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Went up the three waterfalls and turned left to take the shortcut at the top of the crater. Would recommend going this way, because the downhill is much easier than going back down the waterfalls. Would rate this as a moderate hike and very doable for an experienced hiker. Went with some beginners who were a bit sketched out climbing up the waterfalls though. Took us around 5 hours, going slowly and stopping frequently. The trail was not too muddy today.

Better to be over prepared.
Great hike

Would anyone be interested in hiking this with me? Here until the 11th and could use a trail partner for this specific outing. richardhandley@live.com

With the amount of foot traffic, there should be some erosion prevention measures taken at the east rim side and also the section coming down to the HECO frames. Proper steps should be installed to prevent further erosion . Hikers should give this place and other fav hikes like Moanalua to Haiku and Koko Crater Stairs a break so that erosion preventive maintenance can take place.

definitely lots of mud, it helps a lot to have spikes. lots of roots, be careful with your footing, you can easily twist an ankle if you dont pay attention. watch for dog poop. you will cross a few streams. my first time, we only went to the second waterfall. it's only 5 minutes from the 1st to the 2nd waterfall, so pls continue. not much water flowing today since not much rain last night. and yes, dont forget to bring snacks!

I started at 0630 solo and didn't see a soul until I had started down from atop the crater and I was not short for sunshine for most all of the hike (except looking over the mountain to the east). LOTS of mud, LOTS of roots, and LOTS of rocks (and as the previous posts state, this was from the start). Once you get to the first waterfall they all come in quick succession. Try not to be in a big hurry and enjoy them.

Definitely not easy.

Beautiful hike, mid November the waterfalls are roaring, the trail is also incredibly muddy but it’s definitely worth it. Fun trail, difficult climbing and not an easy trail to follow. The ropes felt more secure than on certain other trails on the island, but that doesn’t mean much. Definitely recommend this hike!

Muddy and steep enough to be a slight workout, but no views or sights to see during any point.

My favorite hike but a challenging hike. Anywhere from a 3 to 6 hr adventure depending how many waterfalls you cross. Most will do all 3 waterfalls but not the ascending ridge to the summit. The ridge should only to taken on drier days because the last 1/4 mile is dirt and becomes muddy on the wetter days and at the most 3ft. wide with steep cliff on both sides dropping down as far as 200ft. (2 women has fallen to their deaths within the last 5years) So be careful.

If this will be your first time on this trial you should be accompanied by an experienced hiker of this trail. Have at least a liter of water per person and some snacks because it will be awhile before you encounter civilization again. You will be utilizing every muscle in your body on this trail so be physically and mentally prepared.

Safe journeys to all.

amazing hike!

Wow! This trail is awesome. Dress to get wet. Bring about a camelback’s worth of water. Bring some high calorie snacks. Don’t wear shoes you don’t want saturated in rich brown mud. There are parts of the trail that made me wish I had cleats on my shoes. The lower part of the hike can be pretty hot, but the peaks are relatively cool because of the breeze. If it is overcast or raining then it will feel great, but the mud will be even slicker. Kids can make it to the waterfalls, but they would have to be pretty touch to complete the rest. Safe travels!

Very muddy and slippery, would advise hiking shoes as running shoes would get soaked and stuck in the mud.

Just climb up from the base of the third waterfall, cross it a couple of times, and you will come to the crater rim.

Hiked it counter clockwise and got to the base of the third waterfall lost the trail from here and had to turn back the way we came. This trail is beautiful and quite rewarding, but is very wet, muddy, slow going, and can be VERY dangerous. Pack lots of water and snacks and start early. DO NOT hike this one alone.

Live here and a well experienced hiker

Simple tips:
- Research before going on this hike.
- Or go with someone that has done it before.
- Know the short loop back; so you don’t have to back track down the 3 waterfalls again (this is if you’re not doing the whole crater)

This is NOT a maintained trail. Be safe

Extremely muddy and super long.. not as rewarding as other hikes in Hawaii.

