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Steep climb this one but worth it for the view at the top. Makes Calgary look like a tiny village! I tried to run all the way up it but it’s steep and not for the faint hearted. I had to stop a few times on the way up! Very very cold and windy at the top so wrap up warm if you are walking it. Ran all the way down easily in walking boots in 20 mins. No spikes needed as most of the track is rocky and/or earthy. Minimal snow or frost at present. Good runner will go up and down in around 75 mins. Slow walker will take around 3 hours. Highly recommend this for runners and walkers as a challenge with a reward;-)

10 hours ago

Nice day out there! Made it to the ridge, super windy. The trail is manly dry but some snow/ice patches, i recommend spike & pole!

Would do it again repeatedly.

3 days ago

I would definitely rate the hike as difficult for inexperienced hikers. The trail is steep until you reach the ridge, I feel like with ice cleats and poles it’s much easier to summit with the snow to grip onto as opposed to dirt in the summer. One of my top seven under seven (ish) for sure, great hike worth the views. Today’s weather was ideal beautiful and sunny.

Did it clockwise today. Very windy once on the ridge. Good views.

Completed on Jan. 12. Very little snow and only required spikes on the back loop. If you want to extend the hike, complete the back loop ( check out prairie mountain and prairie creek route ). Different views and adds about an hour to the overall experience. Easy hike for experienced hikers; hard for beginners.

5 days ago

We hiked Tamnuska loop today (January 13, 2019). Most sections were dry. However, spikes are needed to reach its summit.

6 days ago

Great workout! Beautiful hike! Highly recommended!

I did on Jan 11th. Trail was covered with packed snow. Very steep , but end of trail was heaven. The weather was sunny, so perfect. I would like to recommend this trail with heavy icepickers. We thankful for having amazing view.

Hard to rate. If you’re a beginner this is hard. If you’re an experienced hiker this is a beginner trail. Nothing technical. That being said, it is a great workout and the views are incredible. Well worth it. We only had to put our spikes on during our descent on the loop.

A fantastic loop! Make sure to add this onto Prairie Mountain Trial to get the most out of your outing. The way down is way easier and has some amazing views.

The incline is a lot of work, but the top is quite stunning! Hard work pays off in this case!

So I stopped my phone at door jam for a quick break and forgot to start it again lol.... the pics show us at the summit of Loder! Great quick hike very little snow just a bit in the trees, it is def moderate as easy scramble with great holds required. There is a bit of exposure today sucked due to high winds but nothing crazy. The summit push is actually pretty mild just walking up a bit of scree.....
if you are expecting a nice hike it will be hard expect nice scramble and follow the spine of the ridge up.

My favorite hike! Push yourself to get to the top! I was nervous about doing the switchback at the end because it looked steep with loose stones but I went up anyway and the views were incredible, so happy I did.

Several cars were broken into at the trailhead parking lot today.

Have been hiking this for 20yrs, but this was the first time with snow and ice. Bring spikes and decent poles, some gnarly ice latches patches on the backside. Shoulder and front side were pretty clear, unfortunately very little scree left these days...

Great hike today. Nice to have the micro spikes in a few spots. Stunning views along the hike and 360 at the top.

Did this hike in early July. The view is absolutely worth the trek. But it did get sketchy in some areas during the scramble. If you’re afraid of heights, I’d stay away from this one because you’re walking on a pretty narrow path on the side of the mountain for a little while

13 days ago

Hiked Mt Allan yesterday January 5th 2019 with friends. Tons of snow covered the section before reaching the Olympic Peak and we could not go through it though we were on trail. Finally we ended up scrambling the rocky section to reach the Olympic Peak. It was better few weeks ago when I was there. So be prepare to do little bit scramble or have snow shoes. After that section it was easy to reach Allan.

