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Absolutely beautiful!!! The hike out was definitely difficult but well worth it!! Took my 9 year old son, and we hike at least 2x/month, and he said this was his favorite hike so far. I would not recommend this hike for beginners.

I did Big Red loop and had a great time! A little more elevation but nothing overly difficult. Brought my dog and had a great time!

We went after a good bit of rain, so the creek crossing (you step on rocks to cross, right before the waterfalls) was close to impossible without getting water in your boots. It was absolutely worth it to have wet shoes, because the water features were awesome. So carry extra socks. Also, due the the uphill climb on the return trip, allow much more time to return.

Nice moderate hike. Some climbing, but not strenuous. Many wildflowers, especially in the sections closest to the creek. Quite lovely. My friend and I hiked the loop counterclockwise. Numerous creek crossings! But easy rock hopping, as the water wasn't high. After a big rain, that might be another story. Nearing the end of the loop, the trail dumps you at a 3-way fork (another service road). At this point the trail is not clearly visible, and it took us a bit to realize the trail continued through the intersection on the left. Note: the 2-3 miles you need to drive on Service Road 219 to the trail head is rough, but doable in a truck or SUV.

Loved the trail, it is difficult towards the end. Well worth it!

This trail was beautiful and the falls are wonderful! Fairly easy trail, but follow the turn backs to the falls because if you follow the trail straight thru, it'll dead end into private property.

on River Loop Trail

12 days ago

This was a fun hike with my Wife as I celebrated my 61st Birthday today with her in Gods Country. 4-8-2018

I find it interesting that I only came across one other reviewer who mentions this. Land use passes are required and cannot be purchased onsite. Paying to park in a state park is reasonable but there are too many free trails close by to bother with this one and the cost associated.

We stated this section with car camping at Woody. Nice views!

One of my favorites. Beautiful river.

Great time of year to see the forest. We took the loop to the right at the fork and would recommend it this way. There is a nice lunch spot when you cross Flatt creek.

A nice, quiet hike with awesome spots to view the river. Not much scenery outside of the river, but once you get to the river, it’s worth it. Prepare to get a pretty good work out.

Fun trail but as the reviews before me said, it is a valley so the hard part is in the second half of the hike. I think it's a pretty good trail for a range of hikers - if you're an avid hiker it's not a challenge but it's still nice and if you're newish it'll be difficult but manageable. There are definitely prettier waterfalls in this part of the country that take less effort to get to but if you want to get some exercise in it's worth checking out.

The trail is pretty easy to follow and completely empty when I went. I started from the Alabama side though so I'm not sure how it is from the Tennessee side. You hike down through some woods, across a creek, past a small cemetery, and end up in a natural amphitheater. The trail just sorta ends and you can explore the area. I sorta wish I had brought some sandals when I got to the end b/c most of the rocks were submerged so I ended up getting my feet and shoes wet trying to get closer to the waterfall (and hiking in wet shoes is never fun). Do be careful while exploring the area though. I slipped and fell on the wet rocks and got bruised pretty bad.

23 days ago

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy this hike. You can see through the forest of naked trees and soak in the true contour of the mountain ravines, ridges and rises. We took the lollipop loop to the right and would recommend that direction. There are quite a few creek and stream crossings that make lovely spots for lunch or just to sit, reflect and inhale. After the hike we kept driving down towards the Toccoa River and enjoyed a refreshing brew and apps at Toccoa Riverside. A day well lived.

Beautiful. Completely worth the time and effort!

My garmin tracked this at 4.8 in and 4.8 out. Not sure where AllTrails get 6.6 in/out. Not accurate. It’s well over 8+ Miles. Also, If you are a avid hiker, I would disagree with the rating of Hard. Out is up, but if you are in pretty good shape this is not a hard day hike. Beautiful!

26 days ago

Nice hike to river. Went counter clockwise . Beginning of trail could be marked a little better.

wonderful well marked trails. i use it for hiking/running but bikers love it too. southern university does a fantastic job of keeping these trails clear of debris.

26 days ago

I hiked all the trails on Saturday in Cloudland with the exception of Bear Creek Backcountry Trail because it was closed. If you are looking to have a good 15 mile day this would be a good park to hike. All the trails are well maintained and easy trekking. The most strenuous place in these trails are the stairs that exist to access/exit Sitton’s Gulch Trail - about 600 or so. This was my first time at this park, and I was blown away at the beauty of the canyon and the falls. Aside from the stairs these trails are not hard, but offer a good day of beauty and exercise. I would suggest the following “loop”: Park at the Trenton trailhead for Sitton’s Gulch Trail and begin hiking. This trail is 2 miles one way; make your way up the stairs (congratulations you just made it through the most strenuous part of the whole day). Keep going up to Overlook Trail which is up and beyond the Waterfall trails which I would save for last just because who eats dessert prior to the meal? Hike the Overlook Trail all the way back and up to the Two Mile Backcountry Loop. When you get to the actual loop which is about 2 miles or so after you reach the start of Overlook Trail, then, I suggest taking the left road and loop back around to save best for last; after loop make your way back through Overlook Trail and down to hike West Rim Loop which is 6 miles - take the left road for woods and the loop will bring you back around for canyon views and much needed breeze to cool you down. Head back down and see Cherokee and Hemlock Falls and make your way back out to the trailhead at Sitton’s Gulch. Wonderful day!

One of my favorite hikes in this area- beautiful with inclines. A bit odd entry, though, as the parking area doesn’t give clear sign of entrance. Walk down the gravel path to first fork. Go left. Walk to the second fork and go right. BUT take left at the next fork. Look for the blue blazes. If you don’t see them, your headed in the wrong direction.

1 month ago

A nice morning hike for the first day of spring!!! A couple other hikers are out this morning as well. Squirrels and chipmunks are all along the trail. In and out by noon. Great trail for a quick day hike!!

1 month ago

I found this trail to be easy going down and hiking along the paths at the bottoms of the canyon. Coming up provided a first class workout as you climb up 600 stairs. But the beautiful views, the scenic river, the gorgeous waterfalls made it all worthwhile. The sights and sounds were amazing and beyond what I was hoping to find there. Loved it and will be taking friends back to visit this trail again.

1 month ago

This was an extremely challenging trail, but it doesn’t get challenging until close to the actual falls and of course the OUT and UP part.

We dropped a car at the Tennessee side and drove back to Alabama side and started there so that we could through hike. I think the through hike was the best idea because we got to see different things which kept it rewarding rather than an out and back situation.

It’s worth it but if it’s rainy it is quite slippery and a little scary. Trekking poles or walking sticks are essential in this sort of situation and would help even if it’s dry when you go.

A beautiful place! Easy hike in strenuous hike out.

1 month ago

Nice trail. Well marked. Beautiful stream that meanders along portions of the trail.

Great Hike! But would not give it a "hard" difficulty.

Great Hike! From the TN side, the trail is around 4 miles to the "Walls Of Jericho" section. The AL and TN trails meet at the Walls and it's around 1 mile or so from the Walls of Jericho sign to the actual falls. As others have mentioned, it's a steep climb on the way out!

Amazing and beautiful hike with fun climbs..The distance is greater than 8mi total from the TN trailhead out and back ...and also other loop trails I noticed in the area. Hope to go back!!

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. Great hike yet slippery. According to my GPS and the sign at the parking area, this is a 8.3 mile out and back hike so not sure where the 6 miles on this app came from but it’s longer than 6 on the Alabama trail head side. Either way it’s well worth it.

Hiked the Walls this Past Saturday and loved it! It was beautiful. Very well worth it!!

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