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3 days ago

This trail is very pretty and mostly flat, definitely wouldn’t consider ‘this a moderate trail because it’s mostly easy and very flat!lots of fast bikers on this trail but it is definitely beautiful

Good views of the city easy in easy out

Amazing Hike with Friends.....Great Incline Workout....Moderate/Easy......

This was a great hike. The direction we took made for an intense workout because it was hilly. This is my first time hiking in Arizona and wow, the sun is no joke (it was in late October). Take the water advisory very serious. It was in the sun the whole time but really beautiful!!

It’s a decent sized hill more like, a little short, but decent.

mountain biking
19 days ago

Javelina was a nice trail but Ridgeline was amazing! The views of the Phoenix skyline are breathtaking from the ridgeline high points. I was baby carrying and the hills were tough, but it was a great workout. Definitely would do it again. Maybe I got confused with the switch from javelina to ridgeline trail but you have to pay attention to the posts. We focused on javelina trail and passed the ridgeline trail and just kept walking until we hit all the other trails. Overall, definitely think this trail rated moderate was accurate.

28 days ago

I love this little hike! I take my dog and it’s perfect for getting some sun and a beautiful view!!

1 month ago

Really short hike but gives a nice view the whole way. Lots of people at sunset.

Kicked my Butt! Javalina Out and looped back in Boulder Trail :). Definitely a moderate hike from 9 am-11:00am....No washrooms, marked well! Great Incline and Workout

We have gone up this trail two weeks in a row and have really enjoyed the loop. The steep hills are probably the “hardest” part of the trail but not crazy.

2 months ago

Great family hike. Has some elevation gain but is an easy starter hike.

I prefer going straight up Telegraph Pass, rather than taking the right to follow this trail. I found it boring in comparison. It offers the same views so many other desert trails marked Easy offers.

Fun quick hike. It is def off the beaten path a little- you can drive right past it if you aren't paying attention. The incline is step but fun. Once you get half way there is a great view and place for standing rest if needed. IMO the 1at half is harder than the 2nd half because the loose rocks and lack of a trail. Ive taken our dogs and they did great. They needed water half way and again at the top. This is a quick hike (30 mins total with a small break for water and pics)

Good flat trail for fast runs. Little rollers here and there to keep it from being too monotonous.

Javelina trail is really fun, I go up Ridgeline for more scenic views

Started down Javalina at 5:30am and finished at 7am before it got too hot. The sun hits your face on Ridgeline so I recommend sunscreen. The hills on Ridgeline can be tough to varying degrees but each one pays off with a great view.

A great experience in the city. Moderate challenge from the elevation change on Ridgeline and a more relaxed hike through the valley on Javelina. Simple, beautiful views of the city and surrounding mountains throughout.

I love San tan park, the trails are clean and great. this is a good little run for the afternoon or a quick morning breather. definitely a good one.

5 months ago

Perfect little hike this morning!!! Took our pup with us, a Weiner dog and he did great!!!

Beautiful views from the peaks. Highly recommend this trail for a workout. I love AZ trails and the sunshine. Please keep our parks clean and respect all warning signs.

Great views and a good, if somewhat challenging, workout for the casual/recreational hiker. Keep an eye out for loose sand/gravel where you could lose your footing. This is just one of many trails at the park. Great layout with parking and restrooms at this trailhead. I will be going back to try the other trails.

This is one of my favorite to mtn bike. Hiking it is too easy unless you are taking slower hiker(s) out to overlook the city.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Very easy, short, mostly flat. would be boring to hike.

I do this trail every morning before work, its perfect for beginner hikers or trail runners with easy to follow paths and lots of fun hills. Not a lot of clear signs where trails cross, so definitely check the map before your first time out. Great city views.

mountain biking
6 months ago

This trail is no easy trail. It has many different 10% ascent/descent valleys and gulleys. It is definitely a moderate trail since they have refurbished this trail within the last 6 mos.

Great hills for a flatlander from Houston. I combined the JC and RL with an out and back section of the Mormon trail to get in a 6.5 mile run. I did get turned around a little because I’m new to using the app and the trail markings are weathered in some locations but it’s not like it’s so remote it was a problem. Great views of Phoenix at dawn. The elevation training was good, just enough climb to challenge me but not overwhelm. I don’t get many opportunities to run hills on the gulf coast so this was a welcomed change. I would definitely run the South Mt. Preserve again on future visits.

6 months ago

I normally love this trail but I had aggressive flies swarming me (face and body) the entire time. Even when I was running, they followed. Not sure if it’s the season or what. The mountain bikers didn’t seem to have issues

7 months ago

Beware of fast moving bikers

7 months ago

Experienced hikers and those in excellent shape won't find this trail to be difficult at all, but it ought to be rated as "moderate." There are four hills to climb, and the first is the most difficult. There are minor switchback trails going up, but it is pretty steep. Each of them are steep in their own right, so don't take this trail lightly. Hiking shoes/boots is highly recommended, but not required. Assuming you don't take side trails (but, I highly recommend you do), expect the out and back hike to take about 30-40 minutes. Pima Canyon and Beverley Canyon are far more popular trails, but this one has SIGNIFICANTLY better views of the Valley and is a better overall workout. I highly recommend this trail for anyone looking for a pretty short but good intensity hike!

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