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Well maintained trail and beautiful falls!

6 days ago

Great hike, with nice water crossings. The drive in can be tricky with the road seeming to end before the signs for Trails Carolina. Stay to the right and drive up the incline to a parking area and gate. Heavy leaves (not a surprise this time of year) made the trail more challenging. We were surprised by how many trees were down on the trail. There were also a lot of large limbs hanging in tree branches over the trail. I was carrying a Osprey child carrier which made several section challenging with many branches to navigate. it was worth it and we will definitely be back to do this one again.

Beautiful! Hiked to all three falls Nov 10, 2018. Well maintained trail and gorgeous falls.

Fun, pretty hike. Not hard, I did it 6 months pregnant!

beautiful hike and impressive waterfall

19 days ago

Started from the Frozen Creek access. Hiking to the campsites and river was decent, not a ton to look at, but once you reach the destination, it's worth it. I went in early January, so it was cold, reaching about 0 degrees the two nights I camped. But staying at the campsite, where there are firepits, picnic tables, and water access to the river was perfect. Would hike again.

This hike was actually further than I thought. I read 1.6 miles to the main falls but it actually seemed more than that. maybe is was all the elevation changes. Excellent walk. The trail actually goes outside of the State Park where it is not quite so well maintained so expect some dodgy bits. At some point in the trail follows the river with several smaller Rapids to view. The Falls themselves are spectacular. Well worth the trouble.

We had a great time making this a two day trip and camping. Only negative experience was since a recent rain a lot of the trail was swampy.. but that is my only complaint! had a great time.. even in 36 degree wet weather! thanks! I would have a map for a couple areas, we hit a couple different trails to see things.

A truly beautiful hike to Tranquility Point on Little Green Mountain! Lots of ways to get lost though! Make sure you download a map and know which ways you are going. Beautiful fall foliage right now also!

Such a great workout! The waterfall was breathtaking!

Decent trail. You can hike the fire lines easily enough. Wear long pants or high socks. The grass is knee high most of the trail.

Nice trail.. Part of the trail was quite muddy and under may three inches of water. Not really well marked but I had my dog and it was an enjoyable hike.

Panthertown is covered in intersecting trails, so have a map or this app ready for reference. The trail itself is a wide road until you reach the intersection at the beginning of the loop. We went right first. The trail was super muddy and waterlogged, so wear your waterproof shoes. Once on top of Little Green, the views are amazing! Exposed rock, heather and moss, and views for miles make it worth the uphill trek. It’s a great place to stop and take a water break. Once you’re at the bottom of the loop, the fall is right there with a large pool for you to swim/wade in. Be mindful of dogs and horses on this trail, and other campers. Overall, it was super fun and would definitely go back. I’d recommend it for the intermediate hiker.

Very strenuous .Beautiful.

Loved this trail, lots of great waterfalls to see. Not being in best shape I would still consider this trail somewhat moderate but absolutely worth it!

This trail is a moderate to easy trail! The views are beautiful and the water is cold but feels so good to swim in! It took around 45-50 mins up at a normal pace and a little less than 40 mins down!

Great path. Super quiet. Lovers Key is beautiful.

A MUST!!!!
BEAUTIFUL waterfalls (way bigger than I imagined) and stream along the hike. Really an ideal hike- little over 1.5 mile one way, areas of steep climb, enough to get your heart rate up. Well-marked trail in orange.
Took us ~ 1 hr 15 min driving from DT GVL.

1 month ago

This trail is pretty amazing and absolutely brimming with alligators. I mean, they are ALL over the place. Many of them will be sunning right by the banks, or sometimes right smack in the middle of your path. The only way to keep going is to inch your way slowly by them. We brought our two dogs along for this adventure, which I regretted less than half way through when we encountered a large female gator blocking most of the path. We later learned from a park ranger that she is blind in one eye and shes been around the park for years. We didn't feel very safe crossing in front of her with the dogs, so at this point we turned and came back from where we came. That said, I'd love to come back and complete this hike without having to worry about my doggos becoming gator lunch!

2 months ago

I have done this hike many, many times! Always enjoyable! If you are driving, best to park under the San Carlos bridge. Parking is free there and it is shady... and, it avoids the traffic lineup getting on/off Fort Myers Beach. As well, there is a sidewalk on the left hand side of the bridge going toward Fort Myers Beach. It is a good elevation.. awesome views.. and adds more challenge to your hike. Walk over the bridge and over to the pier... and go out to the end of the pier. Often, you can see dolphins swimming around.. sometimes small sharks, sometimes sting rays, pelicans, and various waterbirds. When you walk down the beach and get to the end at Bowditch Park, go through the trails around the park. Be careful of the gopher tortoises. They are a protected species and wander around there freely. I am not sure, but I don't think dogs are permitted in the park because of the gopher tortoises. On the way back, walk down Estero Blvd. Cute beach houses and nice hotels. It makes the hike more interesting. If you walk the bridge, pier, beach and Estero Blvd.. and then back over the bridge, I think it adds another 1-1.5 miles onto your hike. Also, wear a hat as there is very little shade on this hike!!

best waterfall trails in the state...two great falls on this trail....bring your shorts so you can get a swim in at turtleback

Beautiful falls. On a perfect Saturday in September we didn’t see another person. My kinda hike!

Wonderful trail! Very rocky and wet in places, but I had fun!

We wanted to camp and swim but it rained almost the whole time we were there. The gates close at 8:30, so if you changed your mind about camping after that (because of rain) you can’t get out. Also, all but one campsite had been reserved- the vacant one had had bear sightings! The actual trail tho is very well marked and maintained. There are lots of cool mushrooms and flowers along the way and the river/falls are some of the best I’ve seen! There are signs posted that say swimming is prohibited due to dangerous currents- we even saw a memorial to a dog who’d been swept away! There are small pools to wade in, however. I want to go again when it’s not raining!

Awesome hike — I recommend going to the top of the falls and walking out on some of the bigger rocks that approach the edge. We picnicked up there and it was great! Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit for once you get to the falls, too.

Beautiful area but we tried to take our dogs and there are numerous alligators close to the trail. Not worth walking the whole thing, after the second sighting we turned back.

easily the best hike to waterfalls in the state of NC....

You get to see waterfalls and views of Panthertown Valley on this trail. The hardest part of the trail was the climb to the summit of Little Green Mountain after Schoolhouse Falls, but it really wasn't too tough. My only complaint is that it's really easy to wander off the main trail on the summit since it's not marked well. Watch for a couple of white arrows on the granite and green trail blaze markers. Using this app definitely helped guide me back on track. Depending on how much rain has fallen recently, parts of the trail near Greenland Creek could be muddy. A water crossing at Greenland Creek was shin deep when I went.

Nice Trail. A little too loud from the proximity to the interstate.

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