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II am pretty athletic and found this trail to be exciting and beautiful but also steep and grueling. I was exhausted by the time we reached the summit. I would rate this trail as difficult not moderate.. I’m from Ohio so maybe I’m not used to such steep climbs or the altitude - so if your not a local it may be a difficult trail.

Fun short hike. The boulder field at the end is confusing, but stick to the low part of it to reach the falls, though the middle/upper portion makes for an incredible view!

I'm looking to do this hike tomorrow and I am wondering what the trail is like. I've done it in the Spring before, but the weather has been so unpredictable lately.

5 days ago

As the map shows, there are basically an infinite selection of ways to do this on various trails. Some choices are probably more arduous than others in terms of the grade. This is not a wilderness experience, given the location, but it's not too shabby considering how accessible this is from anywhere around the University of Utah. There were a few other folks out this overcast morning, many with their dogs, but it's way less crowded than the Living Room trail.

Challenging hike. Beautiful view at the top worth the work.

my first

9 days ago

Neffs canyon is my dogs favorite!

10 days ago

Didn’t take the prior reviews seriously about the necessity of ice spikes, but stopped in REI for some YakTrax just to be safe. Glad I did. You won’t reach the summit without some extra traction. Did not bring trekking poles or running gloves, but would recommend both. If you can handle the ice/slush, the views are amazing.

Beautiful hike today! Trail is pretty muddy, and last mile or so was very icy, so I would extremely recommend spikes! Ran into a pretty aggressive bull moose on the way back down, they’re definitely active later in the day so be careful!

Really enjoyed this trail. Ran/hiked it in about 2.5 hours last Sunday. Trail near the top still covered in snow and ice. Did not have treads, but I did have trekking poles which helped immensely. Woman on the trail didn't control her dog who ended up biting my hand as I tried to walk past...keep your dogs under control please!

Definitely a fun hike and less crowded than the Pipeline trail further down the canyon. The trail was relatively easy to follow, though it's still slushy and icy the higher up you go. You might want to consider microspikes if you want to make it to the peak this time of year, but you can get pretty high up without them. Really stunning views.

I had my three kids with me and they loved it. it was definitely a challenge with the snow and mud so I had to carry my 4 yr old on the way back down part of the way cause she kept slipping. the trail is really narrow which made me a little nervous with the kids but overall it was a great hike and I would love to do it again.

Beautiful hike. Still a bunch of snow and ice on the trail leading up to the saddle, so spikes are a must.

I started the hike at 12:30pm today - the trail was everything from snowy/slushy/icy/muddy and dry (overall I think it was mostly slushy due to the warm weather we had today). I wasn't sure whether to wear Yaktrax or not, but I decided to bring them along and I'm glad I did. I think the extra traction helped on the icy/slushy parts on the trail. However, I also passed numerous people who were not wearing spikes, and they seemed to be fine. The trail is both shady and sunny. I had on a long-sleeved shirt and pants and I was fine. Great hike, great view!

This hike is very steep, and there’s some scrambling at the end, but it’s worth it. It’s along a stream the whole way, and the waterfall at the top is gorgeous. Loved it!

20 days ago

Beautiful day to summit Olympus. The trail got a little icy around 2.5 miles, so spikes helped for sure. I would suggest hitting the trail early while the snow is still icy to avoid the slush. The trail is well broken all the way to the summit. Beautiful sunrise from the top and many friendly and respectful hikers met on my way down. Keep trekking!

Great hike! There’s still snow so there’s some slick spots. Beautiful view!

Rated hard for a reason. It's a steep climb up over rocks that at times offer few footholds. But the views and experience winding up the mountain is well worth it. My puppy had a blast climbing the rocks like a little goat. There's still slush on the trail (and icy parts where the forest starts), so we didn't complete the trail. You want to wear good shoes and consider ice crampons in you want to reach summit right now. There are plenty of spots right off the trail to stop, catch your breath, drink some water, and rest your legs while you enjoy the views. The trails are a bit confusing around mile 2 with all the switchbacks, so you might want to have your app handy to check you're on route. We'll definitely return once the snow melts a bit more and try for the summit.

Fantastic hike today! The weather was perfect. Needed microspikes near the top to get up - the funnest part was sledding on my bum on the way down! Great views!

The 1st part of the big stairs are kinda fitting considering your hiking up to mount Olympus. We got almost to the 2nd creek. After the 1st it is covered in snow 75% of the trail. Will be coming back to attempt the peak next month or June.

Loved this trail! Not too challenging most of the way...though the top was steep and covered in snow. Glad I brought microspikes but I’m a bit of an ice wuss. Saw a moose near the picnic area. I was criticized for keeping my dog on a leash, which seemed odd to me...

Went up on the 5th and the snow tracks end at the last half mile of the trail. Had to turn around because I didn't know the trail well enough to figure out the right way and the snow was thigh high. Tough but worth it even if you don't make it to the top. One of my favorite trails in SLC! Beautiful year round and almost the whole hike up.

Love this hike no matter what the season!! Quick and challenging- and gorgeous views!!!

An excellent trail but was unable to finish because of bad weather coming in and it getting too dark.

Really lovely hike. Went mid-March and it was still pretty snowy, but we were able to get up without any kind of specific hiking gear. If you do go near the winter, I would recommend gripping shoes, though. The view at the top is very nice.

Great views! Very doable hike- plenty of switchbacks!

Great trail! We have an issue finding trails where my pup can come that aren’t an hour out. So this was a great beautiful local hike for us that we’ll do many more times! It doesn’t have a super clear ending. But we joked about 6 Miles total. Going back and forth with the creek was great. We went with a little melting snow, I’d imagine spring and fall are beautiful!

Hiked it 3/6/18. In total it took about 4 hours to complete. It was challenging, but not overwhelming.

Really would like to try it in the summer.

1 month ago

no matter the season this is always an amazing worthwhile hike

This. So wonderful. Some good work to get to the top, and you’ll be pleasantly rewarded. Took about 3 hours to summit and 1 hour to descend. I’d love to night hike this in the summer.

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