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Had a fantastic hike here today with a buddy- weather was fantastic and lots of friendly fishers were at work in the stream. A bit of small climbing areas if you stick on the higher trails but overall pretty manageable and a great workout- leaves you feeling satisfied when done!

Beautiful day and a great hike! Thought it would be super crowded from all the cars but actually had quite a bit of solitude and some friendly passing visitors. The trail can definitely be confusing, everyone else we talked with was checking in on the direction of trails or had made a wrong turn. Other than that, it was a wonderful trail!

This trail is scenic as goes along a creek for a bit then it climbs considerably. The all trails mapping is incorrect as forgotten valley is within 2 miles. If you want a real workout continue up mountain lion trail until it meets back up with burro trail.

Snow is still falling up there as of today 4/21. Due to all of the fresh snow I wasn't able to keep to the trail itself, instead just cut my own way up all of the way to the lakes. Snowshoes are necessary until a defined trail is made again. Excellent ski snow today!

Great hike with amazing views. The lookout is really cool, as well as the history behind it. Did this hike with a 3yo and 6yo with no issues. The road was open at the time so we did not have to hike in.

Wonderful challenging trail. Would like to come back and backpack sometime.

2 days ago

Went Sunday 15th of April.

Not sure why trail marked is called forgotten valley. It does through forgotten valley (Trail is called burro trail.) but take you up to windy peak.

We took this way coming down, but went to the right on the first fork, taking us up mountain lion, the trek up was beautiful and challenging, the way down (through forgotten valley) was rewarding.

I suggest taking this loop, because going up on the forgotten valley side to windy peaks gets pretty steep near the end.

Whole loop for us was 5.9 miles. Beautiful views. Ate lunch at the top of windy peak was gorgeous. Will be coming back to backpack this summer.

Loved it! Dogs were exhausted!

My first time hiking this trail. It was beautiful and challenging. I'm a beginner hiker so I found some spots difficult to navigate. Plus the trail wasn't marked well in some spots. Overall it was a great walk with beautiful scenery. I'll definitely hike it again soon.

Great hike, super peaceful w beautiful views. The last mile was a little tricky because the snow was kinda deep and slushy- but we were fine w just hiking boots the whole time. Stopped and hung out at the bridge over the creek for awhile and it was very peaceful. Saw very few other people

Went this past weekend 2018-04-15 and road was open to trail head.

Loved the views! Thought I was lost a lot of the time but that just added to the adventure.

6 days ago

Forgotten Valley is actually probably only about 3.5 miles round trip. I’d rate it as moderate... plenty of uphill. Beautiful bright blue pond and old houses from the 1800s at the end of the trail. Went 4/16 and no snow. Make sure to keep track of where you turn as there are a few times the trail branches off.

6 days ago

Once you get above treeline the views are beautiful; however, to get there you'll have to go through snow and ice. Pretty hike through the evergreens beside a creek. It's a gradual incline, but an incline the entire way up nonetheless. Above treeline is when the trail gets really hard to follow, so I wouldn't do this unless you already know the trail. I lost my way a couple times and decided to go back down before completely losing my way. Views are completely worth it, though! I did everything in trail running shoes and regret it. Definitely should bring yaktraks.

The directions to the trailhead are perfect; however, for the last 2.1 miles it is on an unpaved, very pothole-filled road.

A great relaxing walk in the woods with enough incline to get the heart pumping. This trail has some diverse scenery: meadows, streams, woods, cliffs. Mostly dry with some mud.

Awesome hike! With the snow, the trail from the parking lot is a little hard to see, but then it’s fantastic and doable. A little icy in spots, but manageable with hiking boots. As you approach the first lake, the snow is deep if you stray off the trail. If you follow people’s footprints, the snow is packed and there are no issues. We went about 20 minutes past the first Chicago lake and then the snow is not packed and very deep and we turned around. Lake is still frozen.

