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Best workout!!

I am a long-distance thru-hiker. This is my training loop when I am home in Havasu. I hike to Balance Rock Cove on the lake, eat lunch, and hike back. I hike it four to five times a week in winter.

This trail is amazing from the start to the finish. I found the obstacles with ropes and ladders to be a blast! Got wet as the ladder had collapsed into the water but not too deep so it was just all fun. The canyon is gorgeous, going in between the canyon is surreal, views are beautiful and the lake was spectacular. We took the yellow trail to the lake and the blue trail back. Will be repeating this often!! Winner!

This Trail is okay with a good view at the top but as another reviewer said it does not go through a Slot Canyon. Following the GPS track will take you down a steep and quite loose sectiin on the east downhill, not the most ideal trail.

loved the view

24 days ago

We began at sunrise and gosh was this a beautiful hike! Totally worth the work for the view at the end! This is a very secluded hike, this was my second time and I did not see a single other person. The class 3 rock scrambling sounded and looked intimidating from afar but as soon as we got up close to it it was a piece of cake! I wouldn’t recommend to take young kids, elders, or dogs up it though. When you’re finished, turn right on kingmans wash road and take a dip in the lake before heading home!

We definitely were not in shape for this one. But we took our time and made it to the top and back out. We they say steep and gravely, they mean it. It is all desert, so not a lot to look at. But I highly recommend hiking it if you get a chance.

Did the whole hike in my record 2 hours and 14 minutes.Not a hard hike but if your out of shape you will have trouble.I'm not in a way a fit person,but I've done tons of hikes to able to pull something like this off.

I made a quick decision while in Las Vegas to hike this trail. I read over the description but not that carefully. Its steep and difficult. I made it to the second saddle and decided to turn back because I didn't plan on two more hours. The trail is a road believe it or not. (I would not want to be driving any vehicle on that road). I'll be back in March to hike the whole thing. The views are incredible and as hard as it is, its exhilarating to hike a steep trail. Even making it to the second saddle is worth it if you don't want to hike the whole thing. The gravel is loose and its almost harder going down. Be careful. Like any hike start early.

1 month ago

A little tough, but definitely worth it. Make sure you follow the right trail from the start as me and my friend got off track at the beginning. When you get to the mountain and start climbing up, go right, not left. You can go left but its much more difficult and there's less of a trail. Don't forget to sign the little notebook once you get to the top!

Sunday 10/7/18 1 PM - Nice views, a decent workout and a bit technical due to loose rocks. A major drawback for me was the amount of air traffic. Noisy helicopters and airplanes were in abundance. Multiple routes for the first leg of this trail. I recommend the ridge route.

Only difficult during the first third in my opinion as a 65 year old man. The best views in the entire state in my opinion. Better than Tahoe and Wheeler Peak though some of my friends differ about Tahoe!

Very good

Beautiful view well worth the hike, not for beginners.

off road driving
2 months ago

For off road driving, it starts off easy, and gets a lot harder as you go in. I did it in a stock 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport with off road tires. 4 low was a must at some points, and the skid plate saw a little love. I’d recommend a high clearance vehicle to do this.

Shooting out there is a lot of fun and you can really get some range. Just be sure to contact the Kingman BLM office and make sure fire restrictions permit it, and learn the rules.

There are a lot of cool old mines out there to explore (at your own risk). The scenery is breathtaking, especially the sunrise/sunset. With minimal light pollution, the night sky are also beautiful. Oatman is a must for the end of your journey, especially if it is overnight. The food at the main restaurant there is amazing, and the AC is real cold.

Rattlesnakes are VERY common so watch your step. Wild burros are also very common out there. Both will leave you alone as long as you leave them alone.

I’d highly recommend carrying firearms out there. I ran in to some strange people out there who were also armed. You are responsible for your own safety out there, as no one is coming to save you in any sort of timely matter. A shotgun would also be helpful for rattlesnake emergencies, although killing them is an absolute last resort and also illegal. (every time I saw one, I just avoided that area)

Cell service is okay in some parts, but don’t rely on it. You need physical maps or a GPS, as the roads aren’t marked and near the end. It is VERY unclear what is a “road” and what it a wash that leads to a dead end. The app “viewranger” is very helpful to use as a guide on the go as to what’s a trial and what’s not.

All in all I’d HIGHLY recommend this route especially to be stretched out into a 2 day journey so you can experience the night sky, the amazing sunrises/sunsets and park your vehicle to wander the hills.

