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Nice and easy with the kids (11 and 6)


9 days ago

You can tell where the trail is fairly easily most of the time but there is minimal marking tape through out. There are some blown down trees that are quite a challenge and a blown over bamboo forest that was nearly a belly crawl to get through. On the way back we discovered a path on the alternate side of the stream which helped a lot and some stream crossings at various points helped us to bypass blown over trees. The waterfall itself is pretty but yes there are no pools to play in. It is NOT currently dog friendly though it is dog doable

Good training area and near several parking lots

Love this trail because it's a loop - you don't have to look at the same thing in and out. There are three waterfalls along the trail and a decent amount of rope work up the last waterfall. Our group likes to swim at the first fall. Takes you up along the crater then all the way around and back down. Make sure you swing left when you get to the top and start making your way out of the crater. Taking a right will take you on a completely different trail (this is the one that connects to Wa'ahila). I've done this a few times and every time I slid down the steep muddy parts on my butt. Make sure your shoes are water-friendly. Try not to go after big rains (kind of a give/take bc the waterfalls will be bigger after rain).

14 days ago


I tried to follow the map and got lost off trail somehow. I found trail markers that were orange duct tape and took me to the waterfall so thank you for whoever placed those there. The mosquitos were horrible!! :(

There were no other people hiking the trail and the view was amazing. I found 2 waterfalls and spent over an hour just enjoying the scenery.

The hike was muddy and so much fun. A puzzling/challenging yet not very physically demanding. I went with a guy I met on instagram. I sent him a dm asking for advice and eventually led us to go on this hike together. He was so awesome to hike with. There was not a single moment of silence. He talked about his inspiring dream of eventually becoming a guide for hiking. He took me on this hike for free and just for the fellowship; however I tipped him $20 anyways because the experience was best part of trip to Hawaii. I honestly thought $20 was cutting him short. If you want a guide that isn’t just a stick that gives you directions then hit him up! He probably won’t ask for money but after you go on a hike with him you would want to pay for the experience. His instagram @ is “mvrkb”. He will not only be a guide but a friend that you could always come back and see when you to Hawaii. I promise you

Really nice trail. Hard but it’s worth it. You have to be ready to climb several times during the hike. Also, it was very muddy even if it didn’t rain much in the last week. Wouldn’t recommend if it’s raining and it would be better to start the hike in the morning if you want to finish it before dark (takes 5 to 6h if you do the loop). Bring more water than you think you’d need.

Fantastic Trail, the Manoa Falls part can be congested with non-hikers but avoid some frustration with an early start. 0700 was quiet. Trail passes though many small micro climates and foliage that are very cool and the hike on the Ridge loop is amazing, with views of Diamond Head and Waikiki. Best to complete counterclockwise as there is on steep sketchy area with frayed ropes that I would definitely not want to descend on but up isn’t an issue on a dry day. Otherwise completely passable for any sure footed hikers. Took approximately 2:30 with lots of photo breaks. Feel free to DM questions @corc19 on IG

Best to go after a good downpour if not there isnt much of a waterfall but just a trickle. There are many waterfalls in Manoa valley, not just the over popular ‘Manoa Falls’ .

By far the best hike I’ve done! You instantly start the hike in the beauty of the rainforest. A few back and forth a over the river, climbing, and finally you get to the first waterfall. From there the ropes are your best friend the rest of the hike. It was raining so we were definitely muddy and wet and we’re still able to climb safely. There and plenty of foot holes and places to rest if needed. The 3rd waterfall is the longest but worth it! We only went partially up the ridge due to wind and low visibility. It’s very slippery on the ridge as well. That plus finishing the loop trail, it took us 5.5 hours. I will definitely be back. It is a full body workout! If it’s raining I suggest shoe spikes for the ridge.

Awesome hike. Finally went around the whole crater which made it a nice loop instead of out an back. Worth it for sure.

Had my garmin watch following on GPS. It recorded the entire trip as 6.54 miles. It was 2.6 to get to the crater once you climb up the third waterfall. It was about another 2 miles around the crater. We rejoined with the main trail after coming down the ridge from the crater at 5.8 miles.

It took me and my gf about 5.5 hours. We did it at a leisurely pace stopping at all the waterfalls and also took dip in the stream. It was raining at the top which made it super slow going. It gets a little slippery at the top with all the mud.

