/18 very scenic with an Alpine lake to relax at. beautiful wildflowers and butterflies. very scenic. can see Tetons from trail. the trail is well defined until you cross a meadow, stay to the right and then at another downhill area where there is a faint trail on left at about 3.5 mark. if you end up by a creek with a shed. across from you, you have missed the turn, go back. also the first water crossing you come by can be tricky. we too our shoes off and walked across holding the fence. the water was fast and high on 6/13/18 when we hiked.

Great hike but I just want to update about the road getting there---it is in rough shape as of May 2018. A lot of the info online about the road is outdated. Forest service even has a sign at one point after you pass Curtis Campground with a warning, even with 4WD.. I ended up parking and hiking on part of the road quite a way to get to the trailhead only because I was there so I could bring the dog.... Great hike if you get there but the road is currently an issue.

6 months ago

Went about 3 years ago on a school field trip, and it was amazing! Beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife, light traffic, plenty of shade in the woods, but it's honestly hotter In the woods. on the open trail it's nice and breezy and easy to keep cool, only hiked halfway, as school policy only allowed so long of physical activity for prevention of injury but all in all a great hike! stopped in the middle for lunch, climbed up the mountain a bit to get some amazing views then turned arou d and hiked back down! definately intend on finishing the hike someday!

Thursday, September 07, 2017

We hiked a portion of this trail today. Very pretty, not too strenuous, meadows and forest and several streams - secluded, very few other hikers. We didn't encounter any bear or moose but did see fresh bear scat.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

It's a decent hike but Cascade Canyon is much better in my opinion. Definitely bring bear mace and a whistle. On our way back we came across a black bear and cub foraging for berries. My husband started blowing his whistle and the bears quickly scampered away. There is definitely wild life here!! Overall the elevation climb was spread out nicely and we didn't feel it that much.

This is a wonderful hike, with the elevation change you need to catch sweeping views of Teton Valley, Taggart, and Bradley lakes. As you climb higher the switch backs are pretty tiring, but the effort is worth it as you enter Garnet Canyon and the peaks rise around you. Climbing over the boulder field is fun, but if you're not looking to extend your trek, picnic at the little creek and enjoy the view! It took me, my mom, and sister about 6 hours with a lengthy lunch break, and we got an amazing, if small, glimpse into what the Tetons have to offer.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Honestly, if you are going to do a canyon hike and you only have one big hike you can do, I'd recommend Cascade Canyon. It is a pretty piney trail with cool views and the river is nice but what is worth the experience is the meadows of wildflowers up in the middle for area, and in route to Marion Lake (which were gorgeous bonuses of being up in this terrain)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Great hike!

Friday, July 28, 2017

My husband did a summit climb of Grand Teton three years ago, and since we were back in the area, he wanted to show me some of the trail he took for that climb. We actually went a little further than the waterfall, across the boulders and into what he called the Meadows. The weather was cloudy and cool; we got rained on a time or two. I made it just fine on the trail, but the boulder climb was challenging for me (as a clumsy person). We also encountered two bears near the beginning of the trail, a young grizzly and a black bear, who were too intent on eating blueberries to pay any attention to us. We chose to slip around them, both because all the other people on the trail were doing it and because we had bear spray. Great way to spend a day, and I'm happy my husband got to reminisce about his summit experience.

Monday, July 17, 2017

My family and I hiked this trail based on some amazing pictures others had posted. Overall, it was a beautiful hike with great views of Jackson. Based on other pictures posted we thought we'd encounter a lake at some point on the trail but 2 miles in all we found was thicker foliage. The trail split about a mile in with no signage to indicate which way to go, maybe we took the wrong path.

Monday, July 10, 2017

absolutely stunning and well maintained trail. WATCH OUT FOR THE ELK EATING BEARS!!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

It was about 8.5 miles to the waterfall and back. There's snow on the trail from there on up, but without gear, that's where we stopped. Tons of people we're going further though; way more experienced people!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Can only get to this trailhead with a 4 wheel vehicle the road is carved up by runiff. Got to trailhead early enough (8:45) am that we did not see anyone else until the last bit of the return trip. Beginning is steep through fields and some forest, then mostly moderate forest trails. Could only get to granite lake because of snow. Roundtrip was about 6.2 miles.

Good historical accounts and visuals of catastrophic land slide and resulting geological character changes. Short, but informative. Kids would enjoy.

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