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I would highly recommend this trail, loved it. Amazing views from summit. It is a bit of a slog thru lodgepole pines initially and I started to wonder how it would be but after about 20 min. it opens up to lovely views. I would recommend taking trail on right to summit, past gate. It is a bit of a climb but wait till you see the views, what a reward. I had a hard time leaving the summit. So beautiful!

on Lake Haiyaha

13 hours ago

Lovely hike. Lake is beautiful.
Be patient if it is busy- the number of people lessens after a mile.

15 hours ago

The first half mile or so is steep, but evens out a bit once you start the switchbacks. We didn’t cross to the spine (this time), but there are three pillboxes right before so we were good. Amazing views and scenery! Not a lot of shade, so if you need to, take a break where there is. Bring water. Lots of water.

Just one dollar by feet to access on the diamond head viewpoints. A lot of people but it’s very beautiful view after 20 minutes of hiking

Pay 1$ and full of tourists

One of my favorites. This trail is increasingly popular so getting an early start is key if you’re interested in a quieter experience. Catching the sunset from the upper basin is incredible and completely worth it — be bear aware if you are going up ahead of the crowds, and definitely push for Island Lake if you’ve got the time!

You won’t hold the consistent (and, at times a bit brutal, haha) elevation gain against this trail when you see the payoff at the end. The lakes are unbelievably beautiful and the views are insane.

Go early on a weekday to avoid crowds and be sure to do the Lake Hiyaha trail if you don’t mind an extra few miles! (Its worth it). Fairly easy trail with amazing views throughout.

beautiful trail, and an easy hike for all skill levels.

trail running
1 day ago

I should title this 'Pay Attention to Your GPS'.

1 day ago

The trail was well marked most of the way, there’s a bathroom about halfway to gem lake. Great scenery and wildlife on the hike up. Gem lake is more like a small lake/pond, the mountains reflected in the water and we thought it was pretty up there. Lots of brave chipmunks coming right up to you once at gem lake too! We thought it was a good hike with nice views on the way up. I would recommend hiking shoes/boots for this trail.

Beautiful! Pretty easy hike with some incredible views.

Breathtaking views but stairs are difficult for non hikers

Amazing place for sunrise pics. People normally start getting there about 15 mins prior to sunrise so I recommend getting there earlier for better parking, so the trail isn’t so crowded and for a good seat

Loved it. Had to take the shuttle to the trailhead due to crowds. Definitely had some people on the trail but it didn’t impede the hike. Emerald Lake felt good on tired feet!


My wife and I arrived about 2:20 pm and found parking that Sunday at the trail head (9/16/18). It was a little packed on the trail, but as the hike continued the crowds thinned out. I think dream lake would be a better place to sit and have lunch rather than at nymph lake or emerald lake. Nymph lake had a lot of people while emerald lake didn’t have much room. This is a great fast hike with a very well built trail.

Gorgeous trail once you get past Nymph Lake.

een prachtige wandeling. geweldige vergezichten. wel veel klimmen maar het is het zeker waard.

If you hate the stairclimber, you’ll hate this. Really awesome views at the top. Don’t go if you’re afraid of heights. You’ll be out of breath by the time you get to the top. If you’re looking for a unique trail up a railroad track, this is for you.

I questioned my hiking experience and abilities about 1/4 remaining to the top. I ended up bear crawling the rest of the way vertically up. No shame. I completed it and the views were a wonderful.

It’s good to see, but it’s overly crowded and difficult to get a good pace going when your in a “Congo line” going up the whole trail. It’s also hard to get a picture without getting some randos in it

Sketchy if you choose to go over the railroad ties, but overall a hell of a workout

Pretty disappointing to be honest. Sure it has nice views at the end, but these views can be found at most summit or ridge trails on Oahu. This was most certainly more of a trail or nature walk vs a hike. Not hard at all, just hot and exposed. We arrived at about 8am and there were already droves of people walking up and down. There was a wait for any view as people were taking turns with pictures. I would recommend taking the steep set of stairs immediately to the right after you exit the first tunnel. It's not much of an effort and gets you straight to the first observation deck which isn't as busy and has almost just as nice views as the very top one immediately above you. Nice for families or just people who was a quick walk to a view and don't mind TONS of people. For any hiker or someone who wants a bit of solitude, this is not for you.

3 days ago

A great little workout whilst on holidays, start early to avoid the heat and take your time to enjoy the view from the top. Around 30 - 40 minutes each way

3 days ago

Although this is definitely a crowded hike, the magnificent views around every turn made it worth it! All three lakes were beautiful. We made it to the Park & Ride area (on a Tuesday) about 10am and luckily found one of the last parking spots.

I do see everyone saying this is an easy hike. It is easy in that it has a well maintained path and is easy to follow. However, it is mostly stairs and uphill! So if you have bad knees or are out of shape, keep that in mind. This is not a “stroll along a path” type of easy. If you are a flat lander or from sea level, be mindful that stairs plus elevation will tire you out quickly. We saw all ages and shapes and sizes of people taking this hike and a lot were struggling. Take rests on the way up - no harm in resting and taking in the views! I recommend plenty of water and hiking shoes. Leave the flips flops at home and be prepared for high winds at Emerald Lake.

Great morning hike. If you get the before 530am during the week, you will mostly hike up alone but expect to pass about 100 people on your way down.
The hike is straight up old rail rd ties. Lots of them are no longer evenly spaced or completely intact and they can get slippery if wet or morning dew.
This is my go to morning hike before work. Great views at the top and you definitely feel like you accomplished something when you get up there.
There is a small bridge section, if you are afraid of the gap, there is a well used bypass around.

Once you get to the top of the rail rd ties, you are not at the top yet. Keep going up to the right. Follow the trail until you see a large metal platform. That’s the top. Don’t miss it like some.

Very easy walk but uphill the whole way. Gorgeous views the entire time! Paved and perfect for families (lots of pregnant ladies walking it :) ). Definitely worth a visit!

Nice short hike with some great views at the end. Recommend walking in and paying the $1. Can be pretty warm in areas where the breeze is blocked, so make sure you have water with. I must have hit it at a light time, I really didnt have to deal with that many people on the way up or at the top.

on Emerald Lake Trail

4 days ago

Gorgeous trail! The leaves are changing! Beautiful views along the way, it was very peaceful. Went today with my husband. I think it helped (as far as foot traffic) to be here on a weekday and also that we started a little after 5 pm—we only saw a handful of people. It was an awesome early evening hike for our first day here at RNMP!

We had a great time on this relatively easy trek. Trail mix fell into the Lake but we were able to retrieve it, and stayed dry in the smoothie container. But soooo many people in rmnp we will look for other places or maybe go once the weather detours most

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