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Great trail with kids and dog. I would rate this closer to moderate than hard. Definitely do this counterclockwise like other reviewers have said! And definitely take the small detour down to the observation point. Much better views of the falls. Really nice starter trail for the family before trying longer ones. Just the perfect length.

2 days ago

Hiked this trail as part of a training session for an upcoming long distance backpacking hike. I walked the loop as depicted. About 6.8 miles if you believe my GPS. Definitely not Easy. I would rate it as moderate. Very few level stretches and about 90 percent up or down in the first 80 percent of the trail. Definitely need bug spray in mid August. Parallels a nice stream for about a mile or so in the second half. Lots of trees. Bet it would be very pretty in the Fall. Bring lots of water.

7 days ago

Lewis Falls trail is a loop and we did the full loop, but if you don’t think you are up for a steep climb then head to the falls by starting out to the left from Black Rock and then return the same way. It will keep this trail at a moderate level for you because the steeper elevation climb is on the other half of the trail. We did the whole loop at went up the steepest part (not down...last time I trust a tip from some guy in the parking lot). There wasn’t anything magnificent to see on that steep side so if you decide to double back to make the trail easier you won’t be missing anything exciting. When you are at Lewis Falls you will see hikers at the upper falls to your right, but do yourself a favor and go left. There is a trail marker near the water. Cross over and there is a very short trail that will take you down to an observation point for the lower falls. It’s worth the few minutes it takes to see a different view of the falls.

Hiked in late February. Nice trail wide enough for a car to drive on thru a marsh/wooded area. The great part of this trail is all the different kind of birds to see on the trail...osprey, hawks, vultures, bald eagles, cranes, ducks, etc. A half mile of the trail is following the shore of the Potomac River, which is so wide at this point it looks like a lake (only disappointing part to distract from the nice river view is the amount of trash that's washed on the shoreline). Overall, a peaceful, easy walk on a temperate, late winter day...

I don't know if there's been a recent rockslide since the people who claimed this was only a "moderate" trail, but there were parts that didn't even look like a trail anymore when we went today. We also went counter clockwise and glad for that choice as the worst parts were definitely on the northern tract. Good cardio workout on the climb back up, wouldn't push it if you're not in somewhat good shape

23 days ago

Hiked Lewis Falls counterclockwise yesterday! Weather was amazing and the recent rains made the stream higher. The view of the falls was not that great but getting there and hiking back was a lot of fun.

Hiked last weekend 7/21/18 and it was a good hike! We did it counter clock wise and I’m glad we didn’t have to go up the rocky trail. Lots of rocky paths, make sure to wear good shoes. We went and it was a little foggy at the beginning. It’s really a beautiful hike though!

Did this hike a few weeks ago in May during a heat wave. The trail was mostly shaded so it wasn’t horrible in the heat and humidity. This is a pretty steep trail but not horribly long. The view point is a little off the beaten path and was a little obstructed by trees but gorgeous nonetheless.

1 month ago

I came here to walk my dog and was pleasantly surprised how far away from the outside world you feel with being in the middle of the bustling Woodbridge area. In late January, there were still some leaves on the trees and the temperature was low 50s that day, so it felt like a beautiful autumn hike. I've gone three times since and there haven't been more than a couple people on the trail each time. Hidden gem of a hike!

1 month ago

Hiked 7/8/18, perfect weather, 65 degrees at the start. Only saw 4 groups on the way in. I also recommend hiking this loop counterclockwise. The AT portion is smooth and very nice. The Lewis Spring Trail is very rocky. The trail was mostly dry. Apparently not a popular spot, I’m guessing because there is no real place to get in the water .

Definitely more moderate than difficult, but beautiful trail with a waterfall about 1/2 way thru.
First trail at Shenandoah, excited to explore more in the future.

Terrible ticks & flies in the summer, not much shade, and awful amount of debris on trail near the shoreline. This may be better in the cooler months, or for birders, but not for me!

Beautiful hike, lots of rock-hopping. Wear shoes with good ankle support! I slipped and busted my knee and ankle on a loose rock.

We did this hike on a hot Monday morning in early July. We did the loop in the counterclockwise direction. The downhill portion is pretty steep and rocky. It goes through the woods. In the winter I would imagine you could get some decent views, but in the summer with the leaf coverage it was hard to see much.

At the bottom is the waterfall. Nice waterfall with a nice viewing area. It is good for looking at, not good if you are looking for a swimming hole.

The hike back up via the AT isn't too bad. It is all uphill but not too steep.

I would rank it as moderate and not hard. It took us 2 hours round trip which included about 20 minutes of viewing the falls.

2 months ago

Lots of cover in the summer. Great pond for spotting turtles, birds and fish. Nice little nature center.

I did this in late May as the closing end of a 15 mile backpacking day. It was beautiful and fun on the downhill but, gosh, that uphill kicked my butt! Of course, I was dog tired by the time I reached this trail. It would have been fine were I fresher at the time. Saw a bear.

2 months ago

This was a great 2 hour hike. I will say that it is moderate ...not really "difficult". There were some slippery spots but pretty easy going otherwise.

A great hike through a beautifully wooded area that is also rich in history. Highly recommend!

Rocks can get slippery, lots of underground springs that could keep parts of the trail wet. Beautiful views at lookout at the falls. You have to cross the river on rocks to get to the little stone overlook. This part was the hardest with dogs.

Great hike! Not as many overlooks as some trails in the valley, and I would consider it a moderate hike compared to some of the others as well.

Took us 1 & a half hours. It was moderately difficult. There were some steeper rocky areas and if no matter which way you go on it you will be going up a fairly steep climb at some point but if you are used to hiking it’s nothing bad. I saw a lot of people say it took them 3+ hours so I guess it depends on your pace.

Very easy and level hike with 100% on unpaved roads. I modified the route slightly. From the parking area I took Fox Rd to Deephole Rd to Charlie Rd back to parking. Lots of wildlife. Great long walk along shore of bay.

9 months ago

Ok trail. Almost all through woods with about .75 miles on paved roads. Good scenery. Moderate up and downs. Is actually composed of the joining of several other trails. Worth the effort.

Awesome view at the waterfall.

Started the trail at big meadows parking lot by the amphitheater. We started on the downward slope and ended with the uphill portion. Very rocky trail. A moderate level trail. Had some good views. Waterfall isn't the greatest but still nice to see. When you get to the waterfall sitting area there's another little path that takes you to a dead end and you can see the waterfall much better than the higher overlook spot. We stopped and looked at black mountain overlook and and definitely worth the 0.1 detour! Saw a black bear along the trail! Took us about 2.5 to 3 hours to finish the loop.

Rating a three just because all of the loose rocks make it so difficult to keep a steady pace! Plenty of beautiful views though, otherwise! Hiked afternoon, Friday 9.15.17 and the place was practically a ghost town which was awesome!!!

11 months ago

Nice easy well marked trail.

Great hike, but as far as waterfalls go, a little under whelming.

11 months ago

After attempting a truly hard hike in the White Mountains, i would say this trail is more on the moderate side -- it's got some steep parts to it and coming from Florida where it's mostly flat, it took a while for us to do, but it is still very doable.

Also, the deer in Shenandoah are not shy of people at all. Makes for some great photo opportunities!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

I did the loop in reverse and it was far a better hike! the backend of the loop has the most rocks and the deepest pitches so it was much easier to start with that first. Mostly wooded just before the waterfall then it opens up to a spectacular view!

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