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Today was a beautiful day to be out on the trail just west of Osawatomie. From here to Ottawa is awesome and great trail conditions.

Gradual ascent up the canyon for the first couple of miles then stay to the left side of the ravine. Some bouldering but mostly a defined trail until about half way up the ravine then its climbing over a couple of rock outcroppings then back on the trail. If you hustle and don't lose the trail, count less than 2 1/2 hrs.

Great long distance trail.
Don’t like the detour outside of Ottawa but one great trail

Loved this hike! Very strenuous! But the views are breathtaking. I would definitely do it again!

Kraft Mountain trail is located at the Calico Basin and you don't need a pass or permit to go hike here. When you start the hike, it is a little bit deceiving...very easy start to the trail - we went round the mountain on the right side when facing it. It starts off very easy and then dips into the canyon with spectacular views of the surrounding canyon walls. About 50 min (5 year old ) into the hike it gets tricky and you will have to climb up some parts to carry on through the canyon. When you get to a part of the trail where it opens up again there is a sign that says trail...but when being new to the area and trail, it was difficult to see where the trail leads (straight on or left - you turn left and hike up the mountain) because it heads up the mountain and that does not have a clear path because of the rock face. We finally bumped into hikers who could show us the way and we headed up and over the mountain. When you make it to the top you have awesome 360 views of the Canyon and surrounding areas. It is an exciting trail.

Great trail. Starts off with clear and wide path. Slight incline at the start but very comfortable with spectacular surroundings of mountains and Pine Trees. The start is an easy laid out path and then it curves to the right where the intensity of the hike picks up with good incline and elevation picking up. Trail is in good shape but you have to be careful as there are slippery rocks and loose rocks when reaching the part that goes up the side of the mountain. The caves and waterfall (during spring when the ice melts) is spectacular with incredible open views of the surrounding mountains. We did this hike with our 5 year old who is use to doing 3 mile hikes.

leg work out for sure. awesome hike.

Ain't no thing for a rocky mountain scrambler and her kids. Great quick climb matched by even better views.

17 days ago

First half of this trail is a steady but doable incline. The second half is listed as difficult/strenuous for a reason. A lot of it is straight up. Take lots of water and take lots of breaks. You’ll know you’re almost there when you reach a big stepping rock that says “hard⬆️ easy⬅️”. We took the easy route to the left which was still kinda tough. Within 10 minutes you reach the top of the mountain then have to scramble up loose shale to reach the actual top. There’s an optional sign in bucket. The views from the top are amazing. You can see ALL of Vegas. The strip, metropolitan area, downtown, and beyond. Heading back down the mountain is a whole different story. If you do not have adequate grip on your shoes(and even if you do) you WILL slip and fall. The first half of the descent is a large degree of decline. You’ll be walking down sideways like a skier/billy goat. PROTIP: bring some gloves to wear to help you descend so you can lean on rocks and boulders for balance instead of falling. Total trip time for us including a nice 20 minute break on the top and amble photo ops was 3:55. I personally used only 2 liters of water. BEWARE: the trail is “listed” at 4.7 miles but that’s from the actual trail head. FROM THE PARKING LOT ROUNDTRIP was 6 miles on the dot. Get there early as there are limited parking spots and it’s $15 to enter the park. All in all, beautiful fun hike, well worth the slip and falls and rocks in your shoes.

Starts out easy and gets significantly harder towards the last half. Views at the top are great and well worth the climb. There are some confusing parts near the end, but it wasn't too bad finding my way to the top. It's a different story coming down--make sure you stay on the correct path at least until you make it back to the initial side of the mountain, if you come in to that point too high you're in for a bad time and a very steep descent.

amazing hike. one of our favorites!

24 days ago

Very versatile trail. Nice switchback climb to waterfall. Unique trail! Enjoyed it!

Excellent trail, the views of Las Vegas and the park at the summit are great. This is one of the hikes that are a must if you are just visiting. The hike up does get steep and will take the energy out of you. As the previous poster said, follow the teal/white marks. Most of them are readily visible. Once on top there was a box that contained odds and ends plus a notebook with names and dates. Sign your name. Be careful on your decent, there are a lot of loose rocks/sand/gravel and I witnessed a couple slips and one sprain. Overall, a hike I would do again.