As of October 2018: I recommend starting the hike from the street and just doing the out and back. The path from Manoa Falls Trail is completely overgrown at critical junctures, making navigating very difficult. We made it through the main loop finally, but we were off the trail about 70% of the time hacking through vines. Once we found the other end of the main trail we decided not to continue to the falls because it was getting late.
Next time we will enter from Waakaua St. through the gate and sign saying no trespassing*. Follow the road past a couple bridges and the abandoned house, then it turns into a trail. The trail continues on the right side of the stream.

*I suppose it is possible to do reach the falls from the Manoa Falls Trail without ever crossing private property, but the loop route recommended on All trails does cross this gate going out anyway, so I figure just be polite and no trash and go through.

awesome hike. incredibly muddy and much harder going back down than coming up. trying not to slide all the way down was difficult.

Great but very dangerous yesterday due to weather conditions!

We went yesterday and although it was sunny in Waikiki it was raining on the trail. At first very very light rain barely perceptible, but as we hiked the rain got heavier. By the time we made it to the third waterfall it was pouring to the point of not being able to open ones eyes, and the waterflow was very powerful. We had trouble crossing the waterfall at the top due to the heavy rain and waterflow, but ultimately was helped across by another hiker who happened to be from the airforce. On our way back we had help from two marines who brought their own rope to cross the stream which was like a floodzone at this point.

Tl;dr if it’s raining heavily, turn back. In those conditions I would not recommend hiking this trail as the route up the waterfall and crossing the streams is very dangerous due to slickness, powerful waterflow, and deep streams.

This was an amazing hike, challenging, slippery, but so much fun. We went the wrong wY and climbed down all three waterfalls. One of the best hikes so far!

We did this last year. It was great. Thanks Scott.

I went up anti-clockwise, passing all the waterfalls. I started very late in the day, around 2:30 pm and by the time I finished the loop via the ridge back down to my car it was already 6:30. The going was very slow due to the amount of mud along the way ( in fact the entire trail is muddy except for the waterfall part ). Very good cardio workout and i sweat a lot due to the high humidity we are facing over the islands these past few days. Its best to do this hike early in the day in case something goes wrong. Not a good idea to be hiking in the dark and it gets very dark fast esp in the valley. In general, the trail has deteriorated a lot over the years from exessive usage.

Tip: Use a light traction device like microspikes or chainsen for added traction due to the very muddy slick conditions. It helps a lot.

This is a classic gorge hike i.e. multi-tiered interconnected falls that amass to hundreds of feet longer in distance to any other waterfall on the island. It makes manoa and lulumahu falls look like coy pond fountains. However , it is super easy to get lost and I learned the hard way what trails can completely to bypass the tricky, slippery descents ect. This trail is easy to only give lost with multiple divergent paths and the all trails app only shows general direction. I need to redo this hike tomorrow morning 7 am to reclaim my trekking poles and do the ridge portion. The falls are great right now and the path is moderately muddy but should dry up even more by tomorrow morning. If you plan on hiking this email me at justindavidsands@gmail.com. If it is on a different date I can possibly meet but depending on if I work that night I may have to do a turnaround after the falls. I have hiked dozens of trails here and this is the mist challenging when it comes to navigating but is 100% epic and totally worth it.

Not recommended for beginners or the faint of heart. This was one awesome hike with three waterfalls and a great 360 of the island. Tricky at some parts during the summit, but worth the sweat.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Amazingly beautiful trail, even the touristy parts up to Manoa Falls were supergreen and pretty. The ridge and rope-y parts were a little scary, don't go alone and definitely do the loop in the counter-clockwise direction. Look forward to lush bamboo forests, lots of roots, some scrambly-stony parts, lotsa mud and a long slow beautiful ridge-walking part. Stunning views of the valley and of Honolulu reward you!

This was such an amazing hike, we went the wrong way, ended up going down the waterfalls instead of up. So happy there were ropes and vines to hold onto. It was very muddy, but well worth it!

DO NOT GO (unless you're willing to risk serious injury). There is no visibility for the hiker due to thick vegetation, maybe there once was, but there no longer is. The mud is a major risk as well. No one should be attempting this "trail" right now unless you're an acrobat with a great GPS, which you will need for every step you take.

About 5 hours. Can get confusing. So read up a bit before you go. Nice emerald amphitheater at the top

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