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15 hours ago

Awesome trail but definitely not easy! This is my first official hike, I don’t know how but I MADE IT TO THE TOP. A big shoutout to my group who encouraged me to do it!

nice and tough. good hike to do in the morning even later morning, sun is not hitting your face and trail gains good elevation making your heart rate just right. nice exercise.

Definitely hard trail. Steep at the end going up and down is rough with a lot of loose rocks. But the cave is amazing! Our family loved it!

This hike is NOT MODERATE! Starts out flat but as you progress to the cave this incline gets steeper and stepper, rocky and rockier. I can’t call a 45 degree incline moderate. But it’s worth the effort, great cave and view.

1 day ago

This trail definitely borders on hard. The last 1/2 mile will challenge you with large rocks and a steady incline. The reward at the end is incredible. As noted by others, park in the first lot you see once you hit dirt. There is another trailhead past the first lot. You will need to walk through.a gate that should be marked with a wooden sign. We had to secure the sign with some extra wire as it had fallen down. Other hikers told us they missed the sign and spent an extra hour looking for the cave. This trail is dog friendly but is challenging for them as well.

Great Hike Today!!! Beautiful with a nice trail variety for a hard hike. Be sure to take the immediate Left as you enter (before check in station) or you’ll be driving all over. Bathroom at Trail. Sadly some garbage along the way....

We started at 14th Street,which is much closer to us. Easy, not moderate. Road noise.

7 days ago

This is a great hike. The trail is well marked, but it can be easy to lose in some areas if you are not paying attention. I went on 11/1 and there were a bunch of people on the trail around 8:30am. I would say this is a moderate hike. Nothing too intense, but will definitely work up a sweat! This is definitely a trail I would revisit.

Beautiful sunset spot!! Pretty steep areas so make sure you wear hiking boots.

I've hiked here twice, once with others and another time with my small dog. Not too difficult if you hike often, though 1 person in my group started having difficulty towards the top and coming down.

Beautiful hike! Went off trail a few times but still made it. No heavy traffic during the week. Gorgeous views!

Probably one of the coolest caves in the area, very nice to relax in after the final pump to the top. Trail can get a little crowded at times so I’d recommend going early.

Great trail, it’s an adventure finding it but worth it. We ran into a rattlesnake while on the trail, no harm done but just keep your eyes and ears peeled, scrambling near the cave can be difficult to downclimb on the way out for sure


on Wave Cave Trail

21 days ago

Trail is a bit challenging to find.

Great views.

This is more of moderate/difficult hike.

BEWARE of rattle snakes. Stay on the trail, mosdef.

22 days ago

Awesome hike in the desert! It took around 2 hours to complete the out & back trail.

23 days ago

Loved the solitude. Not too crowded. Beautiful views, great exercise.

It you are fit and fine, it's not a difficult hike. I started around 8:15ish. I was able to hike to top without any break. It took me around 45 mins to reach there with my normal pace. Spent half an hour at the top enjoying the beautiful views and came back which took around 25 mins(I jogged for half a mile or so).
The weather was nice today. While going up befor 9 you can get some shades because of mountains. There are restrooms at the trailhead and lots of parking.

24 days ago

Fun little quick hike with some scrambling at the end near the cave. We were surprised how big the cave was. Beautiful area!

I feel like I ought to give everyone some info if you’re planning on doing this hike. Plan for 12.2 miles, not 10.7... and a good 8-10 hour day. Park your car at the WAVE CAVE TRAILHEAD. Then drive over to this trailhead and start the hike. You end up coming down the carney springs road which exits the mountains at the wave cave parking lot. Hard trail to follow without this app, which was so helpful, by make sure you bring something to charge your phone a couple of times so that you can have juice the whole way. Bring more water than you think! Trekking across the superstitions for a good 8 miles after you summit the more difficult flat iron gives you a real fatigue in the leg muscles! Didn’t see one soul after flat iron... be careful!!! (Hiked October 2018)

Great hike until the last few hundred feet, it becomes a little steep. Great views from top and very rewarding

trail running
27 days ago

Fun Run. Enough elevation gain to get your heart going!

29 days ago

one of my favorite hikes. easy to moderate then the last 500 feet is difficult.

Do not drive this road in rain unless you have 4WD. Listen to the ranger.

on Wave Cave Trail

1 month ago

At the start of the trail, you will come to a fence which appears to discourage you from entering, but you actually have to walk through it. Otherwise you'll get lost and wind up on another trail and have to back track. See attached photo of the fence. You have to walk through it were the orange posts are.

Other than that, it's not too bad of hike. I would call it moderate.

May want to bring gloves as there were some points where you need to grab rocks for balance/footing.

1 month ago

This trail is on the tougher side of moderate for those less seasoned. The ascending climb to the cave can prove to be difficult but “surfing the wave” at the top is well worth it. At the fork, make a left not a right. If you find yourself having to crawl through brush, you went the wrong way!

1 month ago

Cons: It is extremely easy to lose the trail.

Pros: The trail offers a little bit of everything including beautiful views challenging climbs and cool breezes down the canyon.

We loved this hike. last minute planning so we were only able to get a parking permit at homestead. This meant 6.2 miles round trip to the waterfall. once we hit the waterfall trail head. it was a delightful hike with a rope swind and of course waterfall jump! the road to the parking wasnt horrible. it could he done carefully in a car up till the bridge parking lot. anything past that would need a 4wd.

1 month ago

This was NOT a moderate hike. It's lovely at the cave, but so hard to get there. Like everyone said, easy to get lost.

1 month ago

Finally Hiked The Wave Cave!!! Loved it with GTAH AZ....Kicked my Butt, one of my top 5 favorite hikes!!! Amazing scenery riding the wave :)

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