Really fun experience. Make sure you have enough time to finish. Shoes with tread help. I skidded twice in my worn out running shoes. Wouldn’t wear them on this hike if I went again. Upper body strength helps if you’re planning to do the crater.

I liked this trail. For trail running it was good and not muddy or covered in roots. There are views of Honolulu every mile or so.

1 month ago

Did this trail after the Moana waterfall. Didn't complete the loop, but hiked it just before it branch's off and had to turn around due to time. I would love to go back and complete it. It was raining heavily during the whole hike, so the use of bamboo sticks helped a lot on the way back, four of us left those bamboo sticks at the trail entrance for others to use.

Great hike. Second waterfall is the best. You’ll be in the clouds around the crater depending on time of day. Great views.
5.4 miles, 3 hours without a pack or water, minimal stopping and some light jogging. Wear Trail running/water shoes with good grip as it’s extremely muddy, slippery, and you will have to cross the stream multiple times.
This hike is not for beginners. If you don’t have the upper body strength to use a rope to help pull yourself up a steep incline...steer clear. You’ll have to hike up the third waterfall to get to the ridge around the crater. It uses ropes almost all the way up. Those who take 6 hours have a full pack and are walking the trail slowly.
If you’re tracking your movement on All Trails you will not get lost.

This is a hard hike!! Very very muddy and slippery. Before I went (7/9/18) I read comments and thought I was prepared. But it is muddy from start to finish. While hiking around the rim I had quite a few close calls with slipping and nearly falling off the ridge. You really need to give yourself time to take it slowly. I would recommend starting this hike no later than noon. My boyfriend and I started at 11:35 am and didn’t get done until 6 pm. We are in fairly good shape, but can get turned around a few times. Sometimes the bright pink or orange markers are not very clear. Keep your eyes peeled for them, near the ground tied around a tree or within eye level. I hiked the legal way to stairway a few weeks ago and thought that was much easier than this hike. Not positive if I will be doing this hike again or recommending it, especially not to people from out of state.

One of my favorite hikes! Yes, it’s muddy and yes, it’s dangerous at times. Just be smart about the decisions you make. There are plenty of ribbons to point the way, some you may have to look harder for. But they’re there.

Amazing hike. Climbing the third waterfall was a thrill. Pretty challenging and doing it hungover didn’t help. Would recommend bringing more water than you think you need and plenty of snacks.

I am very impressed. The nature and the wildlife was just amazing. Clean water and no people. One of my favorite waterfall trails.
Also I would like to say thank you to a person who marked the trail, very helpful.

Ridgeline, crater, and waterfall all in one hike. fun hike! just shy of 4 hours for an experienced hiker in small amount of rain. did fine in tennis shoes and didn't have to pull out the crampons. I would advise leaving plenty of time before sundown because the trail is difficult to navigate in the dark even with a light

LOVED this hike. However, please make sure you are prepared and have some back-up plans of the weather turns for the worst. I did this hike yesterday and got pelted with rain at the top of the crater rim. As said in many reviews before me this hike is grueling and muddy, especially in the ridge area (arguably the most dangerous portion for us). I would HIGHLY recommend buying some dirt spikes that slip over your (I hope) hiking shoes. They’re about 40 dollars depending on where you go and they could absolutely save your life and definitely save you from slipping. People have fallen off the rim of this crater and died. This hike is very dangerous, especially with wet conditions (basically always). Please do not make this your first hike on Oahu, especially if you’re not an avid hiker or are unfamiliar with the wet and muddy conditions of many Oahu hikes. Also, I’m a very active person and it took me about 5 hours to make the entire trip, crater and all. I started hiking this around 3pm and came back in the dark. So I would definitely plan accordingly. We caught up to some hikers hopelessly lost in the dark and hiked with them back to the entrance.

This hike is beautiful. Be prepared before you start.

pretty views, secluded, and really nice for a quick hike

Very beautiful views and landscapes but it took us much longer than expected whereas we are not bad hikers, and we got caught by the night (not very pleasant there).

We followed the river, saw 2 beautiful waterfalls and climbed a 3rd one. Until there, it was still ok. The ropes that are there to help don’t always look safe, but we had to rely on them.

