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Love this at beginning of hiking season! Lol my hiking season haha perfect starter hike for the big uns

Great workout but dont have high expectation for the waterfall. Can do the lynn loop instead if you want something shorter.

Very nice hike, long but not steep. Lots of cool wooden bridges and amazing dam in the one end of the loop. If you walk with small children, from half point it is possible to take s transit back or continue on the other side of the river. Overall it was 18 km and took 4 hours.

The hike started abit crazy at first. Felt grouse grind all over due to the stairs. Although once you get to the chief/sea to summit separation section everything changes. So far the most amazing hike I have ever done. I really took my time and enjoyed every bit of it.
There are a couple sections thou, the loose rock section and the rope climbing one are not all easy. The last section with the rock was alittle insane to me. Did it in April so the last 25% was full of snow. Be careful as some sections get really deep.
All and all this was an amazing hike for a moderate level hiker, well worth exploring before hitting harder hikes.

8 days ago

The trail is short but the falls are worth the lack of distance. There is a fair amount to explore around the falls as well.

Road leading to the trail is currently closed.

13 days ago

Trail was muddy on Sunday, but still really enjoyable with the kids

14 days ago

awesome trail

very pleasant walk

One of my favorites! Lots of families out enjoying minnekhada yesterday. And warnings of bear sightings from others on the trail.

Love this park!! Beautiful scenery, water all around you and waterfalls roaring. Tranquil, well maintained and marked trails, plenty of parking, bathroom facilities accessable for the whole family. Kid and dog friendly. Will come here again

Fun trail. Not too hard. Close to Poco.

22 days ago

As of March 31 there is still a large amount of snow on this trail, largely concentrated between about the 3-5km mark. It's hard pack and was passable while moving carefully in normal hiking boots (had to slide a couple of short sections) but would recommend spikes if you have them. Quite a lot of melt run off in the area as well so waterproof boots are a must.
Surprising past the 5km mark the snow pretty much entirely cleared up all the way until the falls.

First 30 minutes quite tough then eases up a bit and then becomes harder halfway to the finish. 7.5 km to the gondola one way. Worth every huff and puff.

27 days ago

A good short hike that gets your heart beating from the start and easies off at the middle for the next hill to the top. It takes 32 min to the top at a fast walk unless you jog.

28 days ago

This is an easy hike around the lake and nice falls with access to the bottom.

Beautiful short walk to the falls. Took my four kids and they enjoyed it!

We saw two very small waterfalls,I guess we missed the big one?

We did just follow the trails though. Can anyone tell me how I missed it Lol.

1 month ago

Enjoyed this trail today. Was worried about having a muddy hike but aside from a few puddles this trail was not bad.

The beginning of the trail has snow still but once you get past the picnic area at the lake the trail is all clear. Finding the falls was slightly difficult as the trail signs are all down right now but using the map on here I was able to find them, there is some fallen trees and debris on the trail to falls, be careful.

Great even in early spring

Wonderful challenge! No two steps are the same. Be prepared to use your mind, body, and spirit for this hike. There are some really cool views of the Howe Sound and Shannon Falls.

1 month ago

Great trail to take out the pup. Definitely muddy but fun none the less. Relatively easy.

1 month ago

Easy hike. But can get mucky in the fall/winter especially when crossing the little streams.

1 month ago

What a beautiful trail. Well marked path with lots of people using the trail. Not long but the top is amazing would definitely go again in the summer

on Cypress Falls Hike

1 month ago

Really nice short hike and great for dog walking.
When you start from the parking lot the trail it is very easy and clear. You will come to a point where you can continue slightly left along the trail (West side of the river which is the route shown on this site) or cross a wooden bridge. If you stay on the path and do not cross the bridge it will be easy to follow orange markers. The trail remains wide and quite easy, it likely will take an hour or so to complete out and back style.

This is where people get confused:
If you cross the bridge and take the East side of the river there are markers for a short distance to a fork and then the trail gets much more difficult and is not well marked. If you go right at this fork you will meet up with a rocky path that resembles a creek. This will head up to a fence with a gate and connect to the service road in only a couple of minutes. If you head left at the fork you will parallel the river on a slippery (most of the year) and narrow trail. This is the trail some commenters refer to as being sketchy and on the edge of a cliff. It is more difficult than the West of the river trail, and I would watch little ones on this trail. This is also the route that leads you to the old car wreck. Shortly after the car wreck you reach the service road and a large, wooden bridge. You can do the trail as a loop, connecting the West and East trails with the service road.

This is a very pretty and green trail; however it needs better signage and a trail map, as I think most people assume they should cross the wooden bridge near the start of the trail leading to confusion!

1 month ago

Easy walk. Great to get the family outdoors. A little hidden gem. Can’t wait to go there in the summer and catch some of the water pools. Car a coyote while on the trail

1 month ago

Nice little riverside trail with a few cool little waterfalls.

A lot of fun out there. Had to go solo since my hiking partner got scared of the bear warnings. No worries

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