My wife and I where looking for a nice trail to hike on and decided to tackle this Maxwell Falls Trail. We really loved it. This is an easy hike through the forest for anyone looking to get out and have a bit of fun.

Great hike close to Denver. You go downhill for the first half but the creek at the bottom was beautiful. Trail was clean and in good condition.

Went on a Sunday in mid April. Snow covered trail the entire way, but still doable in tennis shoes. Just be careful. Had 4 kids... 8, 7, 5, 2 (carried her). Easy without the snow, tricky with snow but still very enjoyable. Close to Denver and can hike morning or afternoon.

Went on a Sunday afternoon at about 11:30 AM. Parking was limited, trail was in good shape (kind of muddy), trek took about 2.5 hours. Was just challenging enough to make you feel like you really earned your beer(s) after.

was a good little hike, that uphill was killer but the views we're really lovely.

Good trail with a nice forest setting, but waaaayyyy too many noisy mountain bikers to share the trail with.

Went on a Sunday mid afternoon in April and wasn’t too busy. Took the loop clockwise to do the longer part downhill and the shorter/steeper part uphill and wasn’t bad at all. Mostly trekking through the peaceful forest until you get to a series of bridges over the stream at the bottom next to rocky slopes going up around you. Cool stuff but hear it gets crazy busy at times. Nice facilities at the trailhead. Right off 70 and next to bison herd spot. Pickle rick!!!!

Just an FYI - there’s a $7 park fee at the ranger station, cash or check only. Didn’t expect the charge so just wanted to let others know.

Did this trail yesterday. There were o lay about 5-6 cars when I pulled in, saw only about 6-7 people the entire time. I was the last one to leave so had the trail to myself for a good 2-3 hours. Beautiful forest and creek, so quiet and relaxing. It’s a gradual uphill but not to bad for the first mile and a half (I’ve got a lot of muscle problems and asthma so if I can do it then most people can too). The trail is mostly clear and dry with some slick ice patches lingering. I talked to people coming down and they said at the 1.5-2mi mark, or where the switchbacks start, is ice and you need crampons to get up there, so I turned around when the ice got too thick. There is parking but no bathrooms, saw almost no trash (One soda cup and some really old rusted beer cans) so the trail is taken care off. Will definitely be going back after the rest of the trail thaws!

Beautiful hike through pretty pine trees and gorgeous mountain views. Some muddy spots but nothing bad. Peaceful and pretty! Not too strenuous which made it very enjoyable.

Took my sons dogs on this great hike . No snow . No people . Lovely & close enough to Denver

Great quick hike. Not difficult at all, would be a great one for out of town visitors.

8 days ago

Hiked this a week ago on a beautiful, warm, April day! Not one speck of snow. I would not consider this trail hard...a lot of ups and downs and scenic views along the river. I parked at the canyon trailhead on road 126 so I went all the way to the dam turn around (warning signs saying no trespassing) then turned back and took the trail leading to the other parking lot. If you park at the canyon trailhead definitely take the trail at the rock split (it's obvious, there is a map on a rock), otherwise you will miss awesome views of the reservoir! Once I got to the higher parking lot on road 211, I walked/ran back on the road which was definitely faster than taking the trail back. Sorry I don't remember all the parking lot names! If you are more of an advanced hiker, this really is not a workout or hard hike. I would recommend this more for a peaceful nature stroll!

Happy hiking!

I absolutely loved this trail! It's in great condition, very little muddy or snowy spots although I only did about 5 miles of it starting from South Platt area before turning aroud. The elevation gain is surprisingly easy, lots of switchbacks, you don't realize how high is you get until you hit the top! The views from up there are stunning and there are some great places to just sit and look at the view! There's a good sized dirt lot to park in that has a bathroom (not really upkept at the moment) and both times I've been out this way there's been plenty of parking but that could change with summer coming. Take a bit of caution though, a mountain biker told me there were some cougar tracks a bit farther down the trail!

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