This trail is awesome! I love working my way up during sunset so you can see it set way out in the west, and watch as all the lights of Vegas turn on. It’s a good idea to bring a headlamp if you’re doing this. One thing is that without fail I will tumble on the way down at some point. The gravel is pretty loose and it’s hard to anticipate which rocks will roll down the steep face with you on top of them. 5 stars, always recommended.

I've done this trail a few times and taken new people to it and they all love it, for the work out and especially the amazing views on both side at the peak

Hike is harder than you would expect. Go up there for sunset and then sit and watch the city light up. Beautiful night views.

3 months ago

Fantastic Hike! Took two hours and three minutes (2.03) of hike time for me round trip. Used 2.1 liters of water, and plenty of sunscreen.
However there is definitely some things to know before you go.
*First - remember this is the desert, it's dry and hot - especially if you are so smart, that you decide to hike the desert in peak summer - August.... (like this guy.....)
*The park's roads and trails, are not maintained. So driving anywhere, higher clearance and 4x4 is recommended. I made it to this trail in a front wheel drive sedan, but you need to know how to drive in the sand.
*Kingsman wash access road and Fortification hill road, are all sand, loose dirt, and loose gravel road. This is not an easy route, so be ready.
*You will drive kingsman road for 15 minutes before coming to a bathroom located on your right. You turn right on to fortification hill road and take it for another 6-8 minutes. It's a long drive, and you won't go faster than 15 mph (maybe 20 if you have the right vehicle)
*Cell service is terrible in the ravines - AT&T didn't work at all on the trail. Once I was half way up, I got decent to pretty strong Verizon service.
*All the trails are mostly loose gravel and sand. Walking sticks will help save your legs, and I fell on my behind three times. Once getting scratched up pretty good by the rocks and cacti.
*It's hot! bring water. I used around 2.1 liters of water in my hike. Good news is there is an amazing crosswind (while it was mostly warm air) it helped me keep pace while walking and getting some relief from the scorching sun.
*Use the trail map, the trails are easily marked. You really have two options. Follow the ravine and stay out of the sun or get on the ridge and head to the top. The ridge you need to follow is directly on your right. It's not marked, but previous hikers and myself tried to stack rocks to help guide you. Mostly you will need to find your own way up in various spots.
* You have one almost step stone/vertical climb at the top of the first ridge, but not at the hills base (next to the steep drop off). You need to go north east round the cliff face and you will find an easy scramble to the very top. again, rocks trying to point the way.
*Enjoy the views and get to the top you will find a wooden pole with an eagle on top. Next to it is an ammo can with supplies, a notebook, and pen inside. Write your story, and where you are from!
*I didn't see anyone in this area for entire weekend, so this trail is not used often.
*After your done go to the lake for a quick dip and enjoy! Make a right after the bathroom and head straight to an area that access to the lake (not many people go there either).

Good workout trail. No a very scenic trail though. Lots of loose gravel on trail so watch your footing.

Pretty steep but over all really enjoyable, get there early because it can get pretty hot due to lack of shade

off road driving
4 months ago

For 4x4, not hiking per say....Also map shows "Apache Rd" as exit from I-40, wrong, the exit is "Griffith Rd", coordinates are correct, just the map is got wrong street names.

Great views and usually there aren’t many people on it :)

Insanely tough trail with minimum switchbacks but the view at the end is worth it. If you go all the way to the top behind the communication tower, you can see Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas, Mt. Charleson, Red Rock, and beyond. Bring lots of water and don't go on a super hot day.

Great hike, dog friendly, bring plenty of water, wear hiking shoes, steep terrain, loose rocks, no shade so go early, if you make it to the antennas the view is beautiful!!

It was a tough, steep, and rocky climb. The view at the top is awesome. There is no shade, so bring water.

Absolutely amazing hike, very hard work for a very rewarding view you cannot get anywhere else!

This trail is tough but don’t let that discourage you. It was exhausting because it is really steep. The trail has a lot of loose rocks which makes descending hard because I kept twisting my ankles so I can’t stress enough to bring shoes that support you ankles or ankle wraps. The most rewarding part is the beautiful view at the top. It outweighs the struggle. I went last year and plan on returning this year.

Good trail. Don’t stop, the end is worth the view

7 months ago

Great hike! Use the trail map to make sure you find the place to climb up the steep part to get to the top of the mesa... pretty easy in that one spot... recommend taking the secondary wash trail on the way back down... easier to descend through the loose rock

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