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15 hours ago

The road was re-opened recently so I packed up the pup and headed up to Lockett Meadow. Even though the leaves are now on the ground, the hike was still very pretty. Definitely a cold windy hike with a high of 31 degrees so I suggest putting on layers and something to keep your ears warm! Great hike to bring dogs on. Saw at least 6 dogs on the trail not including my own, please be mindful of others and keep dogs on a leash. You never know how someone else is dog is going to react to your's.

P.S The road up can be a bit dodgy due to how narrow the road is, be careful and drive slow!

Quick easy hike. Not as steep of an incline if you ascend from the north, or dump road trailhead. The caves were cool.

3 days ago

Absolutely stunning. Wish I would’ve caught the colors of the aspens. But still beautiful.

We hiked around 14 miles today beautiful scenery in early November some fall colors. If we went 3 weeks ago the fall colors would have been peak. The sign will say 1 mile once you get to Walnut canyon but we also went like 3+ miles like other hiker reviews. Not a lot of traffic so perfect hike to enjoy the outdoors. Once you are past 3 miles in the Walnut Canyon the trail is overgrown so make carrins, very cool caves to venture in. We started the hike late didn't go to the monument but we took some really cool detours.

I'm only giving this 4 stars till next year when I go back and see the aspens all golden yellow. I can't even imagine since this is already a beautiful hike. Be ready for an incline but totally doable. The pines and views are gorgeous. The yellow leaves all over the ground was like confetti. A wonderful change of season!

Absolutely gorgeous! I just went on Saturday Oct 27th and there were still tons of yellow leaves! Totally worth hiking the entire trail to see the snow peaks as well. I brought my little dog and she did well on the hike too.

Good hike with some nice views. Easy to moderate. Saw a few tarantulas on the trail. Followed AllTrails map to caves and could not find them. No signage for caves anywhere along the trail.

22 days ago

If you take the least travel trail on your left rather than right, there are a set if power lines that go up a steep hill. Follow that and you'll find a set of boulders that you can then climb up and have a quick lunch while looking at a beautiful view of the valley.

24 days ago

The road was closed for the season (today is 10/20) so we had to hike in 3 miles to Lockett Meadows. The aspens were beautiful and the trail was pretty rocky at first.

Most beautiful hike I have ever done! going from fall to winter was breathtaking. Highly recommend. Part of the hike was a steady incline but very worth it.

Absolutely gorgeous this time of year. The Aspen trees are so colorful and make for an amazing hike. Also, make sure to go the entire hike or you will be extremely disappointed. Once you make it up the large hill and round a corner and start to see the snowy capped mountain it opens up onto a beautiful colorful meadow — KEEP GOING! This isn’t the end. Follow it into the snowy mountains you will eventually see the trail continue and hike into the snowy beautiful mountain trail (if it’s still there) what a beautiful treat!! We lived this trail. With the colorful Aspen trees and fresh snow— seems we picked the perfect day!

1 month ago

The most amazing hike I have ever done! The colors were breathtaking and it was perfect temperature. Got to the end of the aspen trees and decided to keep going, and glad I did! Maybe 1-1.5 miles, I’m not sure, but you get to this meadow area and see the snow covered mountains, just spectacular! We did however get hailed & rained on at the very end of our hike as the weather called for it, but so worth it!

Gorgeous! According to the Apple Watch a little over 6 miles round trip but totally worth it. Also the directions through all trails app are wrong- look for forest road 552 which is about a mile
Before where the app says 522 is (this road doesn’t exist). A few bumpy and steep miles in the car, but I have a small Mazda and had no issues. Just take your time. One of the prettiest hikes I’ve done in AZ

This trail is one of the prettiest I have been on! Not a difficult hike but the trail in spots is not very clear. Some of the plants are so overgrown. Park near the road closure and walk a bit through the houses.

1 month ago

beautiful trail. love it

Easy trail...beautiful scenery all the way thru, especially once you get to Walnut Canyon. The Fisher Point spur might be more moderate, but I elected to avoid that and go as far into Walnut Canyon as possible. There is a sign near the entrance stating that the trail goes for appx 1 mile...don't believe it! Good trail for about 2 miles, then it gets a bit thin. I covered over 3 miles in before deciding to turn around. Ended up making it about a 14 mile venture.

A great hike with beautiful views. Very uphill, but it's worth the steep climb.

Good little trail for the family to do. Super easy, little elevation change, and lots of little sights along the way. The stream is fed by the water reclamation plant, but THAT IS A GOOD THING if you are familiar with water reclamation.

Woohoo. Yes. Great. So good.

getting to and from the summit is a bit steep but after that the trail is a breeze. views from the top are nice and the caves are cool, kind of hard to miss really, just turn right once you reach the fork at the top of the trail...

on Viet Springs

2 months ago

Awsome trail

2 months ago

One of our favorite hikes! The pictographs are a must-see.

2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful hike with dense aspen trees. Now my favorite hike in AZ. We had a group ranging in age from 14-65 and were all able to complete the hike.

Favorite hike in Flagstaff. Hike leads to the top of Humphrey's Peak, if one decides to take it all the way. first few weekends of fall are a true spectacle to witness, as the Aspen forest becomes engulfed by an abundance of yellow leaves that emblaze the caldera's steps slopes.

2 months ago

We did this hike on a rainy day and it was just beautiful. Lots of wildflowers and aspens. Forest smells and sounds were so relaxing. We plan to come back in the Fall to see the golden aspen foliage. An easy, short hike but absolutely worth the time!

I have lived in Flagstaff 18 years and never new about the trail. It was a nice hike. Just a word of warning the water is from the sewer plant. We saw someone standing in it and thought it was gross, he must not have known!

Well-maintained. The placement of markers on trees should be reviewed.

First half of the hike was awesome, followed the directions from another post to get to the caves which were neat. Views at the top were great, practically a 360 of the city. We followed the loop to return, and must have taken a wrong turn at a fork because we ended up on a trail that parallels 89 for a bit. Walking near the road and in people's backyards were the only negatives to this hike. If we had stayed in the woods would have been lovely. Water/Gatorade/snacks highly recommended! Some shady spots depending on time of day

3 months ago

Amazing hike! My wife, 2 year old daughter and I had a blast hiking through the aspens, up to the incredible view of the peaks! I was pleasantly surprised by the deceiving amount of elevation gain, thanks to the long, sweeping switchbacks. Can’t wait to do it again!

Beautiful trail taking you through parts of Picture Canyon Preserve. Various scenic areas like the hieroglyphs but somehow bypassed the waterfall. Gives me another reason to come back again. Easy hike with no real notable elevation change. It didn't take long to leave the industrial area.

There were some areas of the trail that were not well marked and at one point found myself walking in a circle because there was no markings but plenty of old jeep trails so it got confusing.

More trails to explore but I will definitely come back to do this one again.

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