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trail running
2 days ago

I love this easy trail! I run here often!

14 days ago

Very easy, scenic hiking trail that’s easy for the whole family. You have to off road to get to the head of the trail, but once you’re on the trail itself, it’s a leisurely walking trail. You do pass through water every once in a while but there’s sturdy rocks to use at stepping stones to pass through.

First hike with Paul

Not well marked. Enjoyed the steep incline to the top.

1 month ago

Wow, what a great hike! We saw NO ONE the entire hike. Very difficult to find the trail head - had to ask the ranger manning the tunnel booth. Several fun obstacles along the way. If you want to avoid the crowds and hike up an off the path canyon with some beautiful scenery, this is a good one.

It was absolutely beautiful! There’s quite a drop off at the beginning but super worth it to see the stream. My pups loved every bit of it!

So beautiful in the snow!

It’s kind of hard to find, I used a local blog to get good directions (girlonahike). But it was worth it to find it, the grotto was fun to play in. I went to first week of June and didn’t see any hornets luckily, because I would have high tailed it out of there if I did. I didn’t see anyone else on the trail.

The trail was really pretty and easy, however when we went down, there were approximately 700 Boy Scouts coming up on a Friday night, as well as some other groups, and there aren’t really a ton of camp spots. So I recommend it for a day hike, but if you camp there, you may be sharing it with a lot of the Boy Scouts in Utah county. When I have more time I want to head up to silver glance lake above.

2 months ago

A lotta bang for your buck on this trail. This is the easier of the two routes to access Bells Canyon. Parking is tight though. There are a couple overflow lots.

This is a hidden gem! There’s a lot swing about a mile up the trail, and a couple decent waterfalls as well. The trail is definitely moderate, you get your blood pumping but nothing too hard.

Beautiful. we loved the lake, the scenery, the rocks, all of it! there were some icy patches, but that's to be expected in the winter.

The beginning of the trail is a little boring, and it is kind of hard to figure out which trails to take because there aren’t any signs. It’s a pretty hike though once you figure out which way you are supposed to go. It gets really narrow once you get close to the top, but if you pay attention and go slow, you should be fine. I would not recommend taking small kids.

Nice hike. To get to it you park in the parking lot for the Davis creek trail and then jump in the BST and hike toward steed canyon and from Steed canyon onto hornets canyon. First part of the hike is open without trees no shade and then when going into steed canyon it starts to get a bit shady until you’re fully shaded. Trail is visible and easy to follow but there a couple of places with forks and if you don’t have the map to know where to go you go into other trails. Up toward the top the trail’s shoulder is really soft and has eroded and somewhat steep to climb, be careful walking through there. Once you get to the weeping wall falls it is beautiful and tranquil. Loved the sounds of the falling water.

Very little snow on the trail right now. Muddy in some spots. Fun little hike!

great trail, but icy towards the end so need shoe spikes. when you are about 0.5 miles in the trail seems to disappear, you just need to continue over the jagged rocks and the trail picks back up. dog loved the trail.

2 months ago

A doctor told me recently that kids get sick bc they don’t play in the mud enough. Well, do I have the trail for you! My hubs and I, and our 2 dogs, hiked this trail today and had a lot of fun. The first mile or so is super muddy, but dries up a bit when you get a little farther. I’ve always been more comfortable hiking in sneakers, but I definitely recommend hiking boots for this trail. It’s a nice, easy hike that we all enjoyed a lot. The dogs had a blast running through the mud and the snow as well!

2 months ago

The trail was too muddy to hike today. I almost face planted scoping it out to see if it was doable for the kids. We’re going to try it again later in the year because it looked pretty nice. The trail head says Bad Apple and Flying Dog.

Awesome snow shoe trail, don’t miss the sharp turn off to the left after the quarter mile steep climb on Days Fork Trail. The snow is pretty icy and got softer only at the last quarter mile.

This is my favorite hike. So close to town but you feel like you are miles away. This was the first time hiking it in the Winter. We had trouble getting up to the trailhead since the first part of the dirt road was icy. We just parked at the bottom and hiked up. The first half mile of the south trail was pretty icy and I wish I’d brought my traction spikes. Then the next 1.5 miles was pretty easy with packed snow conditions and we made good time. The closer we got to the waterfall, the narrower the trail and the more powdery the snow. It wasn’t impassible in just boots, but snowshoes might have kept us from sinking in so much. Overall still a great hike.

3 months ago

Beautiful views with surprise slot canyon. Easy trail for hikers. We went to the end and it's a full 6 mile round trip trail

Loved this trail!

3 months ago

Nice little loop. would be a nice easy area for beginner snowshoeing when it get enough snow.

I also hiked to Patsy's Mine and Flag Rock for 5 miles RT.

4 months ago

hiked up the trail and explored , Lots of cool photo ops. Best shots just after it rains.

This was a beautiful, shaded hike that runs by the creek the entire way. It takes about around 3.25 miles (6.5 miles round trip) to the waterfall and it wasn't that scenery, but right before you get to the waterfall (looking up in the open sky) you are all alone in the valley of the mountain surrounded by tall pine trees - it was an amazing peaceful sight I have ever experienced. I tried to continue to hike pass the waterfall about 0.05 miles ahead and ended up seeing some small fallen trees in the middle of the creek that hindered me to go further more. I noticed a faded trail on the right side of the hill that has been used before, it looked too slippery for me to climb on it and decided to head back.

Thoroughly enjoy this hike! I love the fact it followed the stream the whole way. It was moderate with small sloping ascents and descents the whole way. Finding the trail head was a little difficult since my car couldn’t make it up the washed out dirt road and we parked on 100S. Once on the dirt road follow it up and around to the left where you’ll see the ATV Park. The trail head is in that parking area.

This is a beautiful trail. You stay by the creek the whole way, which makes it peaceful and easy to follow. The rope swing is also a lot of fun. The waterfall still flows really well in late fall which is a rarity!

4 months ago

Our most favorite hike so far this season. Once in the canyon it even smells wonderful. Great family hike. Took us about 2.5 hours.

5 months ago

Veri nice hike with beautiful views and nice trails. It took us about 2 hours from the trailhead to the Lake at the top but we were stoping very often to take photos. We even encounter a Moose grazing about 50 yards from the trail. It only gets steep about the last mile before you get to the lake but other than that I rate the trail as moderate.

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