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Great trail, not very well marked but amazing views.

Very beautiful hike. Great for camping with family and also dog friendly.

Good trail, very well marked and well kept. My wife and I did the extra mile going to the viewpoint, but I’m not sure if it’s all that worth it. It’s worth a go and a great few hours out, but not sure if we’d do it again

trail running
3 days ago

Great trail to run! I went up sunrise and I didn’t see a single other person. Looks like a great trail to mountain bike as well

I was slightly confused on where the trail actually started, but it was pretty easy to follow once I oriented to the map via the app. The trails near the falls were pretty muddy, but my dog and I got to all the tiers of waterfalls easily. Very gradual gain for most of the trail which is wide and gravel. The waterfalls were very cool and a lot bigger than I anticipated. Highly recommended.

Beautiful trail. We hit it in early Spring and got to see some beautiful flowers including Trillium and a Peace Lilly type of plant I'm still trying to identify.

This was a lovely and easy hike with a couple of inclines. There were hardly any other hikers in the morning. After 2:00, several folks were on the trail. I hiked past Comfort Camp about a half mile which led to fantastic views!

Awesome waterfall, hard to find trail at first, just go around the gate and you should be good from there!

Trail itself was nice, but terribly marked. My wife and I took a wrong turn (poorly marked directions) and 17 miles later we were able to get back to the car before dark. Trail is worth doing, but make sure to bring a map!!!

Great hike! I’m new to the area so I’ve been experiencing all these peaks for the first time! I did this hike on Saturday, April 7th. It was a nasty day out but it’s Washington so I went anyway. The trail is well maintained but never lets you take a break. It starts immediately at a climb and doesn’t stop until the summit. I took a left at the summit loop. There was a pretty sketchy stream crossing shortly after the snow line that I advise extreme caution. Shortly after the crossing the trail gets harder to follow, watch for the dirtier, harder packed areas of snow and just keep going. An occasional orange tag can be seen on a tree. After a short while the trail is much easier to spot. Summiting was not the easiest in the rain and wind but I managed. I was getting pelted with ice rain at the summit and i just wanted to get back down to cover. I did not find the loop down because of snow and the sudden onslaught of Mother Nature so I opted to go back down the way I came. Be careful of where you step. Deep holes lie underneath the snow so don’t stray from the packed path near summit. Micro spikes and trekking poles are a must for safely getting back down. Great hike, no view due to weather, will do again soon!

trail running
19 days ago

This is a great trail for trail running. As a hike, I find it somewhat boring but you can access other trails very easily. I suggest being familiar with the area or having a map.

21 days ago

An incredibly well maintained trail, climb is steady and quick, up up up the whole way. Best views come about half way up, nothing too spectacular at the top.

Ran this yesterday and had a great time! Beautiful views and the waterfall was in full force. Loved this Loop!

26 days ago

Make sure u down load the trail to know exactly where u are. We got lost and didn’t realize until we were over 6 miles in. Long story short yes I would do it again with the trail guide downloaded. The markers are not clear as to where u are as some mile markers hike wise. The water fall was beautiful.

Really easy trail. When we went, there was snow on the ground & we couldn't get down to the falls. It's okay, it means we have to go back.

It is a nice family trail...my kiddo is 8 and he made the walk fairly well. Got a tad bit grumpy on the way back. I enjoyed it.

1 month ago

Nice easy trail for beginners. The trail can get narrow in spots which make it frustrating when multiple people try to pass. The trail is open to horses so you may need to step off the trail for the horses to pass.

Great trail for families. Watch out for the bicycles though.

Ended up way off course due to very little markings, even with a paper map both myself and a ranger ended up taking a four mile detour to find the falls, very pretty end result, muddy so stabilize yourself!

Beautiful trail. Not very well marked... It was quite the fun adventure though. One tip would be to go back out the same way you come in... We made the mistake of going a different way out. Oops

Great time. Would recommend micro spikes at a minimum. Did it without them today it was rough on the way back down.

1 month ago

Great trail. It was a little muddy but not bad. Good trail for dogs. Some up and downs, but over all not too difficult

Cool little place to visit. Not marked very well though.

Loved this hike! The trail has so much character and the terrain is always changing. Thank goodness the snow was gone(mostly)and all the water we had to pass over was easy to do. Lots of fun obstacles and logs to cross, it was very fun! We went out 6 miles and turned back, so total of twelve miles. Would like to go farther next time, heard something about comfort camp or something, we were trying to reach that but ran out of time. We came across a mountain biker that said he saw a cougar just off the path, so use caution. Our dog growled for no reason, so believe it to be true.

Very nice hike! Sadly people can't seem to at least walk off the trail to relieve themselves though! lots of TP on the trail:(
But great work out, beautiful waterfalls and bridges!

1 month ago

Great hike. Went 38 weeks pregnant and with a toddler in a carrier. Very doable. Pretty waterfall at the end!
Doesn’t take too long at all.

Took my two kids ages 11 and 8 and they had a ton of fun! They completed it easily. A little muddy in spots but the trail is well maintained.

Not very well marked. We walked way more than we should have and everybody on the trail we met was there for the first time. But we found the falls eventually. it was a long hike overall but worth it.

1 month ago

Beautiful day for a hike! The trails were in pretty good condition considering the time of year. Nice easy 6 mile loop.

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