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Beautiful trail, reasonably interesting and moderately challenging (any trail I can hike in my swimsuit is not hard...). Would give it 5 but it was somewhat crowded with teens playing music loud enough you couldn’t ignore it (bah I’m old and want to hear the nature)

3 days ago

It was my first ever hike. Two days ago. Still paying for it:) It was marked pretty well, and incredibly beautiful. Oh ya, and definitely don’t go after a rain. It gets pretty slippery and super muddy.

the trail itself was very difficult to find and it was quite apparent that many hikers found different ways to get to the falls which were well worth it!

Very, very overgrown but if you push the grass aside, the trail is very visible. Just keep on the ridge top and you will be fine.

At the falls right now. My boys, 5 and 7, love doing this hike. Love this hike!!!

14 days ago

If you want a real life jungle book hike that ends with waterfalls, rope swings, and cliff jumping then this is a MUST DO. This was the most fun I have ever had on a hike! It was a decent workout getting to the waterfall area and it felt like a little party over there with people flipping off cliffs and swinging on the ropes. BRING SWIMMING SHORTS or BATHING SUITE!

The climb out can feel steep at times but just keep churning those legs as it is doable incline up the enormous tree roots.

14 days ago

Great hike with some breathtaking views and a rewarding swimming hole at the very end. Bring a walking stick and definitely do not attempt if it’s rained recently!

We went today and it rained last night, the trail was muddy and slippery. It was hard but worth it, bring a change of clothes.

23 days ago

Just to get this out of the way......This is trail is not open to the public, so please hike at your own risk. Having said that, I hiked Koko Head Rim Trail aka Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail this morning at 7:00 am. I have done this hike many times at different times of the day and season. All around great hike for almost everyone bc it has a bit of everything and is roughly 4.2 miles roundtrip. It was quite windy today....yayyy!

- Outstanding 360 degree views ( Plenty of photo opps)
- Gradual to steep inclines and descents, your shoes should have excellent grip for rocky and sandy terrain descent and ascent areas.
- The main ridge is paved with a few Radio towers towards the top (fenced off areas)
- Hidden Rock Bridge, hope you find it (do not attempt to cross or stand on the bridge due to rogue waves and uncertainties) Admire from a safe distance
- Pet friendly (on leash and please clean up after your pet)

Bring plenty of water, snacks especially for children, sunscreen is a must (sun can be relentless and there is no shade).
Having a good positive attitude helps especially when you’re on those inclines.

Reminder: please Kokua (be in the spirit of helping) What you bring in please take out including any extras. Thank you!

Try to catch a sunrise or sunset ( flashlight might be needed on the return) you will not be disappointed!

As always be safe and Adventure on!!!!!

love the hike some parts of the trail are very misleading tho, overall very nice and would do it again

Bring change of clothes or swimsuit with you.

This was one of our best hikes on Oahu this week, and we completed about 10. However, it does not have some of great views of some of the other hikes. We had a lot of fun and this hike was not as crowded as many of the hikes, We saw about 6 or 8 groups on the hike on the trail or at the pools, including Kenro and his family (see below). The first half of the out and back trail is very easy, however it is about 0.7-miles down to the waterfall pools. This does have some interesting steep sections with lost of roots. I would rank this trail as moderate, although it would probably be very slippery after a heavy rain. There are two main pools that you can swim in at the end
of the trail. Very cool and refreshing.

27 days ago

I took my 17 month old son in osprey. If I can do it you can to just took me little longer then normal.This is an awesome trail. No doubt that waterfall is great. The water was really cold but once you are in you get use to it. The way down is not hard but can be hard after a lot of rain the day before. Everything can be muddy/slippery. It is the way back up that is tough. My leg were done. But I had my son on my back

1 month ago

My second hike on Oahu, was fun and exhilarating . Very slippery if it’s rained. Had a friend slip and almost slide off the trail. If it’s muddy take your time to avoid injury’s. Water at the bottom is ice cold, water fall is gorgeous. Would do again! Even so a guy back flip off the ledge into the pool.

