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14 hours ago

Absolutely beautiful. Did an overnight hike - went south on the PCT and camped at Eileen Lake. First day on the Obsidian Trail featured bright blue skies and gorgeous sun. The next day was classic NW fog, mist, and moody skies. It was like an entirely different trail. Both days were stunning. Pretty easy hike - no major climbs! Spooky burn areas - very surreal!

Definitely need a high clearance vehicle for the upper trailhead. If you can make it past the first half mile you’ll be fine. All the elk are still at the top but they look like rocks from a distance until you get close. Awesome hike.

Hiked mid-September. Awesome HIKE, spectacular views of the mountains. No bugs this time. You do gain some elevation, but the views are well worth it. VERY popular hike, so don't expect to have the trail to yourself, even Mid-week. There were 20+ cars at the trailhead when we arrived at 10am. Remember to fill out a free hiking pass at the trailhead; turn in part of it & keep part of it on you when doing this hike. Enjoy!

very local nice short hike. It was smoky the day we went, and is like to go in spring for flowers

3 days ago

Beautiful but not as long as I would have liked.

Absolutely breathtaking hike with a HUGE payoff.
Unfortunately I lost a wedding band somewhere on the hike between the lake and the parking lot on September 11th. It would have been in a red silk zipper bag. Please please please let there be a good person in the world!

I’ve hiked to the falls 3 times now, never been disappointed. Go in early September for less snow, more wildlife/LESS MOSQUITOS!

Great hike. There are certain steep bits but overall it isn’t too bad. The end of the hike marked on the map is nice, but if you want great views continue along the unmaintained trail along the ridge. There’s spectacular views of broken top and no name lake at broken foot an additional 1.5-2 miles further.

If you stay to the right and follow the white dots, drawn arrows and pink trail markers when you get into the ridge line, the trail is somewhat easy to stay on. It is super easy to take a wrong turn and end up off trail, so pay attention! Amazing views at the peak! If you don’t like climbing rocks/boulders and scrambling straight up, this trail is not for you!

Also: there is a $5 mandatory parking fee! Wish I would have known this ahead of time!

Great hike. Awesome views.

Hiked in early September. I lost the trail about a thousand times on the way up, but made it anyway just by climbing over boulders and trudging up the sandy mountainside in the general direction of the summit. It’s cold and windy at the top. Wear gloves. Total time just under 5 hours.

Road from Crecent Lake to Summit Lake trailhead REQUIRES high clearance 4WD vehicle.

I take issue with the AllTrails description saying that it is near the Klamath River, it is not. The closest river would be the Deschutes.

If you leave from the Broken Top TH (not Todd Lake) you’ll want a high clearance vehicle that you don’t mind beating up.

That said, Broken Top, the Bend Glacier and the amazing lake is by far the most rewarding hike in Central Oregon.

9 days ago

long hike be prepared to be challenged and see amazing views i did no5 summit due to not enough water and hiking the day before to panaroama

we loves this hike and constantly said wow for all the views.

This hike kicked my butt in the hot weather. Was worth it though! The drive is a little rough.

Hard to find trailhead. Were the only ones on the trail. Views from the top are worth it!

there are so many amazing views and photo opportunity on this trail. Be prepared for a climb, but this is a well marked and we'll worth it hike. Just breath taking.

Hiked this trail on a weekend with some friends. It is much busier than a weekday, so try your best to get to the trailhead before 8:30 AM. Also, if you can, try to hike it on a clear day. There's so much more to see.

kicked my butt on a hardtail but awesome!

Very hard hike but incredible views. Lots of slick gravel areas and rocks to climb over, but worth the effort.

16 days ago

Challenging, but awesome hike! I hiked it once last year and then again on July 13th of this year in one very long day. I don't recommend rushing this hike. It's so beautiful at the top. Take your time and soak it all in. I am planning on hiking it again by myself this coming Thursday (Sept. 13th) if anyone would like to join me.

17 days ago

Great trail
It was a smoky day
Can’t wait to go back on a clear days
Lots of scenic mtn views

Spectacular views!
Great work out
Hard to find, but worth it

Killer hike but the view is a priceless payoff!

Great hike as always! Definitely don’t recommend letting dogs drink from the stream that comes down from the no name lake, as there’s one of the dead elk right at the top; which you can smell hiking up the stream.

20 days ago

Beautiful waterfall

Amazing trail with eye pleasing views.

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