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Great hiking trails for family and your paw babies.

4 days ago

15 mile hike up to Mt. Wilson via Lower Winter creek and Mt. Zion. Returned via Upper Winter creek. Nice day but hot in the sun near the end. Best part was finally getting a pic of a Bobcat, seen 4 total but this was the first one I was actually able to get a pic of.

I did San Gabriel Peak yesterday it was a nice weather 11 miles from Cobb Estate, Echo Mt., Inspiration Point Mount Lowe and final point San Gabriel Peak the weather was cool to finished this trail. I love to explore each day a different trails. If I can, If not I repeat the ones I like more. We live in a wonderful world to explore!!

The views are beautiful. Loose gravel and No shade. Take plenty of water. Also, Lots of trials within this trial. So it’s easy to get off the track. But worth the hike.

9 days ago

arrived at 7:15 on Saturday morning and entire parking lot was full so we had to park .5 miles away from the trail head at chantry flats along the street (adventure pass is required even for street parking $5). entire hike took us 15 miles including putzing around at the summit and the observatory as well as the trek back to the car. hike is mostly shaded but I still recommend a hat and sun protection. hike is definitely not a beginners hike. my friends and I are completing the 6 pack of peaks challenge and this hike has been our third summit of the series. we got back to the car at 4:30 so entire hike plus one hour eating lunch and smoking a bowl at the summit made it a 9 hour mission. I recommend bringing 2-3 liters of water and snacks because this is an ALL day trek :)

road biking
10 days ago

This is a nicely paved road suitable for biking, jogging and walking. Partially shaded, with restroom facilities not too far off the track. Check the calendar and watch out for the Flea Market. That won't preclude the use of the loop but it does make parking different - not impossible - just different.

Unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few rude and selfish pedestrians (jogging and/or walking) that seem to think that cyclists are not welcome on the loop. Funny because the loop started out as a cycling venue. Let's all share the road!

Hiked to the summit Thursday, April 12, 2018 on a beautiful clear day. Three of us went up Winter Creek Trail to the top and then down Sturtevant trail and connected with Gabrileno Trail (meets this trail at the Sturtevant campsite) back to Chantry Flats. The full loop was 13.75 miles of which the last 1/2 mile was a fairly steep (albeit on a paved road) climb which was a bit of a kick in the teeth after going that distance and being an Illinois flat lander!

At first having reached the summit I was like “I wouldn’t rate this a hard climb” but after finishing the full loop I would concur that it is a hard level hike due to the length and unless you are used to hiking long distances don’t take it lightly.

Great views from the “bench” which you reach at about the 5 mile point on the way up. We could see all the way to the coast and great perspective of Los Angeles.

This was our first of the Six pack we hope to achieve over the next couple years while our son goes to school out in SoCal!

Great time of year to go I guess as we had no gnats or flies (which apparently are a big issue on the hike later in the summer).

Near the end of the parking lot, once you pass under the bridge (I was going the wrong way I guess, I went clockwise), there’s a little dirt path that beers downhill. Take that to see some nice scenery, there’s a creek, and lush grass, takes you under the freeway underpass. Everyone is friendly, and it was not very busy. Enjoyable and perfect weather. Going down the path gives you speckled shade. Will definitely do this again.

awesome hike great views totally worth it.

13 days ago

I had an awesome time yesterday! Vlogged the whole thing and made a spotify playlist for anyone to bring on this trail. Check it out here:

The view of LA and Catalina and the surrounding peaks is absolutely worth the trip.

Vegetation is typical of the the dry climate Southern California mesas and rocks are mostly granite.

The trail is located about 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. Sometimes it can get foggy but for fairly experienced people orientation should be not a problem. There is parking space and park information hut at the beginning of the trail where is possible to buy cold drinks and get some water.

After an initial easy part the final 1/3 of the trail becomes more challenging as in parts is rocky and steep. There are no dangerous / exposed sections and no technical equipment is needed but good hiking shoes are recommended together with a windproof jacket.

Beautiful early spring day for a hike, and a beautiful place to take one. Red sandstone monoliths contrasted nicely with green coastal shrubs, some of which were blooming. We saw a couple of dozen other hikers on this trail, and the trail is dog friendly. The views are amazing and reminded me a little of hiking in Arizona with the red sandstone contrasting with the greenery of the plant life and the bright blue dessert skies. The parking lot was flooded from recent rains, and was nearly full to capacity when we arrived-but there was also parking on the street leading into this hike. This area also appears to be popular with rock climbers and rappelers as we saw both.

