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2 days ago

I liked the trail, though I didn’t summit. The forest was dark after crossing the river/ bridge- felt like I was going to have a animal encounter. But didn’t see any animals.

Initially, went to the wrong start at grey wolf which was disconnected due to a broken bridge. This start is at slab camp #838, which is correct.

trail running
3 days ago

Worth the drive out for a relaxing beautiful run. You can run easily and enjoy the views or go all out. Recommended for a “recovery run”

6 days ago

Hiked this with my son in September. This is a great hike for all ages and levels.

Used this app a long time and enjoyed every minute

The last time I hiked this trail was when I was in my late 30’s/early 40’s and I haven’t been up there since, which was back in the mid 80’s. I’m 72 now and still wanting to do that hike again. Your reward for hiking to the top is the view you get when you get there. Be sure the weather report for the day of your hike is for clear weather because you will be able to see almost all of the Puget Sound and Vancouver Island, Vancouver and Victoria, BC all the big cities in Puget Sound and when you turn around you see all the snow covered peaks of the Olympic Range. The view up there is what it’s all about, so if you haven’t been there yet, you should go.

Not recommend. Although it's a well-marked trail, there are a lot of burned areas blocking the way. The trail is too narrow, so we stopped many times to make way for biker. And the view of the top was disappointing, good for biking but not for hiking.

17 days ago

hiked this about month ago and the trail was not hard the climb to buckhorn lake was long switch backs but well worth the hike just for the views

Great hike, beautiful views 8 miles round trip from upper parking lot, bring plenty of water. well maintained trail.

nature trips
22 days ago

This is an amazingly beautiful place. lots of surprises!

Beautiful walk. The trail is well maintained and wide enough for traffic. The creek babbles along the trail for the last 1/2 mile or so.

good workout,had to work for some good views,beautiful weather sunny 65°

30 days ago

Hiked this yesterday with four friends. We loved the hike and felt like it was a great one for a lot of people as the incline is gradual until you turn to head up to the wreckage. We enjoyed it all, explored a cave, saw the wreckage, added a couple extra miles to the trip because we let a directionally challenged person guide us, and still we all enjoyed it!

30 days ago

Went out October 10-14 and no bugs but very very cold. If you are going to the crash site it’s very well defined for a trail with some confusion at the top of the ridge where it starts to disappear but stay to the right and you will eventually see the wreckage appear to your left. We camped here our first couple nights.

If you are going to the mine we were told it was wet and slippery. The trail to the summits is confusing at mile 3.2, stay to the right and if you end up going to the mine that’s the trail headed left but a large portion of this area has been used for camping and everything looks like a hiking trail.

Another item to note is that once you past the Creek beyond the mine camps there is another split in the trail, if you go straight it’s shorter but very steep, if you go right it’s about twice as far but a lot easier especially if it’s wet.

1 month ago

Awesome hike, easy to find, forest roads weren’t bad at all compared to a lot of places we hike around Rainier. The directions link was spot-on.
Me and the bf did this on a Saturday with the dogs, only saw a few people. It was the perfect length considering it’s a pretty good incline (we also got there late in the day). It’ll definitely get your heart pumping, but the trail was really well maintained. Beautiful views from the ridge line at the top.

This is a nice little hike. It goes from beach to forest. I think it would be best to start at the forest end and walk to the beach.

Great trail for getting ready for major incline hiking trails good cardio

This trail is shoots and ladders getting up. Starts out pretty mild but then the rest of the trip up to Lake of the Angels is a steep trek. Definitely recommend poles if you have them. The views were incredible and was a perfect fall hike. Worth every drop of sweat. Would have been great to camp out near the lake so we could have done a little more exploring around the peeks, but left for another time. We were able to do this as a day hike, but would make a perfect one night stay. Getting down was kinda rough, but it’s nice that it mellows out in the end.

Well worth the trip. Very limited parking. Great for dogs and children. Remember returning is uphill. Olympics view from beach is the best.

1 month ago

LOVED IT!! My pup and I made it up in 30 mins...it was a lot of work to be fair ☺️. . .KILLER views if you’re willing to go another 15 mins! Follow the trail to the right, when it Y’s go LEFT and you’ll come to a BEAUTIFUL view point!!

Like it

Love this trial. Excellently maintained trails, Forrest floor stays dry even in the winter and you can even get away with some off leash dog walking.

Great wooded trail. Lots of connecting trails. We did the outside loop and it was about 3.6 miles.

This is my go to hike. I usually hike/walk it 2 times per week. When I show up I do the hike twice for the workout. It’s a little different than most hikes. You go down for 1.1 miles to start. There are a few steep areas, but nothing too bad. The beach is a nice little reward for making it down. Porta potty at the bottom and in the upper parking lot. Noticed some kids smoking weed in the upper porta a few days ago. I told them to move on. Going up the trail is relatively easy for 1/2 mile. When you hit the hill before the stairs, be ready for your workout. As a little something different, I take the left at the bench above the stairs. It goes to the west side of the parking lot. I think it’s a little steeper than the main trail. Parking sucks at time. Many of the street areas are no Parking which makes it a bit tougher. Trail is wide and no problems passing or being passed. Friendly folks as far as I’ve seen.

Peaceful and very scenic

1 month ago

Great trail with lots of interesting old copper mines. Would recommend going in the fall to avoid the mosquitoes.

There's plenty of parking, a pit toilet at the trailhead, and the trail is only about 8 miles total if you start from the upper trailhead. The trail itself is incredibly well maintained and well marked and the views from the ridge were well worth the miles of switchbacks!

Best on clear days when you can see Mt Rainier hovering over Lake Washington.

This is one of my favorite hikes as it’s so close to home. Easy going in and more challenging on the way out as this is a reverse hike where the destination is downhill. Amazing views as you go through the tunnel and it opens onto the beach.

This time the weather was really clear (9/7/18) and I was able to see Rainier and the valleys very well. Between miles 5 and 6. It was a pleasant surprise because every time I have hiked here it has been cloudy so I didn’t even know there was a view of Rainier. :-) Well, there is, and it’s magnificent. There is a lot of clear cutting at the top of the mountain, but that allows you to see some really great views.

Today I continued down the trail to the Ledge then returned back the way I came. Including some extemporaneous exploration, I logged 18 miles and 4500 elevation gain.

Great hike! Definitely recommend!

Great on the way down! Awesome beach beautiful little place for kids to play, bathrooms and a hand wash station available, saw a sea lion and lots of birds. It’s a hike on the way back since it’s all up hill, but it’s definitely a place I will be back to! Very nice for kids.

Parking was a little tight, we arrived around 12 in the afternoon, had to park a few streets up and walk, but there’s a bathroom in the parking lot and a few at the beach. Worth the trip.

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