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5 days ago

Spectacular trail from start to finish. Moderate climb. We took it to the top of the elevation gain with great views of Cathedral Rock, about 2 miles. People suffering from severe vertigo might not like this trail. Anyone with just a healthy respect for heights should be fine.

amazing views continuously unfolding and changing all the way. only saw one otger person on this Trail and then a few more on the summit that I think came from the other side. a good steady climb most of the way.

Great views and it's not too bad. There is one particularly challenging (some I was hiking with found it scary) spot you'll encounter, but it's really the only part that is _that_ challenging. That part probably gave it the 'hard' rating.

Lost the trail on slim shady. There is a spur that I got turned around - but wasn't that hard to reorient myself.

9 days ago

I wouldn't recommend doing this hike unless you bring a chainsaw with you. It is extremely overgrown and unmaintained; I kept losing the trail. Expect to make extremely slow progress after the "The Dutch Kid" trail ends (which isn't labeled on here). Didn't see anyone until I was up on the ridge.

I want to give this a higher rating for the scenery and how remote you get, but it desperately needs maintenance.

We hiked around 14 miles today beautiful scenery in early November some fall colors. If we went 3 weeks ago the fall colors would have been peak. The sign will say 1 mile once you get to Walnut canyon but we also went like 3+ miles like other hiker reviews. Not a lot of traffic so perfect hike to enjoy the outdoors. Once you are past 3 miles in the Walnut Canyon the trail is overgrown so make carrins, very cool caves to venture in. We started the hike late didn't go to the monument but we took some really cool detours.

Nice hike through different terrains. Even got to experience a little autumn. I wouldn't qualify this hike as hard at all. Trail is well kept and easy to follow. Not too many people on a Sunday....saw maybe 10 others on the way down. I'd say around the 2 to 3 mile marker while summiting was the toughest part, which wasn't bad at all. The last 1.5 miles is kinda boring without much elevation gain but the views in the end are worth it....kinda looks like Zion. Trail at some parts is rocky so bring proper footwear. Even saw some wildlife: tarantulas and white tailed deer. If you include the Sedona lookout and Wilson Canyon lookout, it's a little over 12 miles round trip. Parking is super limited, get there early.

Go clockwise, easy side of moderate for the most part. Double diamond section is steep and short....we have been on much more challenging descents than this. That and distance push it to moderate. Great  views for most of the hike. Did see an increasing amount of bikes as the day progressed around Cathedral Rock. Sunny and shady portions.

1 month ago

Great trail for almost any skill level, only one real uphill section pretty level otherwise. nice relaxing hike with plenty of scenery. Very easy trail to follow, I never needed my maps, plenty of cairns.

Very interesting trail especially after the remnants of hurricane Rosa went through here a few days earlier. Lots of washouts and some wildflowers in bloom despite it being October. Combined this hike with Devil’s Bridge. We had the northern part of the Chuckwagon trail pretty much by ourselves. Only encountered a few hikers and a few bikers. A good 8 miles.

This trail is one of the prettiest I have been on! Not a difficult hike but the trail in spots is not very clear. Some of the plants are so overgrown. Park near the road closure and walk a bit through the houses.

1 month ago

Awesome view! As good as it gets. Matches Grand Canyon

Easy trail...beautiful scenery all the way thru, especially once you get to Walnut Canyon. The Fisher Point spur might be more moderate, but I elected to avoid that and go as far into Walnut Canyon as possible. There is a sign near the entrance stating that the trail goes for appx 1 mile...don't believe it! Good trail for about 2 miles, then it gets a bit thin. I covered over 3 miles in before deciding to turn around. Ended up making it about a 14 mile venture.

The parking area takes national passes and the red rock pass. I tool 2 liters of water and that was not enough for me. I got to the first bend after a strenuous climb. At my age (65) I had to take frequent breaks, but this allowed me to enjoy the scenery. I would recommend this to anyone that is moderately to well fit but be sure to take plenty of water and snacks. Enjoy the scenery and the wildlife.

As others have mentioned it’s a tough hike up.
Start early 7am. Take your time stop rest and take the views along the way. Don’t burnt out and give up. The rewards are the flat plane as you get to the end and the breeze. so worth it. ProTip. Start at 7am. Bring a blanket Pack a lunch and have lunch and a nap up there Before heading back down. Spectacular!! Pro tip 2. Continue trail and head down to Midgely bridge parking and take an Uber back to you car.

If you decide to come back the same trail find a stick to help manage along the paths loose gravel. Seriously! You do t want to take a fall of one of those edges...

It’s a tough one but well worth the hike it’s beautiful up there!! Enjoy

2 months ago

If you start from the Yavapi Vista parking and do the Hiline loop clockwise (Hiline, Baldwin, Templeton, Slim Shady), it’s pretty moderate for hikers. Biking is another story. Incredible views. It got pretty hot in the afternoon, as expected. Just make sure you’ve got water!

2 months ago

Loved this so much. The views are incredible, the trail is moderate/hard (it was inclined and rocky, but in a gentle way, the “hard” part is mostly its distance which was around 12 miles with both lookouts - Sedona and Wilson Canyon), the vegetation constantly changes, and there were very very few people. This was my first hike in Sedona and it has set the bar very high.

I was worried I wasn't in the right place at first.. paved road for the first 5 miles.. then the trail begins. great views!

2 months ago

This one is just a long hike, easy and for the most part, you have the nice views behind you as you are ascending, so a tad boring I would say.
Did it during the raining season in August and so the vegetation was overgrown and scratchy. I recommend long sleeves and pants.
The beautiful part is that is very low trafficked.

Amazing scenery! We were lucky with weather but unfortunately the falls were dry. Still worth the hike u won’t be disappointed. We had our Goldendoodle and she loved it too

Not an easy trail, but the incredible views are well worth the effort. Did this trail the first time last year and can't wait to do it again. A new favorite of mine!

Challenging and rewarding hike. The elevation change allows you to see different types of ecosystems.

3 months ago

One of sedona's best hikes, but be sure to leave plenty of time.

there are really three parts to the hike to know and plan around. The first big climb up to the bench, part 2 to the summit trails, and part three which is typically a quick 10 min to the Sedona lookout, or another 30-40 min to the north lookout.

if you really want to explore the best parts of the hike, plan lots of extra time!

Great hike with great views. Hiked out to both overlooks. Got pretty warm on the way down


We start the loop by Adobe Jack trail because there is no fence so you can start it before the gates of soldier pass trail parking open. Otherwise this trail is quite flat and the last portion is a little bit boring you follow houses, electric installation and the highway. Maybe the ground central trail is a better option, to skip this last part.

3 months ago

We did the full 11 mike loop. Gorgeous and easy to follow the trail. So many mosquitos! TONS. I’ll be back when there are no mosquitos! Hike wasn’t too hard. We hiked it clockwise ...about 5.5hrs with breaks

3 months ago

great views, well maintained trail, start early to avoid heat!

trail running
3 months ago

This is now one of my favorite trails. You get a little bit of every type of forest with every 500ft or so of elevation change, and the views are breathtaking. Well worth the effort to reach the top.

Wilderness trail with minimal hikers. Shaded at the bottom and along the switch backs up the mountain. Beautiful views along entire hike.

3 months ago

Beautiful scenery but disappointed by the end of the trail. It doesn't really go anywhere and just peters out to nothing. Well worth doing though. Also very few other people out on this trail which is a definite bonus!

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