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Nice scenic loop. I went during high tide which made it a little wet in a few spots. Definitely nice in the off season, plenty of parking and not many people.

17 days ago

Much shorter than the 4.5 miles listed. More like 3 miles if you do the HH loop too.

A little bit of everything!

Great place to walk the dogs

Urban hike in a park. The trail is very well marked. There is no way you’ll get lost. There are sections that are absolutely lovely. Some sections go past houses, and other sections force you onto the road. Then there are the sections where it looks like people go to party. Alcohol containers, take out food containers, broken glass, drug paraphernalia, and condom wrappers everywhere. If those sections were better maintained this would be a gem in a city setting.

Nice paved walking path along the Narraganset Bay. Great views at sunrise or sunset, easy walk in and out.

beautiful view of the bay some small hills highly recommend the walking path

3 months ago

Beautiful trail but my hiking app says it is only 3 miles so a little shorter than anticipated.

I hiked this trail for the 100000000 time today. It never gets old. One thing for sure. Its best when its been dry for a long time. There are allot of small streams that run along the trails, and the trails stay wet for a while. Its just one of those trails that stay wet for a while. Still really nice.

nice trail system in the early stages of development still. convenient trail maps along the way and bridges to cross over mud/water. seen deer, owls and other wildlife.

I walk this trail often. It is well marked and very clean. Map stations are also along the trails. Lots to see. Wear safety colors.

I walk this trail allot and love it. if you dont want to walk on the pebble beach, before you get to the wTer where the benches are, look to your left. there is a small trail that winds through the woods. At the end go rt, and you will be heading to the point. Might see some seals there.

4 months ago

I walked the Tillinghast pond loop. There was a fresh layer of snow on the ground which made for a beautiful hike! The trails are very easily marked.

4 months ago

This trail has a few blown down trees in the way. It also has been flooded in one spot and a little difficult to get around and pick the trail up again especially if you're not in decent physical shape.

Here's what is good about the trail: it is mostly well kept, quiet, we didn't run across a single other person on the trail, and you won't likely see loose dogs running around.

We use the log road trail to vomplete the loop in stead of using the road. However I would not use that trail again becsuse it isn't well kept and chances of tivks are good.

Beautiful day and a well kept trail. We ventured out with the kids, including a 3 year old, and we all enjoyed the hike. There was some mud, and some hunters, but watching the birds at the beach, passing the falls, and searching for the sheep pen made for a fantastic morning. The trail was a bit busy on the way back, but if you go early, it’s a quiet hike.

Nice walk minus the horseback riders. They didn’t appreciate me walking a dog in their general vicinity.

5 months ago

ventured off the main path to the trail on the side which is really nice. Easy walk to beach.

Really nice walk

Easy walking trail just follow the signs I have done up to 5 miles there

Flat. Beautiful views. Great for running.

Lots of horse manure on the trails in the woods. Nice park for a walk ok the pavement though I want more native.

I prefer a hike so I rated it 3. It's a nice place for a walk and very crowded. I don't think it's a moderate walk. Very easy and some benches throughout the walk.

Saw some moonjellies, snails and jellyfish on the beach. Great walk, not nearly as many people as the summer - made for a great day!

6 months ago

Nice loop with wood and field scapes. Narrow paths with little impact on the surrounding area. Decently marked trails and maps! Unfortunately, due to a damn, there is a part of the trail that has been partially submerged near the brook. Overall, some very beautiful parts and decent inclines.

Wonderful walk with the dog.

7 months ago

Nice walk in the woods. Several trail runners, horses and one mountain bike track observed in the dirt. Can be quite muddy in small areas. Can pop off to the beach and enjoy the scenery just off the trail.

7 months ago

Very easy trail, pleasant for a nice walk through nature.

7 months ago

nice trails. some of the trail is a little over grown but you can get by. old historical cemetery located on the white trail.

7 months ago

A leisurely stroll down memory lane : )

Always a nice walk in Eisenhower Park... trails galore... Memorial Plaza is beautiful.

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