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Trail has heavy traffic but only in certain areas. From Gateway Park near Beach St. to Downtown is about 10 miles. From Downtown Fort Worth to the SH 183 comes in at 6.3 miles (this is the most used part of the whole trail). From there you can ride to Benbrook using S. Bellaire Drive for 1.3 miles before getting on the next trail for another 3 miles. This trail features a park and a waterfall. Total trail length is about 21 miles from Gateway Park drive in Ft. Worth to Memorial Oak in Benbrook.

mountain biking
10 days ago

Love it!!!

15 days ago

Wish it was marked better. It was difficult to follow at times. We did enjoy the elevation, made it a bit more challenging. It was also shaded well most the trail. We will try it again.

My girlfriend and I came into check out the park. We approached the gate 45 mins before it closed to be told it was closed. My girlfriend had to go to the restroom and approached what looked like a restroom for the booth to be yelled at to turn around and leave.

That was what clenched this terrible experience. I can't believe she yelled at us and told us to leave. We had plenty of time for her to go to the restroom and make a few miles.

Please save yourself the time and heartache. The trails looked beautiful in all trails and we were excited to hit up the canyon ridge trail but we are never going back and you shouldn't either. Never go here. The hours are terrible too. Why close at 5.

Also if you have an iPhone you will be sent to a random road that will never take you to the park.

We tried to go hiking but all of the trails were flooded. It didn't say anything about it on the park website. so if you're driving any sort of distance, I would suggest to call the park if it has been raining a lot. Other wise, the fall colors on that area are gorgeous.

Made it about halfway down (very muddy) trail when it dead ended into water. Trail was okay, nothing particularly interesting other than some short side trails. Bugs weren't terrible, but it was in the low 60s. It wasn't bad, but nothing worth coming back to.

If you like walking through the woods with no views and no excitement, then this trail is for you

Decent incline, some nice views, but pretty short. More of a walk in the woods than a hike. Very lightly trafficked, which my dog and I enjoyed!

I love this trail! So glad I found it!

2 months ago

Way too many mosquitoes as a result of recent rains and warm weather made it unpleasant. Even covered with bug spray we didn’t make it far before turning back. Will try again when the temps drop. Saw a group of hikers turn around almost immediately—now I know why the parking lot was empty even though it was a beautiful day.

Cost: $7 per person.

Need I say more? Other states don't charge money to walk around in nature.

Great trail, absolutely beautiful in many places. My only complaint is that it is not well marked at all. Trying to find it was difficult as was staying on the right path at times. Worth doing many times over!

good walk

Cute little trail. Go during week to have it all to yourself!

trail running
3 months ago

enjoyed what I was able to do, but it is severely overgrown after about a mile and a half. I switched over to the trail on the other side because there was no way around the dense overgrowth. there is also an excessive amount of trash on this trail. if I was out to hike for beauty, it would have bugged me. but since I was just trying to run through, it wasn't terrible.

trail running
3 months ago

Very easy trail. About 85% of it is under shade.

Really nice and well maintained trails. Next time I come, I definitely will give myself more time to explore.

3 months ago

the trail head is labeled to start across a heavily trafficked highway, not sure why they want you walk across a street as your start. I left before I started

My first time on these trails with my dog and really enjoyed the trails! Yes some back up to houses but was quiet and even saw some beautiful longhorns on some farmland along the way.

mountain biking
3 months ago

To all you hikers that keep complaining, take a minute to think who maintains the trail.. (DORBA).
Then take another minute to figure out what does that mean. Hikers are more than welcome. but please no matter the park you go to. always stop at the trailhead and READ THE RULES!!!
most trails will ask hikers to go in the oposite direction so you can spot bikers from a distance and move aside.
thank you all for understanding.
have a great day!!

4 months ago

Great place for a nice hike in the area!

This is the perfect place to visit if you want to get in a good hike and breathe in good air. The beauty of the green earth, the trees and the animals is humbling.

trail running
4 months ago

Love this trail and run out there as much as possible. Mostly single track with hard packed dirt and some rocky areas. Just enough elevation gain and technical sections to make it interesting. Mix of shaded and open sections. DORBA does a great job of maintaining the trail. The only downsides are that it can get really crowded with mountain bikers and there are a ton of copperheads out there depending on the season.

4 months ago

Nice hiking trail for 20 min outside dallas. Mostly shaded which was nice. Rocky so I had to put boots on my dog. Can’t complain otherwise! Very little bike traffic although I came out on a weekday during the day.

This is a very short trail, but there is an incline so it may be hard for young children. The trail is pretty overgrown but you can easily keep track of it. During the summer it's hard to see the dallas skyline where the bench is, but it should be much more visible as the leaves fall! You can hear the cars and the dart train but you can not see them from the trail. The trail head is kind of hidden, it's in the clearing of trees next to the big power line tower. Lots of bugs in the summer so put on bugspray! There are lots of shaded areas but also some clearings so suncreen is a must also.

4 months ago

my fiance and I come every single Sunday! he bikes while i hike and it's just beautiful.

4 months ago

Fantastic trail once you're beyond the Old Alton bridge. Quiet (except for distant traffic noise), fluctuating scenery and terrain, and clean. Terrain gets really hilly and a bit treacherous east of the Village Pkwy bridge, then the trail fades as you go further east. A local resident told me the trail riders stopped maintaining it east of that bridge after the 2015 flood.

lots of fun and good for training on the cx bike.

website says no trail running

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