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Great hike for the Fambam a little bit challenging for my 7 year old daughter but she made it. Make sure to bring plenty of water and don’t forget to sign the log. Ok

Excellent hike!! Great clear trail! A large tree has fallen across the trail at the beginning! No way around had to go under! Views from peak are amazing! Even a view of Downtown San Diego, Point Loma, Ocean and more!

1 day ago

Surely challenging! Even though it was hard at times, it was worth it in the end. Just make sure to come well prepared.

Nice easy hike with a very cool rock formation at the end.

2 days ago

I approached from Rios Canyon Road from Crest. Great hike, amazing views (except when you get to the top and you are just outside someone’s property). This is the pinnacle of the Crest Ridge Ecological Preserve peaks.

Good hike. Was iced over before the saddle, so I decided to turn back & stay the night at Cedar Glen camp since it was later in the day. Had a great view from the top spot at the camp.

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Great hike with beautiful views. Not hard for an active hiker. Have water you will needed especially going back out of the canyon. I went on 12/14/18 it was very nice but would like to make this hike in March or early April to catch the waterfalls in action.

Great hike that felt like you were going through so many different types of terrain, some parts felt woodsy, some felt like a bush maze, while other parts were in the sun and boulder area. So a nice way to mix it up all in one hike. Super doable, some uphill but mostly spread out. I brought 2 liters of water, but only ended up needing 1. It was in December, so a perfect sunny warm day! It was also really cool seeing the mountain you would get to the top of, so awesome views all throughout! Would love to come back with my little sisters since it seems like a doable hike for them.

Very unsafe hike in my personal opinion. I am in overall good athletic shape and work out 4x a week and hike at least once per month. I’ve been wanting to do this mountain for a long time and I just don’t think it was worth it. You couldn’t possibly bring enough water up there and the sun is very hot. The slippery and rocky terrain along with the switchbacks make this hike challenging and risky. I felt that I could not enjoy the scenery, the hike or my surroundings because I was too concerned for my safety.

Amazing hike! We took the shorter trail which is quite steep but a great workout and takes less time. Very much worth it!

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5 days ago

Not an easy ride. Hard up and black down. Gotta send it on alot of trail. Lots of drop drop drop drops. rocky steep. Gotta charge hard or risk getting off.

I had a blast. Mid week was best timing.

Beautiful hike, but do it early to beat the heat and the crowds!

OK to all those that missed taking this trail sorry. This is not just a hike this is an adventure. 52 hikes in 52 weeks and this is by far hands down one of the best. The things you see . You get lost in the history. The carts all have stories. You can see that this railroad was almost truly impossible. Haha anyhow the tunnels smell of old coal. Some of sulfur. It is truly a amazing sure to walk threw a outside museum. Love this hike . Start early if you can get a chance. I do think it’s closed now thou.

Beautiful hike today. Be prepared for the cold from now until late spring. I could've used another layer of clothes and gloves.

Well here’s one that separates the wolves from the sheep! Been wanting to do this one for a loooong time, just waiting for the right day. Nice cool temps and overcast skies really took the edge off, and after the recent rains there was no haze and stunning visibility in all directions. I could see a snow capped San Jacinto and San Gorgonio to the north. Totally amazing.

It’s as difficult as everyone says, and it really brutalizes you on the way back. But I’d say anyone could easily do this hike with a little bit of conditioning, rugged footwear, and good timing. The real difficulty level of this trek is predicated on the weather/temperature. I would definitely not mess with this one mid July.

Took me 4.5 hours, managed to get by with 2 liters of agua, though I brought 3. Took a 30 minute break on the summit to get baked and enjoy the panorama. Don’t be afraid of this hike, go do it!

I just hiked this on 9th December 2018. Lots of spaces in the lot, I arrived at 6:15 am. Beautiful hike! Definitely harder in knee deep snow past the saddle. Micro spikes and trekking poles were very helpful as some parts were ice. Beautiful view! It took about 4.5 hours up! Check out my insta pics of it! ig: @yvonne_rebecca

This hike is definitely worth it. It’s also worth paying the $10 to park. They have excellent, well maintained facilities at the lake, and the trail is also very well maintained. If you are a trail runner this is ideal because the path is relatively smooth and even for the first stretch, then when it gets steep there are rock stairs or rock gardens. There was not one place that was sketchy to navigate.

I’d call this a moderate hike because while somewhat long and a bit a steep at places, you never question your life or abilities. Hard hikes, I think, should have you second-guessing your ability to complete them. This hike never required any thought. It was smooth.

Also, I thought I’d be showing up “late” when I started about 7:45am on Sunday, 12/9. It wasn’t crowded at all and I had long stretches to myself. There were a few groups going up but not too many. And while I didn’t take a picture, there was no line do so. Definitely more people on the way down (coming up), but there were a few large groups. Bottom line, don’t stress if you are not there at sunrise, you can still get some alone time in. And there’s a lot of shade in the morning. It took me about 1:20 to get up and 50 minutes to come down, and I ran part of the way down.

If you need a hike to really kick your ass, try El Cajon Mountain. Even if you don’t go the full 11 miles, it is challenging and up hill both ways!

nice easy climb, gorgeous views at the top. unpopulated.

Did this hike for the second time today and it is always fun and a really nice view. The first time we went, it was definitely a lot more difficult since the other trail down was much much steeper, but it is permanently closed now. I assume that was for safety reasons, but now the trail is a lot easier so I was a teensy bit bummed out about that. Not a huge deal though, still a wonderful and beautiful hike!

Challenging, but totally manageable. Bring lots of water. I found it to be a quiet and peaceful trail, saw few others, which I love. Great views, worth the effort.

Great hike. Lots of snow. Make sure you at least have micro spikes as the snow turns into ice. We did not come down the DBB as few hikers warned us about it. We came down thru the ice house the same way we went up.

I found the ‘descent’ to be challenging in the 4-3.5 mile return section. Definitely a tough climb but wonderful views and my favorite in the SD area so far.

Nice hike, pretty easy/wide trail much of the way. Suggest taking the side Five Oaks trail for the best views and less people (even though a bit harder and narrower).

So much better than just taking the fire road. I'd actually suggest doing an out and back on the recommended start to the route so you only do the paved part at the end. Be prepared for some very narrow trails that get pretty rocky (loose in some areas).

My daughter and I were first timers this morning and really enjoyed this hike. Steep, rocky climbs for a great workout and wonderful views especially at the summit. Parking is easy. The only downside is hearing the highway almost all throughout the hike.

was beautiful can wait till spring hopefully when the water is flowing still so amazing!!

it's a leisure walk. very pleasant.

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