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10 hours ago

Easy to access but there is no formal trailhead so parking is just off the side of the road. The trail is well laid out and offers links to other trails. Beautiful little lake. I was glad to have the fully paid app as I wandered onto another trail and needed to rely on the app to gat back on track.

amazing views. top end of moderate but not too long. great experience sitting in top of what is basically a massive bolder.

Love Rolley Lake trail we go every week, it is pretty easy and a nice hike, there is some rocks, tree roots and logs to walk over but nothing much at all.

The Rolley lake falls however is not easy at all. the trail its self is difficult to find and there are areas that you are not even sure your on the right path.

I go hiking with my mom and my 8 year old son and our dogs and this trail was a little difficult.

Beaware it takes a longer then expected time and where you have to go down you have to come back up again.

There are many big rocks, logs, roots and fallen trees to climb over and at one time it looks like there were stairs but they are all worn away now.

There should be two different entrys on this page about the two different trails and different ratings.

3 days ago

Really liked this trail. It was a good workout to the lake. Had our friends dog with us and only encounter hikers on our way up to the lake. We were at the lake alone. A great hike and very well marked.

3 days ago

Beautiful place , easy for beginners !

The grouse grind redefines swamp ass. It’s just you against yourself in this race against your own heart beat and heavy breathing....and sweat drenched attire. Enjoy!

Did it! A little longer than it took me 5 years ago. But I did it.

8 days ago

Did this trail today. Found the trail easily marked and easy to follow. The trail itself was easy to navigate and the elevation grew slowly enough to be an easy hike. Three 6 year olds and a 4 year old managed the climb, and two kids made it in back carriers (the back carriers are convenient, but beware of trail obstacles you may need to crawl under af times). .

Mosquitos were bad at the lake, and the lake wasnt clear for swimming at all (my dog stuuuuunk after his dip). Was a bit disheartened by the number of off-leash dogs we encountered as well as owners not picking up after their pets.

My garmin logged well over the 9kms (closer to 13 to the lake).

Would do again. The views of the valley between the trees are gorgeous.

One of the best hikes!!!

Did this hike today. Was feeling good so I went on around Lake Chadsey and on up to the Sumas summit. I ended up logging 9.6miles (15.45km). About 3000 feet (914m) in elevation climbed. This was all according to the Garmin watch. I stopped at the lake which was empty for a rest and foot soak. This was a beautiful hike. All in all it took 4 hours at a fairly strong pace. I would plan for 4 hours to get to the lake and back. Canada is beautiful!

9 days ago

Great and hard workout. Perfect view from the top!

The views are incredible, took us an hour to get to the 3rd peak.

Fantastic hike with amazing views, but be prepared for some seriously steep hiking. The first third of the hike up to First Peak is mostly wooden stairs, and they were the hardest part of the hike for me. Go as early as you can to avoid the crowds.

12 days ago

low elevation easy trail. but a great summer trail with the river to cool off in.
the falls have a pool below it if you feel courageous enough to jump in.

12 days ago

Went on a weekday and it wasn't very crowded. Really likes the woods and the view from the top. Went at a slow pace and didn't find it hard.

Fantastic day hike. Views, challenging rugged trail, plenty of space to avoid the crowds

trail running
13 days ago

Perfect for workout at the end of the day ! Best is to cycle to go up there

14 days ago

Hardest 1.9 miles I've ever done.

Great workout!!! It was pretty hard for me!
But still fun!

17 days ago

Trail was beautiful and very rustic. Lake was empty and had the place to ourselves. Was lovely but not an amazing view and little views throughout the hike.

It was easy to hike but the view is stunning ..There are lots of roots just be careful. Some trees have no orange sign and confusing.

19 days ago

Great workout! Did it yesterday.

19 days ago

Strenuous straight up but well worth the views at the top

on Dog Mountain Trail

20 days ago

Did this hike with my son during early summer. Lots of blood thirsty black flies and mosquitoes. Be sure to have good hiking boots as trail is mostly tree roots, rocks, mud, uneven terrain and some snow. But, the reward is the view at the end. Did this in approximately 4 hours including rests and time spent at the viewpoint. If your planning to bring your pet, expect the feet of your dog to be muddy after this hike.
And, watch your every step as a twisted ankle will ruin your day.

Do it for the workout, not the views. This trail cannot be called 'hard' unless you try to get a good time. I'm not in great hiking condition at the moment and I did it in less than an hour.

Nice day out but trail to the falls is NOT well marked out.

A workout wonderful! A great reward, a great view!

24 days ago

Mostly dry by now, there is some construction between the trail head and the lake. Watch for your steps, as there are a lot of roots. Bugs can be annoying, bring some spray, The view at the end is spectacular. Great for kids.

This hike had a lot of great views of trees. It was pretty much straight up with a lot of steps. I wouldn’t do it if you don’t consistently exercise as you can just pay to go up the gondola. I would recommend going/leaving early (I went up at 9:00) and it was pretty empty but the trail filled quickly. The trail is very busy but it’s part of the adventure.

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