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Last fall on a beautiful day. it was a great day out with the teenagers and great opportunity for pictures. Close to home we will definately be back.

need a solid community clean or put some of those fee towards maintaince of the trail. Did the hike last weekend and was utterly surprised by the amount of junk in the bush

16 days ago

Nice walk, still a bit muddy.

Nice woodland trail with a river running through it. Great photo opportunities from a pedestrian bridge.

Great trail but please hikers...pick up after your dogs!

1 month ago

The parking lot was not plowed so we parked on the road (it was not a big deal since it was a quite area). The trail was short, 2km, so we did it twice. We really enjoyed it and I would go back to explore it again and other trails nearby. Some locals we talked to said there were longer trails just east of this location.

2 months ago

HIKERS BE WARE!!! Especially hikers with dogs off leash!!!!

I was on the trail this afternoon around 1-1:30pm and there was a pack of 5 coyotes active and on the move. Like so active and close to people ... very scary!!!

even though this trail is listed as easy, there are quit a bit of stairs and hills. When wet, trail can be muddy and slippery.

Great trail for single file walking not great if you have a few dogs

5 months ago

Pretty high traffic trail, but it is well maintained.

6 months ago

Nice and easy with good views from the top of the ski hill

here is a link to a better map and wonderful description of Kilally Meadows


trail running
7 months ago

This is by far the best long trail in the area. Wide variety of different terrain. It doesn’t have much elevation but enough to stay interesting!

7 months ago

Trail is great, some very nice views. We found we had to do some bushwhacking but will be back to explore again.
That said, Parking fee is ridiculous. Healthy, family friend outdoor activities should not be discouraged with overpriced parking fees.

Did the the trail a few weekends ago with a buddy.Really liked it started at 6:30am done around 11:30am.

7 months ago


awesome day out with kids

on Meadowlily Trail

7 months ago

The trail was good, but the new development on the southern edge has ripped apart the trail there, which made trying to traverse the trail next to impossible.

hi there do you allow horse back riding on these trails???

on Komoka White Trail

8 months ago

Great trial to hike with our kids and dog!

Great trails with a very nice creek for the dogs.

8 months ago

It was great!

This is my favourite local trail! Great for dogs and kids. Went yesterday and didn't see any signage regarding the trail being closed due to poison Ivey but there's a lot of it in there. ALOT! But if you stay to the path you'll be fine.

I went and the trail said it was closed due to poison ivy. Just used the smaller easier trail across the bridge.. looped around a few times.

Currently CLOSED due to Poison Ivy
Attempted to use trail today but entrance is blocked

8 months ago

Yes a nice hike around a man made reservoir . This is one of the free hikes from Kettle Creek Conservation . Many spots you need a permit to hike into . It would have been nice if the north section was open . I found out later they didn't have enough money to keep the trail clear . It's not in the budget until autumn 2017 . When reopened you can make your way up to the Dan Patterson place . I guess we will be back in the fall of 2017 , see you there !!

8 months ago

So I'm standing at the gate house to pay my $7:00 fee to hike the other side of the reservoir . Girl says $13:00 and I say no I'm paying for a pedestrian pass . She says is that your car over there ? I said no that is my ride I'm being dropped off at the Thorndale end so I can face the oncoming bike traffic . She says it"s still $13:00 to park up there . Wow do I need to call ahead to talk to someone intelligent . So I finally get my pedestrian pass just to find out later the other three people I run into hiking hadn't paid anything and never do ?? They were walking the wrong direction too and I almost got run over hiking the right direction ?? So my $7:00 is supposed to used on trail maintenance . I saw a garbage can that looks like it has hasn't been emptied in years , signs I couldn't read because they were weathered so badly and unfriendly people along the road sections . The speeding bikes is a whole different matter . If you don't walk facing this traffic you are going to get hit !! I have done both side now and there are some nice views but I will never go back . There are many many better trails in Ontario that cost nothing . Save your $7:00 or $13:00 and go to another trail ! Good luck on this one !!

8 months ago

Really nice hike. Shameful is the Gideon street parking. $5.25 for 2 hours. WTF. Should have been a $5 flat rate so it could have been enjoyed without the rush.

Great spot for a hike. Parking cost suck. $5.25 for 2 hours is ridiculous.

9 months ago

A bit over grown later in the summer, better as an early spring hike. Still great either way if you don't mind bush whacking.

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