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Lovely hike along the creek. The parking lot is up the mountain after Helen Hunt Falls. Hike through the gate then follow that dirt road until you see a little brown 622 marker on the right. Take that for Seven Bridges. if you keep going up on the main dirt road you'll end up at St.Mary's Falls

trail running
5 days ago

Awesome trail! Hiked early Sunday morning, hardly any traffic at all. Recommend good hiking shoes, there was a section of the hike where it was muddy so be careful around the edge. Recommend a hat and sunscreen, hardly any shade. Amazing views throughout the hike.

Amazing trail. Perfect for Runners.

on Red Rocks Trail

6 days ago

I hiked Mule Creek on the other side of 67 and wanted some additional mileage. For Mule Creek, I had parked on the left immediately after crossing the cattle gate on 342 (there is a nice single track trail leading to Mule Creek from there). So, I only need to walk across 67 once I had returned from Mule Creek. I picked up the trail on the right side of the dirt road (where there is parking for maybe 3 cars) and followed that. I took a trail that headed uphill for a short bit to a ridge. Following that I had great views of the rock formations (beautiful!). I continued, staying on the trail rather than exploring the formations. Pass the power lines, there were some smaller rock formations. They had these sweet, comical rock "faces" that had me laughing. I then headed down to the bigger formations, finding a nice place to relax. It was cold today and not many people, but I was thinking it would be a great place to sit and relax for inspiration on a sunny, warm day. It's just so peaceful! I returned the same way I came -- but I will be back to explore more!

Nice trail. Contrary to previous post, bikers should be respectful of hikers, not the other way around. According to forest service rules, Bikes yield to both Hikers and and Horseback riders. This is especially important due to hills and blind curves where bikes could collide with hikers and Horseback riders with disastrous results for all.

I have a question, y'all. I've been day hiking intensely for a while, but my navigation skills aren't exactly stellar. I really want to see Jones Park and I've been looking for it for a while. Looking at my pocket guide map, I thought the best way to do that would be to catch 7 bridges and then turn west on 667 (at the junction of 622a and 667). Each time I've tried, I do something like this: reach the end of trail 622 (which starts as 7 bridges), continue through the impressive stand of aspen trees uphill and to the north (ie to the right if you're coming up the trail). I'm able to reach the place where 666 used to intersect 667 (before that section of 666 was closed for trout preservation). I then go west on 667. Yesterday I got pretty far on 667 before I had to call it a day because it was getting late. Does anyone have any advice for me? What I've seen is beautiful, but I've become very intent on finding the ~mysterious~ Jones park. Would I have better luck just taking 667 from High drive until I come to Jones Park? Any help is appreciated!

on Seven Bridges Trail

10 days ago

I really enjoyed this trail. it was beautiful and a great place to take friends from out of state who aren't too sure about doing a too intense hike. I'll be back!

12 days ago

Nice, mostly-shaded hike from the parking lot up and around Spruce Mountain. Good views of the southern Rampart Range from the top. Pikes Peak and Almagre Mountain are partially visible from spots on the trail, as is a distant Mount Evans. Trail is easy enough that it doesn't really feel like 600' of vertical gain.

Hiked this today and the view was fantastic. Still slippery in spots and the elevation gain was pretty good for it being a small hike.

Great hike, great facilities....only bummer is no dogs in this state park!

Great hike. 7$ fee to enter the park

I've written a blog post about this hike @ www.break-trail.com
If you'd like to read it, follow this link: https://goo.gl/MbqHs2

I've walked this trail twice, once in summer and once in the winter. Gorgeous both times.

Very light traffic. Recommends long sleeves and full pants. Sunrise is little relief. Good for morning workouts but definitely not a worthy hike

18 days ago

This was a beautiful hike we did with our two sons, ages 7 and 9. We loved walking along the creek the entire trail.

