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Easy trail. Lots of pines. Not much else.

Pretty trail through pine forest.

Trail is indeed open and lovely!

Loved the hike and the variety of scenery. With the recent snow, the trail was a bit muddy in places,, but completely hikeable in tennis shoes.

Open today! Lots of people hiking. Gorgeous as always.

Anyone know if it’s still closed?

I’ll definitely go again. Easy and enjoyable loop. Not a lot of traffic. I was thankful for the downloadable maps as there are no trail markers and I would have gone off the trail if not for having it available. Would recommend to friends and family. I’m looking forward to taking my dogs next time.

Something new around every corner.

1 month ago

This is an excellent, short trail that offers the opportunity to attain a peak that rewards the hiker with some gorgeous views. It's not the most exciting or the most challenging trail in the area, by any means, but its convenience, length, and difficulty level make it an ideal choice for a short escape or for a hike with newer hikers. I highly recommend being at the peak for the sunrise.

Great hike suitable for kids

This trail was about 40 minutes from us. WELL worth the drive, great scenic look overs, lots of rock formations. Unfortunately a lot of off leashed dogs with irresponsible owners, but we’ve been finding it everywhere lately. None the less, we will be back many more times!

my favorite trail in the area

The dog restriction is unfortunate but was bound to happen. We would frequently hike out dog poop that others had left behind on this trail. To add insult to injury, the town didn’t have any disposal bins at the trailhead, so often times we would have to drive into town to dispose of the waste properly...that certainly didn’t help matters, I’m sure. I wish there was a way to punish the irresponsible dog owners and not all of all of us (some poop cams following by some social media shaming?) because this is bound to happen on all of our trails. If the city willing to spend money to have police officers patrol the trail, then please ticket the people not following the rules instead of punishing all of us. It’s frustrating to the good dog owners out here who are cleaning up after the bad ones.

1 month ago

Really beautiful and a great walk

Loved it! Easy diverse terrain and beautiful views. Not crowded. Easy parking.

This trail was OPEN yesterday-rough ascent and descent due to steep incline and trail conditions but worth it for views at top. Palmer lake police were patrolling it to enforce no dogs rule.

It was a nice trail. Shaded parts and also parts in the sun. Nice views way up high. Fun hike overall.

Quiet and relaxing area. Something different from the mountains.


Trail closed due to erosion. No repairs are in progress. The gate blocking the road is closed and they placed tons of barbed wire as a deterrent as well.

2 months ago

A great hike through lots of terrain to get some miles in without a lot of elevation.

This trail is indeed closed for repair.

I do love this trail and am sad that it is closed due to erosion. It was my daily go to hike for a quick way to get out of doors. As for the folks that are condemning this trail because of the No Dogs Allowed policy, that is something you can blame on irresponsible dog owners. The town folk are not dog haters and there were plenty of warnings prior to the move to forbid dogs on this trail stating that people need to clean up after their furry friends or they would not be allowed. I've seen this time and time again on numerous trails where people don't pick up after their dogs and in this case, it is not only an unsightly and smelly problem, but it is bad for this environment particularly given that these reservoirs feed the town of Palmer Lake their water. Would you want someone's dog pooping near your water supply and the owners just leaving it there? Seriously, if everyone would take responsibility for packing out whatever they take in, things would be so much more pleasant for all.

Drove an hour to get to this trail with my BEAUTIFUL german shepard and pit bull and got there to realize that this is a no dog trail with an $800 dollar fine, what a hateful decision to make, our fluffy creators deserve to come with us on trails, to whoever complained this much about dogs being on trails SHAME ON YOU, way to ruin a great day, thanks for being so entitled. will not be coming back. 0/10

2 months ago

The drive up doesn't require 4WD, but high clearance is helpful. Decent shade and sweet views. As noted, the trail is steep and washed out due to lack of water bars, which can make the descent slippery in dry conditions.

Great trail- loved the diverse terrain. Well marked. Even spotted some Ute sacred trees. Beautiful views of Piles Peak. Easy to access and not crowded.

Trail closed for repairs. Multiple signs

2 months ago

good hike short and sweet.

Beautiful trail, lots of shade. It's fun walking the perimeter of the summit for a view on all sides.

2 months ago

Nice trail with a lot of shade. The views are worth the trip to the top.

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