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Beautiful hike, wet leaf litter and mud near the falls made it a little slow going, but well worth it.

9 days ago

Good most of the year, close in to drive to.

Great trail, even after several days of heavy rain. Well maintained. Beautiful impressive old growth trees as the trail follows the river. Several small, but pretty stream crossings, didn’t get wet. Great for kids.

trail running
10 days ago

Pretty clear - just a couple of small trees down - a little wet, not muddy - nice trail

Great hike but pretty steep! Beautiful paths and scenery. Great workout!

22 days ago

Awesome steep hike! 20.6 lbs pack . Gorgeous day. Hard but the view at top is so worth it. 6 hours 33 minutes ,10 seconds.

Went with my boys and their grandparents! Wonderful scenic views along the way!

trail running
23 days ago

Unbelievable hike this morning. On the trail at 630 a.m and sitting on top to watch the sunrise. The weather was perfect for fall, especially, at the summit. Very intense hike. I never give in.

I take my toddler to orting all the time for the foothills trail. We have explored a few parts of it and there is still so much more to see and experience. Cool river view points and an awesome view of Mt Rainer.

This is a great trail for autumn hikes. The trail isn’t overly difficult in any spot. The trees were changing colors with the river asa backdrop - very pretty. There is a stream crossing that, in springtime, will get your feet wet.
This IS a dog-friendly trail, just please leash your pooch.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenic walk! This time of year, things are a little damp, but that made for a nice cascading waterfall!! As long as you watch your step on the trails, you'll be A-okay

loved it however didn't make it all the way to the falls my son decided he wanted to turn back just short of getting there. yes there are gunshots at the beginning but that's because. there is a range not far away. I like the sound of gunshots so thought it was pretty cool. passed lots of horses other dogs and just people in general. we had a blast our two dogs loved it. lots of fun. as for dogs eating horse poop yea it happens dogs love horse shit, tell them to leave it and move oh. I will be visiting this trail many more times!!!

Trail is closed until October 1st for logging. A huge disappointment

nice views

came in on the little mashel falls-bud Blancher trail side. beautiful trail but beware of vicious blue heeler living on the ranch the trail goes by on the right side. my dog was bit and had to turn back. need to try again with out the pup!

1 month ago

Easy hike. Not spectacular, great for a small day hike. Camping available.

1 month ago

We hiked this trail the day after Mt Ellinor and greatly preferred the length and trail conditions. If you like long hikes with gentle grades, combined with doable ascents this is a highly recommended hike. The views at Flapjack Lakes did not disappoint, but it made us wonder if we should have left earlier and tried Gladys Pass. Total length is 15 miles, which we completed in a fairly casual 6.5 hours.

Pretty good hike! Has some nice river views and the elevation gain was enough to break a sweat. The loop goes up first if you go clockwise from the campground. Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists

Did this trail in the pouring rain but was still absolutely beautiful!!

Love this trail for jogging with my kids who bike while I run. My daughter doesn't like pedaling up hills - she's fine with this trail as it is flat plus I get my Mojo seeing the Mountain. You'll be able to see and hear the rushing water of Carbon River along a portion of the trail.

2 months ago

I took my 5 years old . We made it up top and its incredible beautiful. The trail is not crowded at all.

Nice hike with easy access to many beautiful & refreshing swimming holes close to the trailhead very convenient for summer hikes with little ones.

2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! The trailhead is crowded - lots of trails start here. And the first half mile of the trail was a bit busy, but after that we were mostly alone. Yea, it gets steep, but really nothing crazy. Beautiful campground, with sites pretty spread out. A great swim with great views! One annoyance: there is some water flowing between the two lakes - but it was far from our campsite. So drinking water wasn’t as close as we’d like.
Get out there! Enjoy!!

Nice hike. Most of the hike is flat with the exception of the first mile.

Easy and flat, great for my young kids. we parked further away than necessary, lesson learned as it was still quite a hike to the first river access. Fun watching all the fly fisherman and their catches. Our kids loved the cold river and so did our Lab.

Great little hike. However, we didn't use the trail and took an adventure up river. Very scenic. Only downside is the area was a bit sketchy and there was some litter in and around the creek

For some reason I bought a ticket to a 1pm movie, but didn't want to skip out on getting this hike done today. Got to the trailhead at 7:30am and tried to keep my pace brisk the whole way, minimizing any side adventures. I did go out to the riverside to enjoy the panorama.

As many have said, you'll be climbing then descending a bit dramatically right at the start, while the rest is fairly flat with some spurts of ups and downs. Nice mix of experiences: completely silent old growth, dense fern ground cover, river sounds, a variety of bridges, very small water crossings (more like step overs) and a mess of sizable logs and tree roots. It feels like a quintessential pacific northwest hike.

Next time I'll give myself a whole day to explore more of the side paths and maybe even get wet in the river.

And I JUST made it to the theater as the trailers were ending. Whew! It was quite a workout.

Was a nice hike, my family and I discussed that most of it felt easy with the exception of the one hill. It was picturesque but nothing extraordinary. I wouldn’t call this a destination hike but if you are in the area it certainly won’t disappoint you!

2 months ago

Get past the first portion and the poop and gunshots quantity swiftly declines. The falls were nothing special but were a decent marker for getting there. I went a bit past the falls to see what else was going on there and it wasn't too bad. I think I'd like to try the giant 14 or so mile loop at some point. Turned around so it wouldn't be dark before I got back.

A couple things. This should be called the Mima Falls East trail in this app. There are East and West trails according to the DNR maps and signage. The East trail is this trail that takes you to the falls. If you go beyond the falls, you are then on the West trail.

As you are headed in, be sure to follow the Mima Falls East signage. At one point you will come to some signs that give you an option of Mima Falls East or Mima Falls Tie. If this is your first time, just stick to Mima Falls East.

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