1 month ago

I definitely must go back and do this hike again. It's not hard to get to, just follow the signs from the Manana Ridge Trail. I could hear the waterfall as I descended, but it was becoming a bit too steep and muddy for me to continue alone, so I decided to turn around. I want to finish the trail though and actually see the waterfall.

Waterfall is beautiful but getting there was very muddy and killer cardio hill.

Starts with a bamboo forest with little room on the trail but it's fine. After a 1/4 mile walk you get out of the bamboo and enter the typical Hawaii forest. Beautiful waterfall at the end. There are multiple water crossings and your shoes will get wet. if it's raining be prepared for lots of mud but the hike is very safe even with all mud.

Fantastic hike! I started at Makapu'u and yes there's signs everywhere that say no hiking. There was an unmarked cop car at the entrance to the parking lot. I just walked across the street from the parking lot to the beginning of the hike and never looked back. It instantly goes uphill with you climbing mixture of rocks and sloped meadow. Once you get to the top of the first hill, you basically begin a ridge hike. it's undulating, narrow and windy. 1 hour in, you get to the puka. You could stop the and go back if you would like.

I continued. There are two jump off points (wooden platforms) along the way. One of them covers up the old Dead Mans Catwalk. The ridge continues on, past a private property area with antennas and stuff. There are cameras mounted. there is also a cool stairway to nowhere on the south side. A few peaks later, you get to where there's two big power poles. that's where you go down.

The descent is rocky, but not too crazy or difficult. just watch your step. not all the rocks are solid, some crumble underneath you. TEST BEFORE YOU STEP! The trail ends at Manawaiola St. There's a fence being built. It's a neighborhood, so don't be an asshole or disruptive.

5.7 miles, 4.5 hours.

Nice and short, no real accent. falls are nice. very muddy and you will get your feet wet along the way.

go to 2135 Makiki Heights Drive to get a permit to enter Lulumahu Falls area. I think the fee is like $2.50.

We did this at 6pm and the conditions were beautiful. Great sunset hike, the climb is mildly deceiving so be ready to breathe a little hard. Overall nice trail, we went almost to the antennas and back (don’t need that radiation). Lots of “government property” “do not trespass” signs but also lots of locals on the trail with their dogs. Go at your own risk, lovely views all around!

Beautiful views and gorgeous greenery. But long pants are an absolute must. About 2 miles in the trail becomes severely overgrown where oftentimes you cannot see your feet. My the exposed part of my legs were shredded by the sharp ferns which made for an uncomfortable return trip. Aside from raw shins, this hike was enjoyable but not really comfortable.

underwhelming. would do for sunrise or if you're already stopped at the blowholes but not as a single destination hike.

got cited coming down and heading to makapu'u lookout. it's a petty misdemeanor. trespassing 2nd, so fines up to $2500 and 30 days in jail. not worth the risk, the land owners (kamehameha schools) are cracking down to prevent injury/death liability on their land.

It was the first trail I’ve done in a while but if I can complete it so can you.

First hike and I enjoyed it very much. Would do it again.

A lot of people saying don’t hike when it’s been raining, I say don’t hike when it hasn’t! Anyone who has been there on a week of great sun will tell you the pools can get stagnant and turn brown. Definitely kicks up the difficulty when it is raining since you’ll be climbing and descending on a layer of mud! But I guess it just depends if you are highlighting the falls and swimming or just worried about the hike. Just the hike, go when it’s sunny, falls and a quick dip, wait for a decent amount of rain.

My favorite waterfall in Hawaii this far. Fun trail through bamboo forest. Muddy right now. Awesome falls you can attempt to swim in.

Beautiful hike, not much signage, we took a wrong turn once and had some difficulty finding the falls. We went after there had been a lot of rain so the waterfall was flowing hard and we did not attempt to get into the creek, although the rope swing looked fun.

We did the Tom Tom section from Waimanalo. I noticed more ‘ No Hiking’ signs are up from the Makapuu end.

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