13 days ago

We went counterclockwise but didn’t make it quite to the top because it was Very windy as we went past the 1.5 km mark. Many trail options -steeper or less steep or climbing areas. Stayed to left for more trees and things to grab when scrambling up. No snow or ice so no crampons needed. Alright view but not nice to see the ex Shaw factory right there. Awesome terrain though.

15 days ago

Good hike, great thigh burner with longish steep sections. Worth bringing out spikes in the winter season as it can be icy.

Hold on to to your hat at the summit as the last few hundred meters can be windy!

Bryce, good to know you made to the top. It was windy up there. I will be back and do the ridge walk in summer.

I wouldn’t say it’s hard. Just a good push, no snow, yak tracks a good idea. It’s a good one to do if you are ina pinch for time as we completed in 1:30. That being said we ran down and we are fit avid hikers. Great trail for dogs too!

We did Kings Creek Ridge yesterday on a bluebird day. Packed trail but required microspikes, top portions was a little wind blown and snowshoes would have been nice on the ridge but we made the summit with no issues.

Did this hike on New Years Day, 2019. Weather -2, windy on the ridge and very cold at the top. This is our first ever mountain climb and we found it quite difficult, highly recommend poles down. Slippery conditions throughout the trail otherwise dust and dirt covered with packed snow patches throughout. We over packed by a long shot, unless you're staying at the top overnight pack light. Absolutely loved it and will be back, the views are worth the pain.

26 days ago

We did this trip at the end of December, but there wasn’t much snow on it. Some ice and snow patches, so we used spikes on the way down but managed to go up without them. Great view on the top, and once you get up there, you will know why this mountain was named Prairie Mountain. The 360 degree view is definitely worth it.

It’s a great cardio workout too, not too long but steady steep climb pretty much all the way up to the tree-lines. Lots of people use this hike as a workout, doing it every week or doing it back to back multiple times a day.

I am making this specific review 3/5 only because the trail is absolutely NOT for dogs. When I am looking for hikes that are dog friendly, I am under the assumption they can complete the trail. It is 110% not for dogs. It was challenging to get to the chains and then when I realized we definitely weren’t getting across that.. the challenging high turned to pissed off. Getting us back down the way we came was stressful and dangerous for both of us.
Also, the entire trail once you are out of the trees is so poorly marked that unless you know where you are going or following footprints, you would get lost.
I am pretty disappointed with this hike because of those two issues.
Bring poles and microspikes.
My next review may be better when I don’t have my girl - if I decide to try this hike again.

27 days ago

Went all the way to the top ridgeline and peak, very worth the effort. At the top during August we saw a Mama Grizzly with 3 cubs frolicking in the alpine below. Had to wait for them to get to the other side of the alpine then scurried down when they weren't around. Tons of wildlife there but the we found the trails were easy to follow, but a bit of exposure on the top. Once you get to the alpine above the mountain it's absolutely magnificent

27 days ago

Did the loop counter-clock wise and there were a few tricky sections with some exposure heading up. As many mentioned before don't miss the red diamond but it doesn't necessarily mean you have to go up right there but within a 20 foot radius you do, pick the spot you feel most comfortable and ensure your feet have good holds then push your way up by bouldering. From there, you have one more spot where you have to climb up a crack in the rock and also ensure your feet have holds and go for it! the way down the snow was the trickiest part as right now it's a thick crust with soft dry snow below so just take your time. Beautiful views, and endless ridgelines, with multiple peaks (or false summits). The tallest summit is Grant MacEwan so save your summit beers for that one if you bring anything! You'll know when you find the time capsule which is currently full to the brim.

28 days ago

Did this one on Dec 22. Fantastic little scramble that we decided to do clockwise. The hike up to the ridge is very straightforward without much scrambling. Once you start heading down Heart Ridge, things change dramatically. A bit of route finding and some interesting scrambling sections. If you take your time and be mindful these sections won’t be a problem. Very little snow on the trail if any, more concentrated on the top. Have fun !!

Amazing hike...loved the Scree...

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