We got the crater and a beautiful and rare view. However, the trail got muddy, slippery and narrow. It kept getting worse and worse and we couldn’t go back so we had to finish the loop. We were scared for our life more than once. We got the top but not the view, because we were in a cloud. It looks like the top is often in a cloud. We kept walking on a narrow and windy ridge for a little while, and it felt good when we were done with the crater.

I don’t know if it rained a lot before the day where we went, but I would definitely recommend to avoid rainy days for this hike.

It’s was very nice but pretty dangerous.

On my top favorite hike list.

It took for us 4 hours and 30 min to complete the trail. Total we did 6.2 miles. Since we started the hike in the late afternoon, we didn’t stop on the way back, what made it a great workout.

Trail is definitely changing and fun. You can experience jungle, waterfalls and Mountain View’s. Suggest not to go alone and make sure you have enough time to get back in sun light.

Quintessential Oahu hike. great fun! Multiple stream crossings. Climb 3 waterfalls (pretty good footing), climb up a steep ridge. this was the hardest part. 2 or 3 places were difficult - there's rope but the rope itself is muddy and slippery. the KST ridge section wasn't too bad. There's always some vegetation between the narrow muddy trail and the abyss towards windward. Coming back down on the north crater ridge had a few sketchy places. Nothing incredibly narrow. Trail crampons HIGHLY recommended. The ridge trail down is very muddy most of the way. I'm over 60 years old. finished in just over 6 hours. I'm told that it was only 5 miles, but seemed longer. Lovely views with stream, waterfalls, crater, cliffs, native vegetation, and the great view over the Windward side.

Several of us hiked took this hike a week ago. We climbed the three waterfalls and just beyond the third water fall. Clouds started to come in over the top of the crater rim so we decided to turn around and not do the rim. Our main objective was to see the wonderful views from the rim everyone has talked about but not interested in climbing up to the rim if the views were going be obscured.
Just to clear up the mileage on this hike. It was 5 miles for us to climb the three waterfalls and then take the other half of the loop trail down. It would be significantly longer if you were to climb up to the rim and circle it and then head back down. The people I was with have done the three waterfall part of this trail many times and said it was the muddiest they had seen the trail doubling the time to complete the hike. It took us 5.5 - 6 hours to complete this portion with a few stops to take some pictures and enjoy the waterfalls a short while.
The ropes were in decent shape. I found only a few areas that I really needed to rely on the ropes to advance myself. Most of the time the ropes were used as a guide. Taking the trail is slow as you try to keep your feet from sinking into the mud and are navigating tree roots the entire way. There are pink ribbons to mark your way and with the assistance of Alltrails Pro we were able to stay on course with no problems.

Awesome hike! Make sure to wear shoes with lots of grip! It can get really slippery! There are some areas where you will be climbing down steep rock walls and a climb alongside and across a long waterfall! There are ropes to assist. I like to bring my own rope just in case. This is a long hike so come prepared with plenty water and snacks! It’s a beautiful hike and so worth the 5-6 hour trek!

1 month ago

Took 6 hours- totally worth it! Beautiful view, good ridge at top, can be windy. Dont go when rainy/ muddy. Bring lots of water and some snacks.

1 month ago

Took this hike out starting at the water tower at Na Pueo Park and hiked along the east ridge. The hike is pretty, but it can be very slippery in spots with so many downed pine needles and certainly requires scrambling up and down among rocks right next to huge dropoffs early in the trail, so be careful. It's certainly a nice hike, but it's strenuous. Make sure to bring lots of water and some food if you plan to go to the end of the ridge.

I strongly recommend returning along the east ridge (the way you came). It was impossible to see the return path along the west ridge; I went as far as a yellow trail marker at the end of the Alltrails map, and did not find any way to get to the west ridge.

One very important note for when you return back to Na Pueo Park coming from the east ridge - the south junction of the loop is right at the end of a barbed wire fence. As you start your hike, you will be walking along the right (east) side of the fence, then the fence will end and you'll go up three or four earthen stairs to a small clearing. When you return, these stairs will be invisible. If you miss them, you'll continue on the wrong (west) side of the fence (which is marked in multiple places as private property) and it is very easy to get lost. Yes, it's possible to continue along the loop and try to make it to the alternate exit, but it was unclear if that was possible. So - keep a GPS device with you so you know if you're close to the junction, and keep a look out for that fence! If it appears on your left when you are on the return trip heading, you will not be able to get back to Na Pueo Park :)

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