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2 days ago

Amazing view!! Worth to hike again!!

We did this hike on July 29th. This is an easy hike that our 3 year old can easily walk himself. Even though it’s a short hike, I still recommend bringing water. A great place to pack a picnic.

Super easy, good for kids. Amazing views

Beautiful hike. Well maintained "manicured" pathway that's friendly to visitors of all abilities including kids on strollers. Trail ends near the caves and many will go off the trail to get close at their own risk.

great training hike.
From Chuckanut it is much more difficult than from the upper parking lot or from the parking lot at barrel springs road.
great view from the top.

Uphill but paths are nicely maintained. It takes about 30 minutes to get from the parking lot to the Sugarloaf viewpoint.

4 days ago

Really nice hike and beautiful views.Easy.

Such a great hike. The road was bumpy but just fine.
The trails has it all Forest, meadows, Waterfalls, Creeks, Small mountain lakes, and lots of wildlife.

4 days ago

Nice hike with a beautiful pay off.

Neat, short trail. Decent little hike. Very public-friendly. Prone to crowds. Amazing views. Was very rainy before the holiday this year, but still well-worth the hike. LOTS of dogs

Amazing hike however the road to get to the trail head is awful! SOOO many potholes and was really hard on our little rental car. Once you get to the trail head however it was a really good hike. Would Recommend.

We camped down the hill at boulder creek and decided to do this hike, it was well worth it and very pretty from the top, we had clear sky and amazing views of baker. On the way down my hiking partner fell and hurt her knee. When I stopped to preform first aid (road rash with rocks in the wound) multiple people came to offer help, which was pretty awesome to see. On our way down some hikers gave us some peanuts to feed some birds and we got to see a lot of dogs on the way down, so my injured partner still had a great time and both of us were shocked by all the friendly caring people on the trails that day. We both can’t wait to go back and explore some more up here. It sure is beautiful!

Great easy hike! My 6 year old had no trouble going there and back and even we spent time "exploring" the edges of the ice caves for a few hours before heading back. No T-mobile cell service shortly after getting onto mountain loop highway. Our only complaint today were the aggressive flies near the end of trail near the ice caves.

Lovely evening walk 30 mins. in and 30 mins. out, the trail is so easy you could push your grandma in a wheel chair, well almost. Saw 3 people do it in flip flops. Berries available for snacking. Cave made it's own fog and it was visible at 8pm, very cool to see. Waterfalls are full and many. Lot's of downed trees in avalanche zone from a windstorm years back. LOVE this walk and nice picnic tables with a mountain view near first parking lot. Go late and avoid the crowds and enjoy the bird calls.

This was a BEAUTIFUL hike up to the caves with an even more beautiful finish. It was fairly easy if you’re well and able to hike at a small incline.

Really pretty trail! Very scenic but highly populated. Make sure to go to all the caves! The last one was by far the best! Very easy trail

the most epic hike I have ever done!!!!

Took my daughter on this hike and it was doable for a 10-year old. The last part of the trail up to the top of Erie is a bit tricky for the less experienced. Also, as others have said, the trail system can be very confusing if you have not been on the trail before. Views were good, but not great because of smoke/haze.

Nice hike with some climbing not too steep. Beautiful views of lake and surrounding mountains.

Beautiful walk, great for all ages. You can use this trail as a warm up for a another hike, or spend a great amount of time just enjoying the scene. Make sure to enjoy all the caves walk but as far as you can....around the rocks, if you enjoy yoga there are a few beautiful big rocks you can sit/stand and do the different positions. Had no problems with bugs. Bring your doggie poop bag.

Truly remarkable and exciting. The caves were literally sensational - sight, sound, and the feel of the cold blasts of air were incredibly memorable and unique. Get there early. The after lunch crowd seems bigger than the pre-lunch crowd. There are more ice caves if you follow the edge of the ice field to the base of the waterfalls. Just pay attention to your paths as they are unofficial and not always clear.

Went on July 9th 2018. Lots of snow still and very slippery. Never did find the lake and assume it was still covered in snow. Very beautiful though! We want to return later in the summer for sure.
Lost the trail many times because of the snow.
The tree that is down over the road mentioned by other reviews is passable by driving down into the ditch and under the huge tree. Did it with my 2WD Ford Focus no problems. Also saw a regular pick up truck fit under it as well but it was tight.

did this hike mid week on a cloudy day. Didnt run into too many people on the ascent. Only a bit of snow as you cross the meadows but it was easy enough to find the trail. we arrived at the look out at about 1pm. There were a handful of others at the lookout a bit earlier and left. We had the lookout to ourselves for a good two hours before the next group showed up. It got fairly busy around 3pm with other hikers. On the way back down it was quite foggy and cloudy which made crossing the snowy meadow a little more challenging but since we were retracing our steps from the morning it wasn't too bad.

Heaven on earth

on Thunder Knob Trail

25 days ago

Nice hike and views but road noise from Hwy. 20 on much of the trail.

26 days ago

My 5 stars are for the trail and spectacular views, but I agree with a previous reviewer that this is not an easy trail for everyone. I am a very fit 70-year-old and found it quite a challenge. It took me 2 hours to reach the summit and 30 min to come down.

one of my favorite hikes! it's really easy but the waterfalls and caves once you get there are fantastic! what a gem!

28 days ago

Super easy. We have had people of all ages and ability complete this with us.

Was an awesome easy hike and amazing views.

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