Great stuff
Ozark grey

This hike is super pretty ! A bit “interesting” to navigate with a few forks, but we had a great time exploring .

Great trail with excellent view of the falls; which are still partially frozen as of today. The hike up is not difficult if you are in decent shape. There are a few switchbacks and you can easily bypass them and make the assent a little more interesting. By skipping a few I made the trip up in about 30 minutes.

26 days ago

The view from the top was absolutely amazing! Absolutely worth the trek up. We arrived to the trailhead at about 845 to find an almost already full parking lot. We were traveling during spring break week so the park was expectedly packed. We started walking around 9, and got back to the parking lot at 12:40. I'd estimate around 2 hours was spent on the way up, 30 minutes at the top, and 70 minutes coming down. Trail began relatively flat and continued as so for about a mile. We found it very easy to veer off the trail into the gully to the right, which would eventually lead to an extremely steep climb towards the end. There was a particularly confusing section about 2/3 of the way up where there were 3 different paths with none marked particularly clearly. The paths to the left and right both lead in odd directions, but if you continue up the steeper climb behind the "trail" marker, you will find the trail. This production could've been the result of my party getting off track again, but thought I'd include just in case. Towards the top, teal and white spots will mark where you should be following, which was definitely helpful. After the mid-climb, the trail is pretty flat until the Saddle. We took the "Hard" route up, which ended up being very similar to the steep midpart of the trail. The view at the top was spectacular! On our way down, we accidentally took a very odd path down the middle of the Saddle, which led to a bit behind the split. One member of my party fell and cut himself pretty badly on a rock, as the climb down was harrowing enough that sitting and sliding down was necessary in some parts for us. Overall, the hike was great. We would undoubtedly do it again, now that we know the ins and outs of the trails.

28 days ago

Trail ended with a great view. The path has some areas with loose rocks so it’s easy to lose your footing at times. We made it to the top in about an hour. I had my dog with me so we made occasional stops for water. My fit bit tracked it as 5.15 miles round trip.

29 days ago

Guess we were a little early for the wildflowers. I enjoyed the view from the saddle as much as the summit itself.

29 days ago

Scenic the whole way. The frozen falls were something special.

Beautiful view.

Late review as this is for March 4, 2018. The falls were frozen solid and it was an amazing sight to see.

This loop was very fun to hike and I loved the scenic route through the canyon. The trail was a little hard to follow since the trail was often forked (though every route lead back to the parking lot). The canyon trail was super fun with loads of rock-scrambling. The trail took my family (49, 38, 14, and 12 year old) about two and a half hours to complete (family very athletic). There was this one part where the trail dropped down about ten feet creating a slide like formation. This section was pretty hard to get down though our family did it without any scrapes or bruises. The trail is very fun and I will definitely head towards it next time we're in Vegas.

Yes, Yes, and more yes. I just love this trail. I can't say why this one is so great other than it just has great views, a slight challenge based on the incline (not hard just a steady incline). The switchbacks are cool with some having steps. The trail is well kept and offers fantastic views at the top as well as along the route. A dog-friendly trail for sure.
This trail can be one for most everyone, including kids. Be aware, it is uphill most of the way so you will want to be prepared for the little, little ones getting slowed down.
Once you are at the top you are going to love the views.
The terrain is generally easy with dirt and small rocks. There are a couple of parts where the trail thins and you traverse close to the edge of the hill. I say this for those with little ones. All in all, this is a great hike for a day hike. A couple of hours there and back. Bring plenty of water. You are still in a desert climate, please. I see too many people hiking around Vegas without water.

My wife, kids (12 and 14), and I loved this trail. It was hard to follow the trail at parts, but the visibility makes it is easy to navigate around the mountain to complete the loop. It is part hiking and part rock-scrambling. We started with the climb up through the saddle, then came down into the canyon. Both parts were equally beautiful, but the kids loved the rock-scrambling in the canyon. Good, challenging fun!

I couldn’t do this hike unfortunately- upon arrival the cathedral rock picnic area is closed for the season & that’s where you’re supposed to start. Just a heads up!

Was a little crazy watch for falling ice pretty great day all round though

Great hike with some cool caves

1 month ago


Very well marked easy trail. lol bed the lake views

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