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Great hike - beautiful views! Does take some effort to get to the top but the views are a worthy reward! BE AWARE - we just hiked this 11/11 and the upper third of the trail is covered in ice and is veryyy slippery and quite dangerous!

Worth the hike. The view is something from a lord of the rings movie making it very rewarding from the climb up. The horses are beautiful. It has became a yearly visit from PA.

Great early November hike. We missed the fall colors. Was pretty icy on some spots. I was surprised to see the number of small children and infants on this hike. Would not recommend small children on this hike. Also, their is some climbing, wear the appropriate shoes and not tennis shoes.

Nice trail with good views. Not worth it to go all the way if you just want a great view of the Cove. Only need to go to the second power line clearing.

Decent hike with an okay view. Upon entering the trail, it was difficult to know whether to go to right or left. Thankfully, we went left.

Difficult hike but the view was worth the work!!

The hike was challenging but the view was worth it!

Amazing hike, best view I've seen in years, but be prepared for a little bit of rock climbing and edging against walls. Totally worth it!

We hiked connecting from McAfees Knob trail and it made for a beautiful vista as well.

Hiked to Tinker Cliffs on 10/31/18 and trail was in great shape including the 2 bridges. This was my first time hiking this trail and I was very impressed with the trail and the view from the top. Took me about 1:40 to get to the top and it was worth it! I’d recommend walking another 5 minutes to the left when you get to the top for maximum view.

Fun and great view, fast incline

Wow, what a great hike. Definitely steep...but worth it in the end.

Easy up and back.

I hiked this trail a couple of months ago. The first half mile or so is very steep but once you get past that, it's a beautiful walk in the woods. It was busy with bear hunters the day I went, and they actually had a bear treed not far off the trail. I only gave it 3 stars because the view from the knob is very obstructed. The knob was a nice place to rest and have lunch, though.

Great hike with plenty of waterfalls. Ended up starting at White Oak Canyon, then taking the left onto the fire dirt access road then another left onto Cedar Run Trail (by the Hawksbill Gap Parking lot). If you want to make it a much more difficult hike, ditch the White Oak trail at the first waterfall and rock climb up the river to the third falls. All together 9.5 miles.

27 days ago

I saw a review below that said it was more than 13 miles. My GPS brought it in at 10.56. The sign that says 5.6 miles one way and 5.2 the other is full of crap. It is more like 7.4 and 3.4. Tough hike. Was just under 4.5 hours pushing hard. If I was to do it again I would go clockwise. Would rather go up the really steep section than go down it. Personal preference (actually that was my knees talking), either direction would be great. My only complaint would be there are fewer views than I expected. That said, the section along the Gorge is amazing, not in what you can see, but how far you could fall (not even remotely unsafe if you pay attention, but use caution when the ground is covered with wet leaves).

27 days ago

I loved this trail!! My friend and I did this trail and it took us 5 hours.

Loring S.’s link to the east coast website really helped. We followed it and we got to see amazing views.

Note: there are a very few pink markers so pay extra attention when you get to this area.

One of my favorite hikes to date!! Went March of 2017 and it was extremely cold but it was so beautiful. If we ever go back to VA we would definitely do it again.

We went after a hurricane so we were the only ones there. The water was raging and I've never seen the falls so big! It was a easy to moderate hike and the trails were well maintained. My dog and I enjoyed some of the many swimming holes on the way up to the falls. It was beautiful!

My favorite trail to date. I got to see the sunrise as I began my hike, wild ponies everywhere, and bagged the Virginia high point! Took me 5 hours with lots of picture breaks. Just a heads up, this trail is inside a park so you have to pay an entrance fee, which isn't mentioned on the blurb above. $5 in state, $7 out of state.

rock climbing
30 days ago

Good hike for those who like to go up and down the rock scrambles. Word of advice though, make sure you head up with enough time to come down while it's still daylight. The purple trail markers, while easy enough to see going up, are very easy to miss going back down, especially if it gets dark. Two of us thought we had enough time to get down before dark, but the climb up took a bit longer than expected and we ended up taking multiple wrong turns coming down the rock scramble. Only the GPS map tracking through this app helped up find the path every time we got off it, but we were definitely creating our own paths at times and trying to do this in the dark was not a good time.
Overall, the views were good and the rock scramble fun on the way up, but not something I have a need or desire to go back to.

I am fairly out of shape, but I was determined to make it to the top. There are spots to stop and rest along the way, and all the hikers we ran into were friendly and encouraging. The hike up was gorgeous, as we were surrounded by trees, and the view at the top was worth the effort!

1 month ago

Did this on Saturday starting around 2pm. Probably one of the most fun hikes I’ve done. Lots of folks were parked on the main road, but there were spaces in the parking lot, so if you go later, look for parking in the main lot.

You need proper footwear for the rock scramble. The last 0.7 miles are essentially all rock. It’s a *ton* of fun. No real fear of falling, but don’t be a superhero. Ended up at the Tooth on a near cloudless day and could see forever. Will definitely do this one again.

Amazing and Beautiful!!! I hike it weekly

BRIDGE IS OUT! We tried to do this hike this morning but the bridge about .7 miles in is washed out (probably by hurricane Michael). We will try again in a few months.

Challenging hike, be sure to pace yourself, lots of ups and downs. Took it counterclockwise, finished in just under 5 hours, but I was hoofing it hard, so prepare for 6-7 if you prefer a more leisurely pace. Recommended for sure. Watch out for bears and cow pies!

hike is short but steep! gets tough when you get to the rocky section near the top if the rocks are wet, very slick, especially coming back down, if its super wet i would recommend going down and doing the loop back to the parking lot its longer but way easier. views at the top are always worth the hike up i do this one fairly often, if you still feel like hiking afterwards the albright trail is in the same parking lot and it is a nice trail to add on some extra miles plus it is much less busy and has a nice overlook too.

this trail was a little tuff seen a bear water was cold trail was tuff in spots but it's not 10.8 miles GPS says it was 13.6 last 2 miles kicked my tail

Did this trail in both directions... both have their strong points. Not particularly well marked in some areas so pay attention to the trail. I found it a bit unnerving around the boulder field. Will def do it again though!

1 month ago

Perfect hike for three hours and a good steady climb, which becomes a perfect amount of rock scrambling towards to top. Tremendous views up there too.

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