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We did it last Sunday! It's become one of my favorites!

such a fun hike with great views of the mountain landscape. I would highly recommend.

5 days ago

Good little trail for fall colors, red/oranges that aren't very common in the area. We turned right up the ABQ trail and up to the saddle, where it connects for a bigger loop.

gorgeous riverbed canyon hike. you have to pass the blue fence to get to the river.

8 days ago

Took the trail in early November, so the landscape was covered in snow, but not to the point that you needed serious gear to complete the hike. It was pretty strenuous hiking up, as someone whose lived below sea level their whole life, but the view of the frozen lake, surrounded by snowcapped peaks was absolutely spectacular. Be sure to carry a couple liters of water, as even in the winter, the altitude dehydrates you quickly.

Good trail! Started later in the day. Follow the map.. trail isn’t well defined in most places and intersects with a couple others... easy to get off to a different spot

I would not have anything to say right now.

Nice trail! Great for anyone new to the area, well marked and a good amount of use. Little chilly once you get close to the summit. Water, hat, gloves. Great views of Santa Fe!

,great trail

7 miles of badly maintained washboard dirt road makes getting there a little jumpy, but the trail is easy and the cliffs are incredible. Full sun the whole way but not so bad in fall.

really enjoyed this hike. In some spots I lost my way. I would recommend GPS should you do the full loop.

11 days ago

November, 55 degrees, fall foliage against a southwest landscape, boulders, beautiful. This is a hike through a river bed the entire way, so yes, the trail was soft/sandy. To see the Rio Grande, you'll have to go another 2/3 mile beyond the end of the trail in the description, through a simple fence. Not intimidating in the slightest. Worth it!

12 days ago

Great trip with the family. Well marked and maintained trail.

12 days ago

Wonderful hike on 10-14-18, with trees wearing just amazing colors.
However the trail is not really well indicated, with many people, ourself included, asking other hikers where we/they were supposed to go, and how far was the top ...
Strongly recommend it in the fall anyways.

12 days ago

A nice long hike that really cranks up the elevation gain right at the end. It was one of the worst marked trails I've been on in a while though. We were never lost really, since you are along the creek the whole way, but many times we weren't sure if we were on the right side of the creek, if we were still on the trail, or how much longer it was to the lake. We saw plenty of other hikers contemplating in the same way. We did ultimately find the lake, which is very nicely situated.

The middle section of the hike through the aspens is just lovely, especially as the fall colors were turning.

While there are no stunning views or vistas, this was a perfectly pleasant hike through the woods, and very beautiful when the fall colors were just starting to show. Lots of happy dogs on the trail, and not too much elevation gain - was great after a day of driving 8 hours.

Trail itself starts out as a wide gravel path. The hike is not too challenging, but the mountain views are excellent. Lots of colorful rock formations and desert plants. Perfect hike for cooler time of year.

Great views, lighting was perfect against the mountains in the morning. Fall weather was perfect-cool, but sunny. Trail is fairly narrow and a little overgrown thanks to recent rains. Saw three different tarantulas.

We hiked up to where the trail crosses with another, 1.3 Miles then turned around. Have done the whole hike before, and its a great one, but couldn’t make it today. It is a beautiful hike! The creeks are full and splashing. Gorgeous foliage. The hike is not difficult, but you do have 8 water crossings so prepare to get wet feet.

Great hike to top of Castle Rock with the stunning views. Recent horse and cattle hoof ruts on the lower part and snow/ice near the top. Be careful.

18 days ago

As someone mentioned before, this is a great trail for an easy overnight backpacking trip. Beautiful views and fall colors. The trail is in good condition and is easy to follow. Park at the "upper" parking lot next to the road (not in the Picnic Area)- they don't care if you park overnight as long as you don't camp within 1/4 mile of the trailhead.

18 days ago

This is a great trail, I was advised to go counterclockwise and happy I did. Steep incline on the last part of trail. Nice switchbacks going up.

Visited on a Saturday in late October around 9am. A good number of cars at the parking lot but had the trail to myself for the majority of the hike. The trail was good except for a few icy spots once you get further up. Saw a good amount of snow but very manageable. The views at the lake are phenomenal. Recommend this hike.

on Pine Tree Trail

20 days ago

Did this hike late in October , spectacular scenery and streams were running from recent rain , go to the left at beginning of loop , other hikers told us this too and it seemed like the better way , took us 3 hours to complete , not in a hurry cause we were taking lots of Pics

20 days ago

Nice hike and the waterfall was running good from recent rainfall in October

20 days ago

My brother and I were on a mission to hike this trail and find the springs! We failed the first time and somehow took a wrong turn and ended up on a strenuous hike up to a wooden teepee and campfire! It was beautiful but we really wanted to see the springs. Two days later we attempted again and finally made it! We still aren’t sure how we got so off trail the first go around! When we finally made it we were awe struck! The views are spectacular and made it all worth it! The springs were not as warm as we expected but we could have cared less because it was still amazing! We met some great people, swam around and relaxed, walked to see the falls and had lunch on a rock in the middle of the mountains. It was such a great day and I think I speak for my brother and I when I say I would highly suggest this hike to anyone!!

Great trail, easy at the beginning but then a nice workout uphill

Amazing lake. We hiked this in October and the lake was beautiful and we woke up to it snowing. I’m definitely goin back!!!

For all those worried about the caution sign of biologics, if you are worried don't ever go swimming in a lake or river because it is worse than a natural spring. By law they have to put the caution, same as cigarettes and yet people smoke or medications and even alcohol. Dont get so wrapped up and avoid these beautiful springs due to the sign. You wont get sick by hanging out in the springs.

I enjoyed the hick. The Spring was nice and relaxing. It was clean with no trash around. When I went I sat alone for 15ish minutes before people started coming. The people were friendly and nice. It is a great place to relax. The water was warm but not hot. It was nice with chilly wind making the water definitely warmer then being out of it. Over all I had not been there since I was a child, about 25 years ago, and I loved it. I will return.

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