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Great hike. Took a little under 4 hours to complete. We went clockwise, I think that was easier with the elevation climb. Saw tons of banana slugs and salamanders (or newts?). Go early, the park fills up fast.

Definitely a workout! As for someone who isn’t in that great of a shape, it proved a little difficulty. There is some areas of incline and boy did it kick my butt. But I’m glad I decided to do this trail. Gorgeous falls, redwood trees and banana slugs! Took us about 5hrs w/a lunch break.

Did this hike about a month ago in mid-March and it was enjoyable. There isn't a ton of variety in the scenery on the way up the mountain, but the views at the top are great. If you're not spending your time climbing in Joshua Tree, this is a great hike to do, but I enjoyed the flat trail loops in the park that take you up close to the rock formations more than this hike.

5 days ago

My group of 3 hiked to Hermit Creek in April and camped for two nights before returning. The creek is lovely and we enjoyed lunching by the rapids. The campground is basic, with two composting toilets and a bar for hanging packs. You can quickly access the creek below for water; be sure to use a filter. Hermit Trail is just as tough as advertised. We knew it would be steep and rough. We didn’t expect the areas that felt quite dangerous, as we tried to get over slide areas or sections that has mostly loose rock on the incline. If you are afraid of heights, this isn’t a trail for you. The views are stunning, however, and there is little traffic on the trail. I’m glad I did it, but won’t repeat this adventure.

Fantastic trail. Beautiful waterfalls and awesome redwood trees all along. Carry lots of water. Not for beginners though.

Started the hike off with the incline up to 600ft elevation before looping back down. Great weather on the day I hiked. Will come back to climb a little higher.

14 days ago

Loved this hike! It was a short and steep hike with absolutely beautiful views all the way! I would say this is nature’s stair master

14 days ago

prepare yourself for a treat. prepare yourself for a challenge. what an awesome trail all around.

15 days ago

I imagine this hike is most pleasant outside of the summer months. We completed Ryan Mountain on April 5 when it was between 82 and 85 degrees, just about perfect weather.

The hike itself is pretty manageable. We saw people of nearly all ages and abilities making the trip. There's nothing particularly technical, just a solid climb up and a quick jaunt back down.

I will say, in terms of expectations, know that Ryan Mountain's peak isn't the one clearly seen from the trailhead. It'll look like a pretty normal ascent at the outset but the trail actually wraps around and snakes upward near the back of the mountain you see at the beginning. If you have this understanding, you should be able to pace yourself just fine and earn a wonderful view up top.

Great Trail

The view from the top is well worth the challenge getting there. Take many breaks if needed but keep pushing to the top!

21 days ago

Totally family friendly. My 5 and 6 year old daughters completed this hike in a little over 5.5 hours. Beautiful scenery and trails. The falls were flowing great after a week of rain. Came across a turtle, banana slugs and “troll” rocks close to the falls. Great hike

Just finished this hike today in under 4.5 hours. I enjoyed it but I do not think I will ever do this trail again or recommend it. While the falls were great, the overall trail felt repetitive.

on Ryan Mountain Trail

23 days ago

The views at the top are rewarding. Hiked with a 6 & 9 year old back in October.

Its tricky so pay attention to your map/gps on alltrails app. I took the wrong route and ended up uphill and I did 16 miles roundtrip in 7 hours. I was soooooo tired I couldn’t handle it anymore the last 3 miles. Falls are gorgeous!

Also if you take the skyline trail you will see a gorgeous treehouse. Would do it again. Take lots of water/electrolytes for the boost.

25 days ago

Great hike out and back to one of the highest points in the park. Well traveled and easy to follow trail. Gentle upward climb to some spectacular views.

This hike was a great challenge and let us see an incredible view from the summit as well as many scenic vistas along the path. It wasn’t a super long hike but boy were we huffing and puffing, it is quite steep at some points. well worth it thought and there are many areas at the summit that are perfect for eating some food and taking a good break before heading back down. Really enjoyed this hike!

27 days ago

Great trail with awesome views at the top. The Mt. peaks in the distance were still snow covered and just beautiful! Had a picnic at the top. Took 45 minutes less time to get back down. Some ascensions to the top can test your heart rate...

29 days ago

It’s a short intense hike to Ryan mountain! Most of the trail is laid out like a staircase which after a while made my hip flexor hurt. The view on the top is totally worth the struggle!

Great hike up. Lots of steps with varying height. You will need to pay attention! I would recommend doing this hike early in the morning to catch the sunrise or early morning sun across the valley. For my money, these are the best views in Joshua Tree.

1 month ago

Amazing payoff at the end but it is a difficult climb. I was winded many times and was happy to take breaks to let others pass. This is my first West Coast mountain and it made me feel like a rookie. We did pack water which even re-energized my husband who is an avid hiker. The top has an amazing view and so worth the hard work. We even had lunch at the top. Great views!!!!

Very challenging, uphill climb. But worth it. Beautiful

1 month ago

One of the best hikes I have ever done.

I'm a desert native who was introducing my girlfriend to the park and environment of JT. We hiked Ryan Mountain for the view at the end. It is strenuous for those who aren't used to elevation and the sun. My girlfriend had to take frequent breaks because of the heat and rapid elevation gain. There are absolutely no breaks from the heat unless you have the wind blowing in your favor. I'm used to these kind of trails (grew up in the coachella valley) and even had to stop for the occasional water break. I wouldn't recommend the trail for those with a fear of heights. Some parts are well paved, but narrow. It is frequently visted during winter months. However the view on the way up is great, and if you're lucky, you can see some rock climbers in the distance.

Great glutes workout due to the uphill. Love that this hike is mostly forest but with the reward of a view at the top (midway’sh) of the hike. For folks just starting to get back into shape (like myself) this will be challenging but def doable. Just take your time, bring water and dress in layers.

Going up East Ridge is moderate and uphill the rest of the way into Pool Ridge, looping back is easier. Nice hike with great views at to top of East Ridge. I went with a friend so I didn't know much about the hike but not many Redwoods on the hike until the end when going back! Just be warned :)

Many were saying to do this hike counter clockwise. The Ranger said to do it clockwise because of the stairs at Silver Falls. Glad we listened to the Ranger and went clockwise. Those stairs are steep, and glad we went up them instead of down. There was a sign warning of a strenuous 6 hour hike ahead at the beginning. I really didn't think it would be strenuous for me since I hike every weekend, but boy was I wrong. It was a little strenuous, especially the last 3-4 miles. My legs just ached at this point I really just had to push through. Beautiful hike and I would totally do it again. Took us about 6 hours, including a long hour break at the falls to eat and take pictures.

Great trail with no crowds.

1 month ago

One of my best hikes. Go during a weekday so you’ll have the trail for yourself - I barely saw anyone during the 3.5 hours I was on the trail. Beautiful waterfalls along the trail. NO restrooms were seen so keep that in mind.

This trail was challenging but very much worth it. Though it's marked as a 10 mile hike, my Apple watch indicated it's closer to 12. Allow yourself a good 5-6 hours to complete depending on your pace. When our group did the hike, we had to plow through it because we had a later start, plus it was raining and hailing pretty hard -- which made for a memorable experience. The views of the towering redwood trees are incredible and the waterfalls were running strong, you really feel like you're in another world. I would definitely come back and recommend for those looking for a good moderate-difficult hike!

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