Since we weren't familiar with the area, there was some slight confusion about finding the trail. At the parking lot, you want to walk past the gated dirt road at the far end of the lot. There are two other roads--one that leads up and another that continues around the edge of the mountain--these are not the ones that you want to take. You'll walk about a half mile and the dirt road will turn off to the left. There's a "622" mile marker that might be tricky to see, but just past that you'll see a dark metal sign for North Cheyenne Cr. Trail. This means you're on the right track.

We hiked the trail a few days after it had snowed, so the trail was partially covered in snow, which didn't pose much of a problem until coming back down the trail. It was very slippery in parts, and we all ended up slipping and falling at one point, but no injuries. It ended up being one of the highlights of our trip.

18 days ago

The $7 park fee was definitely worth the price of admission!

I set out on my trek around 10 am and completed the 8 mile loop in just under 2 and 1/2 hours. There were only about 7 or 8 cars in the parking lot when I first began, but the lot was completely full upon my arrival back at the car (it's a small lot, so be sure to get there early).

It was a beautifully sunny day (70 degrees-plus) and I only saw two other hikers on my way up to the summit. There were incredible views of the red rocks on the uphill climb to Carpenter Peak, and I often turned back to gaze upon it's beauty and photograph the contrasting red and orange against the bright blue sky.

It was slightly windy at the top of Carpenter Peak, but I only stayed for a few minutes before continuing my journey to the Powerline Trail, which I followed until reaching the Elk Valley Loop to complete my circular trek. I didn't see a single hiker until I was back on the Carpenter Peak Trail, which added to the tranquility of my solo-hike.

There were many signs stating to be aware of rattlesnakes and mountain lions on the trail, but I saw no indication of dangerous wildlife on my journey. The trail was somewhat muddy/snowy in certain parts, but sturdy hiking boots were more than sufficient to complete the trek.

This is a beautiful spring hike through Roxborough that I will definitely be visiting again!

19 days ago

Trail was dry. Physically demanding but the vegetation and views left something to be desired. This might improve as flowers start to bloom. very light traffic. Recommend wearing long pants and sleeves. The brush is stiff and overgrown.

Great trail to take your friends or family who are visiting the area. Such a rare find! Love this place.

Nice hike, has lots of traffic

Very cool rock formations. Doesn’t really need a well- defined trail. Easy to find from two parking areas.

Keep going after the 7th bridge all the way to Jones park. It will be well worth it. Careful on the loose scree on parts of the trail.

Not many views, but a nice trip.

It's a really great open space park surrounded by neighborhoods, great for a casual hike if you live in the area and don't want to spend a lot of time getting somewhere.
Some trails are well marked, some are not, there are many "unofficial" trails crisscrossing everywhere, so it's easy to get off track. Very fun though, lots of cool rock formations and different trails to explore.

Little traveled hike starts off to the north side of Waterton Canyon under the pipes. Fairly steep, great views. As people have said there are many false summits. The true summit is clearly marked by a metal pole with cans on the top. If you don't see this...look for more trail! At the base of this pole is a jar with notepad to sign your name. Enjoy the trail!

27 days ago

Great Hike! Wife carried a toddler on her back and our 6 year old hike the whole thing. very steep on the way up and can be slippery on the way down. Bring lots of water and maybe a snack.

This park has tons of trails to do! So much fun and so much wildlife! All trails are labeled nicely and maps are posted throughout trails as well.

on Carpenter Peak Trail

27 days ago

Very nice hike. No ice on the trail today, but a lot of mud (Yaktrax not necessary). Just be aware that there will probably be ~30 minute wait to get into the park--they do one car out, one in. Still definitely recommend, but be sure to plan ahead.

27 days ago

Good trail for any level hiker! I’d definitely come back

27 days ago

It's OK.

28 days ago

great hike. pretty steep incline but def worth the effort. parking at the base might be an issue for some, so be prepared to walk to trailhead (through some residential driveway areas). very light patches of snow/ice. regular hiking shoes will get ya through just fine.

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