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2 days ago

made it to about the 4km mark. (my garmin said 3.85) the snow level when from 4-6" to about 2' in about 20-30' elevation gain had to turn around never made it to the view point. (didnt pack now shoes)

Today December 7, we started from parking lot at 9 am. We reached Lindeman in 45 minuted. The trail was moderately sloped and well maintained. But from Lindeman to Greendrop Trail was pretty challenging, not because it was steep, but because almost two third of the trail you have to walk is on uneven rocks. You have balance on rocks and find your way between red dots and you cant go fast. But it was worth going there. We reached Greendrop at 12:40, ate lunch and took 20 minuets break. It was so cold that my water bottle got frozen in few minutes. We returned to our car at 4:10 pm and it was already getting dark. It was Friday, we didn’t see any other hiker between Lindeman and Greendrop. Total two way distance is 12 km.

16 days ago

Was here on Nov 28. It was a perfect day to go all the way up to Mount Seymour. Beautiful scenery, winterwonderland. Great duration of this hike - took us about 4 hours to get to first peak and back. Conditions were tough but it is achievable. Would do it again for sure!

Be prepared for long hike.

27 days ago

Just a heads up regarding trail conditions based on hiking there Sunday November 18, 2018. The trail is icy in sections and dangerous unless wearing Yacktracks or similar spikes; poles also recommended but not necessary.

The trail was crowded including many people in running shoes and lacking any additional layers of clothing. In addition, although leash is required at all times on dogs, only 1 dog out of at least 100 on the trail was on a leash including aggressive dogs with ignorant owners.

Also take note that the trail is poorly marked and it's easy to get lost. Cell service is spotty and GPS apps don't show the trails properly likely because of the lack of proper blazes at key points.

Aside from the warnings, this is a challenging trail and is rewarding. Allow yourself enough time, pack food, water and extra layers, wear spikes, consider poles, watch out for dogs and enjoy!

one of my favorites

We tried! But turned around as it was pretty icy. Made the safety call. Unfortunately another lad did not and did in her ankle and needed rescue.. So proper shoes and ice gear highly recommended now. We went to Dog instead, but it had some icy parts as well. Beautiful day, but be safe!

great hike, lots of rocks....with snow and ice everywhere, as we found today, poles were very handy. great views.

Did this Oct 13/18. Great hike, hard but well worth it.

1 month ago

Yup, it's hard. Like another reviewer said, the climb is relentless. There is some climbing over rocks in spots and the trail can be a bit tricky to locate when you're going up. But the views from the top make it all worthwhile.

I reached Pierce Lake in 2.5 hours (it's at 6 km). For a really beautiful view of that lake, continue just beyond it. The forest clears and it's picture worthy. I reached the upper lake in 3.5 hours (it's at 8.1 km). The summit is roughly 40 minutes from here but unfortunately, I couldn't go all the way up, as I ran out of time and water. But I don't feel like I got gyped - the views are absolutely breathtaking from here!!

On the way down, I had refill my water bottle. There's a clear, fast-moving stream about 3.5 km in from the trailhead. Good to know if anyone else finds themselves in that situation.

All total, my GPS said it was 16.7 km round trip in less than 5 hours (not including stops). This is a challenging hike, for sure, but I would do it again.

no fee for parking. bring water, no good place to fill your bottle at parking lot. take ski run , not trail for first 2km

1 month ago

The length of the trail is stated inaccurately, which screwed up my trip planning. It’s 16km round trip just from the turnoff point on the main trail. The total length is probably closer to about 22km round trip (rough guess)

amazing hike, amazing, views very steep and hard hike bit worth seeing upper pirce lake and scrambling up to macfarlene

Yes, it is a beautiful hike but there is a reason north shore search and rescue get a LOT of calls. The last 1.9km is not a hike but rather is mkre like a rock climb. Fun going up but nit so fun or safe coming down.

The hike up to Lindeman Lake is worth every second. The lake is stunning!

Fantastic views at top. Some technical and vertical parts, so definitely for a more seasoned hiker. Make sure you time your return during daylight, especially this time of year when the sunsets early. Hike is 4 to 5 hours depending on your ability. This is NOT including a snack/rest at the top so factor that in. Great mountain!

2 months ago

hard but such a beautiful hike.

2 months ago

Right in the sweet spot of not too hard, not too easy, spectacular views, accessible from the Valley. We've done it in June, July, and October, and October on a sunny day takes the cake, it's a lot easier when you're not overheating. There's a small trail that goes to Flora Peak, it's much better than the lake as you get a 360º panorama of the all the mountains around, including seeing Greendrop and Flora Lake. Better to be up high than down low!

2 months ago

A lot of slogging to get to this mountain. Then once you’re there you just want to get to Cathedral. The final 2 km are gorgeous.

2 months ago

Rewarding hike. On a clear day, there are great views all along the way.

Fun, challenging path. Many people and dogs on the trail. View from Mt Seymour is beautiful and very windy. Wear layers and shoes with good treads.

The first bit is easy and flat (part of the Lynn Loop). Climb starts at Coliseum Mountain sign where it says “Allow 7 hours return”. That part took us 5 hours 25 mins return with lots of picture breaks. Probably best marked trail I’ve ever been on. Views up top are pretty!

Loved the hike to Lindeman but got tired of the rocks pretty quickly on route to Greendrop. Unfortunately we went on a wet day which made trekking the rocks a slippery and slow process. Will do again but on a dry summer day.

Beautiful lake at the end, expect some stair climbing on rocks instead of stairs. Great hike, loved it.

Amazing hike, beautiful lake

Beautiful views!!! In light of the sight restrictions due to all the fire smoke this summer, we had spectacular views today. The 360 view from the top of the first peak were great. We were a
Little surprised to see snow clinging to the tops of some of the more distant mountains but it sure enhanced the scene.

Sep 2. Left parking lot at 8:45, summited at 12:45. Left peak at 1:15, back at car at 4:00 p.m.

Having done Frosty Mountain the day before, this one really challenged me. The climb up in the forest is relentless with nothing to see. Finally we reached the lower lake. The upper lake is even more beautiful and the views get even better as you get higher up. Views from the peak are amazing! Well worth the climb. My 13 pound dog and my friends’ 2 big dogs made it up and down no problem. My knees hurt a lot during the last hour but I mostly ran through it as we wanted to get down in a decent time.

Pretty decent, short hike. Good with kids.

Halfway through. Serious wasp nest at 84.5, 100% sting rate

3 months ago

A lot of elevation, and the trail was much longer than the map. I had 23.6 km there and back. Fantastic panoramic views of backcountry, and we got to see a black bear at 15ft. Amazing hike; definitely need the right gear with experience. And take lots of water.

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