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Nice view in the forest. But need better maintenance.

Not bad for a trail inside the city. There was some traffic noise in the distance during the entire hike, but once you get away from the train trestle, you no longer see any man made structures or roads. Be mindful of the trail conditions. I found people hiking and mountain biking when I arrived, and the gate to the trail was open, but a park ranger left a note on my vehicle stating that I was subject to arrest for being in the park because the city had closed the backcountry trails due to trail conditions.

26 days ago

Great hike but we got lost a few times when the trail was not clearly marked. St one time we were following a route to add to our trip and ended up at a brook with such dense greenery we couldn’t continue and had to back track.

my wife and I enjoy the trail woods area the only problem was the sing direction need to be better. this app help me alot find the way I will do it again

The Gorge Overlook was a pleasant, easy trail. It gets crowded by Old Man’s Cave. Recommend to go early morning to beat the crowds.

Great trails close to the city. Markings aren’t great and they are not very well maintained but a lot of mileage possible.

1 month ago

Great property, great trek. Parked at the Lyman St. trailhead then went as far north as I could. Turned back to the south and was surprised to see part of the trail was directly above the Wachusett Tunnel which carries all of Boston's water from the reservoir. Continued south on the Berlin Road Trail and took a break at the Howard's Ridge junction. The southern part of the property appears a bit more interesting compared to the northern section, the Howard Ridge specifically (but it's small, you can take it all in). Went to the South Overlook next then up Tyler to the summit then over to the ancient Pine Tree before looking out from Oberg's Vista. I took the wrong trail down then bushwacked back and found a cool, antique plow out in the middle of what was likely a pasture back in the day. Might call the Berlin Historical Society and let them know. I marked it on my map. Great property, just do it!

Fantastic all the way around. They recently re-routed a section of the Far Ridge Trail, but it is only a slight deviation from the standard route and clearly marked. Plenty of squirrels and chipmunks along the path to keep you company, and lots of visibility making it easy to admire the contour of the land. This is probably the nicest hiking trail in the Cincinnati area. The Rim Trail at Caesar Creek comes close, but probably only because of the views of the lake.

9/29 - we wanted to do this trail and saw signs that most loops are closed for hunting. Big disappointment

Would have been nice to know about the cost to get in. I don't bring my wallet to go for a walk... just frustrated.

The trail is a bit overgrown in some areas and you definitely need a map or gps application to stay on the loop. It's pretty rough with roots in some areas but overall it's a great trail considering it's in the middle of a city.

love trail running here!!!

Go after it rains. The waterfalls are way cooler.

Good trail for how close it is to the city. Extremely overgrown in a lot of areas, but overall a good hike.

Good hike, lots of people near old man’s cave

Really enjoyed this hike. Not too easy or tough and beautiful woods.

As others have mentioned, the trails split often so you’ll find yourself on your phone a lot referencing the map. Several areas could use maintenance to cut back some of the overgrowth. I ended up only doing half the loop.

2 months ago

Poorly maintained trail. We turned back because the trees were so overgrown they would have been slapping my baby who was in our Osprey carrier in the face. Road on the way in was very muddy, we could have easily gotten stuck. Pretty location, but we won’t be back due to the poor maintenance. There are much better local trails.

Very rocky and is more like 4.5 miles long. Trail markers are confusing.

Pretty good loop, especially considering its location. Lots of intersecting trails though and it can be tricky to know if you're actually following the route. Load the route into your recorder and follow that, double check yourself at the intersections. Also, the route that is currently posted (as of 8/12/17) actually does the loop twice. It's really closer to 4 miles with an elevation gain of about 500 feet. UPDATE (8/27/18): The route posted now correctly lists the trail at 4.2 miles.

Fantastic hike. Get out early to miss the crowds. By 10:30am the trails are packed, especially byThe Old Man’s Cave area.

Worst trail ever. Trails are all grown over and I think I literally ate a dozen spiders. Also beware, there is some weird individuals around the area there. I’m talking the shady pervert type.

3 months ago

Nice well marked trail, some places have a bit of a climb but nothing too difficult. A neat training course in the middle of the loop. Nothing spectacular in term of scenery. Brough my dog and we had fun exploring, ton of bugs though.

3 months ago

Disappointed. Not well marked. Not well maintained. Very “buggy “ today. Stopped at little camp store for bug spray and they told us the other side of the trail was not groomed yet. Where we did hike was not groomed well. We walked the road back. Bummed.

it's our favorite local trail. having to have a paid membership keeps all of the riff raff out. they have lots of fun events too for members

Not a bad trail loop. We had two kids with us, and it was easy for our 7 year old. There were mostly bikers, so I don’t think we will be visiting again. Not much scenery except some trees, which are nice, but not worth going back for. Overall, it was a nice hike; it tracked us as only going 2.9 miles, so a little off from the 3.5 listed here. We just probably won’t be going back.

To our surprise, there was a nice creek right off of this trail that held a TON of cast off old bricks and rusty old railroad ties, etc. Instead of searching for fossils like we typically do, we were able to find unique, historic stamped bricks. Highly recommend!

The trail itself was a nice wooded trail. Enough ups and downs to give you a workout. I gave it 3 stars vs 5 because once you get on the trail they are VERY poorly marked. We started on the Cedar trail, note there were NO G markings. The only markings we saw were L, E and F. We talked to several folks once we got back to the car and they all said the same thing. Once they got back to the road they followed it to their car since they could trust the trail markings. This is a shame since this place has so much to offer hikers.

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