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Great trail. There is shade if you go at the right time- until you hit the switchbacks. Take your time getting to the top, worth it! The view is rad and getting down the hill is easy. Since its a fireroad and fairly populated, it's safe to do solo. Watch for snakes though. I do this hike all the time, alone, with friends. takes about 2 hours enjoy! =)

trail running
20 hours ago

A big too busy for my liking with many dogs off leads giving an added trip hazard to the runner.

Nice and easy. Thankfully not too hot yet.

Very pretty!

I made it to the top for the first time last weekend. Not taking any breaks made it a tough challenge.

The scenery at the beginning of the trail looks beautiful in the morning sunlight.

Great hike & workout. Uphill the entire way; there’s an “easy” trail and a “hard” one. Great time to see wild flowers and beautiful views of the valley, Santa Monica Mountains, and far off in the distance downtown LA.

Excellent hike. Not too steep, well maintained trail. Not sure exactly where All Trails has the end though to come up with 6.4 miles. Deep Creek Day Use Area is about 2.4 miles in (4.8 miles). Or keep going up the PCT and there's a lovely bridge 3.4 miles in. Aztec Falls is about a mile or 1.5 in & down 1 of 2 steep trails. Definately recomend AWD for the rocky road in. Looks like you're not supposed to be there past the 1st gate but its fine & Google maps says you have arrived well before the parking area.

I hiked up the steep section to the south (via the sharp switchback at the beginning of the trail) and jogged down the fireroad on the way back. Great way to spend an afternoon while I was in the area.

9 days ago

Super easy walking trail and open space for kids to explore

This is a great hike up to the Observatory. We parked near The Trails restaurant, cutting about 1/2 mile off our hike, which is really just walking up the road. There are some steeper spots, but my 3 1/2 year old grandson did great.

Stellar hike with amazing vistas! Several ways to summit depending on your altheticism. It has the right amount of friendly folks, with the right amount of socialized dogs! You will be challenged, but it's worth every bit of sweat! It's A Must Do!

good hike but parking is terrible and always too many people. views are fantastic.

Great views over south bay and downtown

Great views and all trails lead back to the entrance. I’m sure parking might be difficult, however I live close enough to where I can just walk to the trail

Great hike for views of the los angeles area. Perfect to take family and friends to see the stunning views.

Moderate trail. Moderate traffic. Going early in the morning was a good idea. The observatory was getting crowded by 9am.

Mostly no shade. It actually has two ways to go up to the peak. The direction shows on map is easy but takes longer time to get to the peak. The other one is harder but shorter way to get to the peak. Potatoes are cute! The view is around 270 degree, you can take some rest at the peak, but still no shades.

Cloudy Monday AM (4/2/18). Best way to do it. Little sun, few people. Took Sam Merrill from Echo (2nd left after making the ridge). Longer but not as steep as Castle Canyon. 10.6mi total, 2756 ft elevation gain, 4.25 hours. Great views over the clouds.

The trail climbs steady, but it isn’t too long of a hike. The trail is pretty and the view from the top is good. The only downfall was the large amount of trash and crappy toilet paper left behind. There were also a few shady people hanging out on the trail. I say hanging out because they never made it to the top. The trail itself was good and a quick cardio workout.

Did this hike with my 4 & 6 year old. It was a great little starter for myself and even better that I could bring my kids along.

23 days ago

This trail is ok. Not bad for a light somewhat scenic hike.

24 days ago

Great easy hike with 3 1/2 year old grandson, loved the Batman caves. Playground at parking lot entrance which was nice.

It was a fun and easy hike. I did it with family and friends who are much older. My family even had sandals and no water too lol.

24 days ago

Amazing views. beautiful hike. My new spot

27 days ago

I go here for the views...of the beautiful women... the city view is alright... haha all jokes aside I go here to clear my head and train. Nifty spot just gotta get lucky with parking though, if not it’s a real pain. Other than that just enjoy the views

1 month ago

it’s a very social walk in the city. Lots of people and lattes.

My husband and I completed this hike on March 15 while we were in CA for my cousin's wedding.

The first half of this trail is mostly shaded, with more sun exposure as we climbed higher. It was pretty chilly and a bit breezy even. Moderately steep almost the entire way. Good views of the rear mountains and of the SGV.

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