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I was not expecting this peak to be so rocky, no wonder why people get hurt and rescued around here, specially if covered in snow. As of April 21, the trail is mostly clear with tiny patches of snow here and there, and the temperature is comfortable. The top was crowded already what makes it uncomfortable to walk and get pics with so many boulders where you have to keep your balance. The first and last thirds of the hike are steep mostly. The views are good. There is a source of water half way through the hike. The drive is long specially, after getting off the highway 15, you’ll encounter way too many red lights along 79, before entering the park area.

23 hours ago

Had a great time hiking Volcan mountain today, the grade is pretty steep but some well placed tree canopy’s provide some shaded patches through out. Highly recommend, the view from the top is well worth it

Perfect for the occasional hiker.

1 day ago

This trail is rigorous! We hadn’t hiked in a very long time, and this trail was a fun and challenging return to one of our favorite pastimes. Make sure you’re okay with getting your feet wet because crossing over some parts of the water was tricky! My dog loved it too!

Great hiking trails for family and your paw babies.

1 day ago

my family and I had a good time on this small trail.. we seen a few rabbits, and a bat.

In answer to Charlie Nunez’s question: yes you can get to the trailhead in a regular car. It is a bumpy five miles and you could drive faster in a truck or 4x4, but my Honda sedan made it and there were several similar cars on the road or in the lot, including a Mini. Take it slow and it is fine.

trail running
1 day ago

Loved running El Cajon mountain this morning. It was a definitely a challenge with constant inclines and declines along with some rocky areas that watching footing was a must. Beautiful views. Can’t wait to go back!

2 days ago

I really liked this hike, great scenery and views getting down to the waterfall and the waterfall/pond was beautiful.

I was the first one on the trail at 6 30 am and passed a lot of people on the return so I would advise going early if you want tranquility.

Is a good hiking with the family, but if you child or pet is not use to it can be very hard for them.

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decent trail, well kept

2 days ago

You can’t park at Camp Seeley exactly, but if you keep driving past it where the heart rock trail sign points, you can park on the dirt turnouts along the road. I don’t believe any parking pass was needed. The trail itself was beautiful, I loved the way the trees smelled and it wasn’t crowded at all considering I went later in the day. It’s a very easy trail with a really beautiful treasure at the end.

Fun hike. Lots of elevation changes and the rope down was fun. Various paths to get down the steep part.

The falls are pretty and a nice place to enjoy lunch or a snack.

Some nice single track bouldering and switchbacks.

Good times.

Nice hike and most of it is fairly easy. It is pretty steep up and down during the loop portion. The hike is mostly sunny and the only shade is near the trail head. There are many trails out there and they are not labeled well, so check the app occasionally if you are recording. This area requires a land pass for usage that you can buy online for about $4. I would hike this again and bring the kids.

I have a question for anyone who has been here. Can I make it down the dirt road to the trailhead in a car? I've camped in Mecca before in the slots but parked close to the road behind a bush. Just curious if I could make it to the trailhead in a normal car.

3 days ago

Finally did this hike, it’s been on my list of hikes for some time now. Overall it’s probably 1-2 hour hike. There were some dicey spots on this trail mainly where the rock slide areas are. Great for kids and dogs. Did this one with my dog and he did fine with the exception of dicey spots.
One recommendation is do this one early morning so you can beat the crowd. I was fortunate enough to get there when no one was around the mine. I was able to relax take some good shots and just enjoy the natural environment, sounds and fresh air.

In addition you will need an adventure pass. If you haven’t purchase one yet spend the 20-30$ to get a pass for the whole year.

3 days ago

Great hike this morning, not too crowded. Started about 9am. Awesome views all around from the top.

One of my favorite hikes, can’t wait to come back!

It brings a lot of memories ;)

Hit the trail today with some friends. Really good time, beautiful colors.

Was a great hike. It gets pretty step right in the beginning for about half the hike and then it smooths off some. Great view at the top and as of yesterday the flags were still there.

Don’t miss this if you are in the area.
I took James Irvine trail to Fern Canyon which was about 4.5miles one way. Once in the Fern Canyon Hike along the creek to get the full experience, your feet will get wet but well worth it. Feels like you are in a prehistoric movie set. I was there for 30mins without meeting a soul. I am sure it will get more crowded in the summer.

Took 5 oak trail to summit. Good hike and good views. multiple outlook points at summit and during hike!

check out instagram.com/gregszymbor for photos and more hikes

Beautiful shady trail that is mostly flat or close to flat, takes you up to small falls and then if you scamper up some rocks, you can get to the larger falls. As of April 18,2018 waterfall was full. Did this hike on a Wed and plenty of people out so I would imagine it’s packed on weekends. One main trailhead starts you off. We came to a form and made the mistake to go right up Walnut Canyon. That was a HARD vertical climb on switchbacks. Finally realized we we’re going the wrong way, so we went back down and took the flatter trail down to falls. I would say waterfall trail is EASY in terms of exertion level but need a little technical skill for crossing stream and using rocks to walk across.

There is no snow left on this trail as of 4/17, only patchy bits off to the sides. I’m 50 and have been hiking for about 3 years. It took us 4 hours 56 minutes to summit. And 3 hours and 3 minutes to descend. The weather was chilly in the 40s with a little wind that changed to moderate wind at the top. Last year I did San Jacinto from the tram and it was my favorite of the Six Pack of Peaks. This year, I still love the San Jacinto wilderness but not sure if it will be my favorite this year!! Lol. It was a relentlessly steep but my hiking pals, meeting through hikers and the spectacular views made it all completely worth it. I highly recommend hiking poles. I, for some dumb reason, chose not to bring mine today. Lesson learned.

We started at 6am and got back as it started to warm up. It was the perfect time to go! It was so peaceful to hear the water running and so pretty.

Really great place to be,

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