Cloudy Monday AM (4/2/18). Best way to do it. Little sun, few people. Took Sam Merrill from Echo (2nd left after making the ridge). Longer but not as steep as Castle Canyon. 10.6mi total, 2756 ft elevation gain, 4.25 hours. Great views over the clouds.

Great hike. Steep from Sturtevant Camp to just past 1/2 way rest area. Cosmic Cafe for food open weekends. Great scenery. Mostly shaded. Very busy from Chantry Flat to Sturtevant Falls but not bad after. Depending on time of year can be lots of bugs. Adventure Pass needed to park or you can buy one at trailhead for $5.00 day pass. Part of 6 Pack of Peaks. Went on Tuesday and only saw 5 hikers including one idiot who liked to talk loud on cell phone and liked to talk about terrorist. If you read this, please stop hiking, your an idiot.

Awesome hike! Make sure to leave before 8pm.(We got locked in.) :0)

This is a fun and strenuous hike. There is good tree cover and there are a few places along the trail where it's easy to take a wrong turn, so I'd recommend paying close attention. The observatory and cosmic cafe at the top are fun features. If you're in the mood for seclusion, this may not be the hike for you, but if you're feeling like a mountaintop banana split, then go for it.

Really enjoyable. Great views, not too much elevation change.

Great Hike Amazing view from the top.

24 days ago

Beautiful hike, it was #dingsontribe 's first time on this trail and the beginning to our 6 pack challenge, turned out to be one of our favorite hikes so far! It's crowded, and I see why, absolutely beautiful hike. We dipped in the fresh stream, because of the rains the streams and falls are flowing strong. We have been used to hiking in blizzards and snow, and we found this mountain to be very warm. I didn't need to put my jacket on all evening. I found parts of the Sturtevant section very difficult as a person afraid of heights. Sections of that trail is extremely narrow and the drop immediate and steep. Ugh. We completed this hike with 2 of our trail doggies, even the narrow sections at Sturtvant was fine for them. One thing to pay attention to, in addition to the Adventure pass and getting there early because parking fills fast, the road closes at 8p. We took our sweet time to enjoy the mountain and started heading down the road to exit the mountain entrance and the gate was locked! We had to call the police station, whom both the dispatcher and officer were very nice, and wait for 30 mins for the gate to be unlocked. A minor inconvenience, but when you're tired it sucks. They come to the gate every hour, so just be aware of that. Don't forget to try and find the Mt. Wilson wood sign on top, somewhere on the observatory grounds and snap a picture, a camper told us we had to otherwise it didn't count. ha! by luck we did. Happy hiking!

Good hike with solid elevation. Seemed really long on a hot day. Views are great but some high clouds blocked the ocean view for us...

Nice Hike, mostly in shade, today was mostly Kool about 60 to 70 maybe a little Kooler at top

Nice day started at 630 finished about 2 pm

excellent trail, lots of vegetation so quite cool though there are some exposed spots. highly recommended.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a heavenly place...this place can take you there to lose your mind and find your soul

27 days ago

Lost big toe nail going down hill. Really beautiful hike.

I've hiked to this peak twice now. The 2nd time around was much easier for me than the first. Worth the hike up. We did it on 3/18, and there was snow from a storm the day before. I would definitely take trekking poles as it made it easier to hike. We also coupled San Gabriel Peak with Mt. Disappointment. You might as well do it, since you're right there :)

28 days ago

A fun hike with some awesome panoramic views at the top! Not my favorite Los Angeles forest hike, but still a good one! I loved all the pine trees and was surprised to find a little snow late in the spring.
A lot of people are saying "this is a moderate hike, not easy." I'd probably agree. I think the high elevation made it a little bit harder than you'd expect from a typical 2.8-mile walk.

Beautiful hike! Great surrounding views of Santa Monica mountains and also the ocean on a clear day. Cool to see all the caves and also rock climbers in the distance. The 6-mile MisheMakwe loop was beautiful, but the straight hike (2miles or so) to and from Sandstone peak is also a nice tough little hike (same elevation gain as the 6 mile loop in a fraction of the distance).
Fun drive to the parking lot too haha!
Done this a few times now but there's only a mobile bathroom in the parking lot about half of the time.

I would call this easy I would call it a high moderate. Not a lot of shade, good cool weather hike take lots of water. We added some extra miles with a detour to Mt. Disappointment.

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