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1 day ago

Amazing. A must see!

Hiked this with my husband pushing our bob stroller and my 7 month old baby strapped to me in the Ergo. Difficult but amazing. We loved every minute. The views are outstanding!

Probably one of my all time favourite hikes. It’s a mix of hard up hill, hard downhill and everything in between. The beauty of the area on a sunny day, is magnanimous.the hike itself is hard, with slightly sketchy moments, but nothing to fear. Just put your head down and keep going.

It was my first time in years sense I’ve been there. It was even more beautiful than I remember. It was my three dogs and myself that went. Found some pretty cool areas just around the falls as well. :)

Nice easy trail but with some hills. We encountered a little snow and some mud but the views are very nice.

This hike was absolutely amazing. Views were breathtaking. Hike was definitely moderate, pretty steep at times. Lots of cliffs. Even a small cave. Bit of snow on the ground still. Definitely wear hiking boots, very muddy. Couldn’t ask for a better hike so close to town, felt like I was in a different world.

nice, easy hike in. no snow but a few spots of minor mud but ends with breathtaking view of the falls.

this is a great hike. go to the right for shorter steeper or the left for longer and mellow. both ways are beautiful.

Great hike with beautiful views. Trailhead was a bit hard to find, but maps led me to it (there just wasn’t any indication for a trail). End of the trail is on a dirt road which I wasn’t expecting so I kept going past the “ending” only to find out I had finished it a while ago. Not much parking, which was fine because there was only me. Pretty muddy as well

weather was perfect, 55 and party cloudy. did the hard section first (would recommend) then got to relax with a nice, easy walk at the end.

16 days ago

Had to cut trees on road and hike 1.4 miles to trail head. The hike was amazing. The Trillium was in full bloom. Falls were amazing. An incredible date hike!

19 days ago

Excellent views!!

nature trips
19 days ago

The pool! Can climb down with rope. Stairs super well maintained. About 100 steps up and the same down. Clean, bathroom setting at trailhead. Went in March, no snow, not cold: just perfect weather. Tons of water.

Awesome route that takes you through all the best Smith has to offer!

Great trail, easy to find. Still a little slick in a couple of spots, and the snow is pretty much gone. I went beyond the trail to the road and hiked the toad for a bit just to make the hike a little longer. But really awesome views

Great trail for all ages. A bit muddy this time of year. If anyone finds a pair of boots up there, my daughter left them along the outside of the van and I took off not knowing, shoot me a message. marchavarin@hotmail.com

It didn’t take long to find a view on this trail. After parking along the road, it only took about 10 minutes to hike through a wooded path. The trail opened up into rocky, rolling hills with a couple great photo opportunities. The trailhead is a bit difficult to find, but it’s worth it.

Was a little bit of a tough find off the road, but once you get to it it’s not too bad to stay on track. The snow up there makes it a bit slippery in spots, but if you come prepared, the views are absolutely spectacular! My pup & I will definitely be back!

Great hike. And views from the top are absolutely worth it. Looking forward to doing it again when I’m back in Oregon!

30 days ago

Absolutely love this hike. Have hiked it 3 times so far, plan on going more.

This was my first really big hike. I got the permit in February and climbed in July. Couldn't have done it without poles and ankle boots (for the support). I didn't need crampons or anything at this point, but I did glissade down some snow chutes and could have used an ice pick. I used my retracted hiking poles. Be very careful if you glissade - there are some chutes that lead to nowhere or off of a cliff. Definitely wear long sleeve, light weight hiking shirts/pants. I wore a tank and a light sports hoody which I took off. My shoulders burned like crazy even with a ton of sunscreen. The snow, ash, and high altitude are the perfect recipe for a burn. Part 1 was a normal, medium-level hike. Part 2 was a rock scramble that lasted quite a long time. Bring gloves for this. Part 3 was the transition from a rock scramble to volcano ash, and Part 4 was all volcano ash. You actually fall two steps back for every step you take forward. It's like climbing a sand dune but less stable! But when you get to the top, the view is so incredible and there's enough flat land to stop for a snack or meal. Take in the beautiful peaks of other prominent mountains/volcanoes in the distance and marvel at how close the planes and helicopters are flying to you!

Really amazing hike, had so much fun! Amazing views and a great workout. The first stretch was the hardest but after the first mile or two it still gained quite a bit in elevation but was pretty easy. The whole loop took about 3 hours with breaks to watch the rock climbers, loved it!

This trail is not easy for sure, there were parts that were very muddy and nearly washed out. Careful where you step else you could slide down the mountain. Totally worth the risk however, the further you go the better the views. Still snow on the ground in March, one of the most beautiful hikes I've encountered yet. Another downfall would be the sound of gun fire from below, but if you can block out the noise this can be a relatively peaceful hike.

I am 50 years old had a heart attack in June of 2017. And we made it up and thru the whole trail. Don’t kid yourself, it’s difficult but beautiful. It was awsome

Beautiful views and great workout!

Do it!

Awesome views!
For being so far west, the large meadow system atop horse rock ridge offers stunning views of high cascade peaks that will surprise most visitors.

This hike was AMAZING! Honestly, one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever been on. You start in wooded beauty then break out into a mountainside meadow. The views were breathtaking. The low traffic made for a perfect, relaxing Saturday afternoon with the pups. Easy trail for dogs. My pups enjoyed the freedom of low traffic and being able to explore off leash. Through the duration of the hike, I only saw one other couple on the trail. It was perfect serenity.

AMAZING views!! We did this hike 2/15/18 and There was snow! It was slippery at parts, and steep but well worth it. Once you get to the research building go down the road to see another amazing view. That’s was as far as we went but I’m sure you could follow that road for more adventures.

great hike, AMAZING views!! not too difficult, just a few steep areas. highly recommended!

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