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2 hours ago

Sunny and 75 on a mid April Wednesday. I think everyone with dogs had the same idea. Nice trail and not to difficult. I wasn't aware there would be that many stream crossings but my Oboz B-Dry hiking shoes did the trick. Will definitely do it again. Maybe come at it from the Rich Mountain trail.

Hiked yesterday. It poured with light rain throughout the entire trek. Beautiful misty waterfall at the end, at the second log bridge (you can't miss it). Saw very few other hikers thanks to the weather.
This is a great hike if you want something slightly more challenging. However, anyone can do it if you just go at your own pace.

The entire loop trail is open.

Included in my first hike up the mountain. Started at Profile Trail and then journeyed down this one after Calloway Peak. Definitely much more difficult than the walk from the parking garage to the office. Do not attempt if you are overweight, have knee problems, or back issues.

Beautiful and strenuous hike. Worth every minute. Wear waterproof hiking boots and make sure you have strong traction. About .5 miles into the hike it gets strenuous. Lots of mountain climbing.

We almost made it to the summit. We are experienced hikers but some rocks were covered with ice right at the .2 mile mark so we had to turn around. It was a challenging hike and worth it

3 days ago

Loved this trail!!!!. Very pretty but also great workout. I would say is moderate with a few challenging spots. I had waterproof hiking boots so highly recommend you wear them.

5 days ago

Trails are wide and clean. Beautiful location.

One of my favorite hikes in Boone. The view at the top is fantastic!!

7 days ago

Hiked this trail today with my husband and 12-year old daughter and her friend. I’m not in great shape and the kids are not super active so I was a bit nervous about it but the trail is in great shape and the falls are spectacular! We loved it. We had so much fun climbing around on the rocks at the base of the falls in the mist and wading a bit even though the water was very cold. Got some great pictures. Made for a lovely afternoon. Arrived about 1:30 pm and we were done by 4:00 even though I am a pretty slow hiker. It wasn’t very crowded but there were a few other people hiking it today. I think about 5-6 cars during the whole time we were there. I would do this one again and I’m glad we went.

Managed to complete the trail before the cold weather set in. Kids loved it, great trail!!

by far one of the most difficult and challenging hikes I've done. this is not for inexperienced hikers, start early and bring plenty of water and food.

10 days ago

I loved the trail. My wife and I along with our 4 year old son completed the trail on today 4/8/18. It was cold and snow everywhere. We are from Florida so the snow was absolutely amazing to see. The trail starts out very easy and becomes more difficult further in. Wonderful memories made.

10 days ago

My wife and I walk the Rainbow Falls Trail and found it to be very difficult. I am 65 years old and am way over weight. The trail started out easy enough. It was wide with only a slight incline. As we continued our walk the trail became narrower, rockier and steeper. It took all I had to make it to the top and back down again. I found coming down much more difficult than going up. I was happy I did it.. The trail lost one star because the falls itself was not very spectacular. It is the journey not the destination.

Great trail! The falls are beautiful, and the drive up to the trail has some awesome views of the mountains too

What an adventure! We started at Mile High Bridge parking area and took Grandfather trail up to Calloway Peak. Returned via Underwood. Ladders and cables were a challenge but worth it! McRae Peak was the best view.

13 days ago

a little scary with the strong wind but I suppose it made the trip more fun in a sense. amazing views for such a short hike

New to hiking or out for a walk- this will be work. Used to hiking and/or younger, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

14 days ago

A well-manicured and often over-populated trail to a stepped falls. Not as impactful as High Falls, but a nice easy hike for families. Go early in the day or late to avoid the masses.

amazing time. did the ladders and cables up, took Underwood trail back. would do it again 10/10

Family and I are on a road trip and decided to stop and do this trail. It was challenging for the whole family and a huge accomplishment when we finished. Great fun and a good work out!

I went on this hike with my wife and two younger daughters. We intended to take the trail to the upper falls but strayed right and had to come back after we figured we had gone the wrong way. We eventually made it to the upper falls. I have to say I’m disappointed with this hike as it wasn’t worth the view at the falls. Just our opinion. However, we did the lower falls a few days ago and that one is well worth it. Only .3 miles and the water is much better suited for kids. I’d recommend the lower falls all day any day and will definitely go back during warmer weather with my kids.

15 days ago

great hike. I do this one almost every time I visit the Smokey Mountains. 5.5 miles isn't exactly correct, I measured 2.80 miles one direction to make it 5.6 miles. I also wouldn't call it hard. My 4 year old just finished it with no problems. I would say that it is a moderate difficulty. The work that they did over the winter really shows. the new steps were beautiful. this is one of my favorite day hikes on this side of the country.

Loved this walk. A little treacherous with bad knees but persevered and well with it. Continued up the mountain after the fall instead of going back the way you come in. Good decision as the path is smoother is even though longer in miles it was faster pace.

16 days ago

drove 7 hours to get here, was a great first hike of the week to introduce me to the area. smooth track majority of the way, small scrambles, a ladder, few bridges and stream crossings make up for the lack of " mountain views ". great views within the trail didn't walk down to Hebron falls due to lack of sunlight. highly recommended

Really fun and enjoyable trail. It's honestly not very difficult. If you enjoy waterfalls and constantly walking through running water, then this is the hike for you!Some of the rocks are a bit slick so, be cautious while crossing over them. The trail is somewhat busy but, not too bad. It's a pretty quick hike, about 4 hours, including sitting down for lunch.

16 days ago

Lovely rocks!

16 days ago

Nice views of hanging rock and Flat Shoals

17 days ago

I wouldn’t exactly say this is “hard”; my 11 and 13 year old kids did it without a problem. Gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping for sure, though. The view at the top is 360° of beauty. Do it! So worth it!!

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