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Anyone been there recently? Wondering how water is currently. Speed of water safe for kids?

Absolutely amazing trail to hike! Recommend bringing lots of water and snacks with you. Great if you want to hike solo or with a group. Met a lot of awesome and friendly people on the trail. Will definitely be hiking it again soon.

Walk across a cool bridge, then down hill to the river. Cool swimming ponds.

3 days ago

beautiful trail. not moderate in my opinion but that is because the elevation change. really a stretch for the return trip, all up hill

very steep and a great workout. Did this trail with my dad and 3 year old daughter, had a ton of fun. The view is beautiful and the arduous trip up the mountain.

5 days ago

Our family has enjoyed this both as a day-hike and as an overnight.

5 days ago

I wish the boardwalk down to Rush Creek was usable. The newts were fun to watch there. This is still an easy, fun trail for the whole range of ages as it is wide and level with the added interest of the flumes. Wildflowers abound.

Definitely not hard! Some short stints of steepness toward the beginning and end but otherwise pretty moderate. Nice views all around but no coverage FYI. Well marked, wide path that you’ll need to share with many mountain bikers on a nice day!

Nice views, fun to explore and wasnt too hard of a hike.

6 days ago

Hike clockwise to have lake views as you hike and easier descent. Be careful of poison oak

Hike was great. I would rate this as moderate to hard. Weather was so awesome today.

This is not a difficult trail it’s about 9 Miles from the campground to complete the loop. Some areas you’ll have to walk on the street others past the campgrounds and picnic areas. The waterfall is gushing this year. If you have 3-4 hours to spare this is a nice hike with great views of the lake.

11 days ago

A great hike with gorgeous views of the American River. Take a good 4 hours to enjoy it in full. lots of wild flowers along the trail.

I did this hike on my own, it was great. The weather was perfect and the views are outstanding. Totally doable, but an excellent work out.

This was an intense hike up a mountain! It’s definitely a strenuous hike—especially if you haven’t hiked “up” a mountain lately. Very narrow path on one part of the loop. Lots of poison oak—wear long pants! Beautiful spring flowers peppered the trail. Lovely views of Lake Berryessa. ❤️ It took my group and me 5-hrs to complete the loop, but we were the slowest group out there, stopped for lots of photos, and sat and had a snack at the peak for ~20 mins. Enjoy!

15 days ago

Excellent hike beautiful wild flowers

One of my favorite views and environments

17 days ago

A very beautiful and scenic hike. We stopped just after Secret Ravine as the trail tapers off along the river bed. On a lovely/mild day like today, I would still recommend wearing sunscreen, and bringing LOTS of water. As an out-and-back trail, you start high and descend down to the river, so prepare to walk pretty continuously uphill on the way back.

This trail was more intense than I expected, and surprisingly warm given that I did it in the winter! Stunning views. If you do the whole loop, you end up going up and down the ridge line. Sometimes the trail got pretty rocky but there are red markers all along it. We went counter clockwise, and ended up taking the stairs down to where we parked, and I preferred this more than having to go up them. We descended in the warm afternoon and there was plenty of shade cover that way down. Going up was steeper and more exposed. It took us 4 hours including photo and water/snack breaks, and will definitely be returning.

19 days ago

Great hike, went all the way to the river, had lunch and turned back. I had a later start so was hiking back in the afternoon and it was warm. Beautiful wildflowers right now, really enjoyed the views. My only slight concern was crossing the waterfall halfway through, as the water was moving pretty quickly, but the rocks were not slippery and the trail picked up right on the other side. Wonderful hike, highly recommend! (Bring water!!)

Beautiful and relatively relaxed trail that goes inland and to the beach.

19 days ago

Great hike! I would totally go back.

Amazing 4.5 mile hike!!!! There’s 3 miles of pure sun! Take fluids. Pack sodium. Snacks. Bring a mini umbrella if you can’t bear being in that hot sun while climbing up. It was 78 degrees when I went and it was pretty brutal. They have to rescue so many people each year due to heat stroke. Just be careful, please! But enjoy that view! Stunning. Beautiful. Worth it!

Gets really hard on the ridge side of the trail. But the view is amazing

Amazing views

Easy hike but also easy to loose the trail.
But that’s also because I was distracted by the views. Stunning. Fun. Do it.

Try to go early if you can because there is rarely any shade at all. It’s an uphill battle the whole way so be prepared wear a hat, take waters the whole deal. Took us about an hour and a half going up to the top but we kept stopping might be able to finish faster if u can go nonstop. I’ve been on many hikes and this has been the hardest.

Must be in shape or you will pay the price. Great workout, uphill challenges... rock obsticles before the shade. Must start early and have water n snacks.

24 days ago

Awesome hike, trail was sunny and clear today until the top. Not much mud but well worth the hike for the views. We would have had a much different experience if it was muddy and the sun wasn’t out. Be prepared for the knee jarring start and steep climb halfway through.

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