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Pretty boring trail, not a lot of access to the water, lots of people, little shade. I did enjoy seeing the goats though.

Scenic and steady hike up. Perfect amount of backpacking-per-day. Springs were great, campground was dispersed. We thought the hike was quite manageable, but we found two texans stranded on the trail with no water and some pretty bad altitude sickness. Creeks are everywhere, so bring a water filter. High avalanche danger in the winter.

Very flat hike. Good for beginners. You pretty much get the same view the whole way, but it's gorgeous! I only went about 3.5 miles in and turned around. Lots of traffic on a Sunday, but the trail is so wide hikers, bikers and runners can enjoy in harmony.

mountain biking
5 days ago

We went for a bike ride, it's a beautiful place, mountains, river, bighorn are some of the things you can enjoy on the walk, an easy way for the little ones.

6 days ago

Great for what we were looking for. Awesome views on the way to panorama point and at panorama point. Some spots were icy but we were wearing hiking boots and we were fine. Make sure to pay attention to signs to not go off the trail!

6 days ago

FYI: You have to pay $7 cash on entry to the park, and there is no human there to give change. You have to put your money in an envelope and drop it in a deposit slot that is too tiny to fit a bunch of coins in (we tried), so make sure you have correct change in bills!

The hike itself offers beautiful views of the mountains from a couple of different lookout points around midway, with most of the trail surrounded by forest. As of 4/15 there is a fair amount of mud on the trail and still a couple small patches of snow/ice, but nothing unmanageable in just boots. It was a nice hike to do with the dogs, and definitely on the easy side of moderate compared to other trails we’ve done. Enough incline to get your heart rate up in a couple places, but easy enough that we saw some people with kids on the trail. For us, hiking from Reverend Ridge campground to Panorama Point and back registered as 3.8 miles and 1 hr 45 mins.

6 days ago

Snow is almost all melted away. Had a hard time figuring out if we had gone on the right path since it converges with other trails. But great views and not too crowded.

This was my first trail I went on and it is also in my home town. the trail was crazy but it was worth it when we got to the first lake it was amazing.

worth the hike! the last mile is tough but the views are spectacular. This is my favorite hike in Colorado.

Did this trail on bike. Very beautiful scenery. Saw mountain goats and Deer right next to us. Kind of windy for a bike ride..down hill was fun!

Incredible! Love the dispersed camping near the trailhead. Wonderful views at every turn!

16 days ago

Really nice trail if you are looking for something easy. I was able to do it with my 2 year old with no problem. wide flat trails are both stroller friendly and easy for little legs. If you are looking for an awesome hike I wouldn't recommend it, but I'll definitely do it again.

17 days ago

I was here on the last day in March and the snow had melted to just a few inches so boots were enough to navigate the terrain. It was quiet and uncrowded and absolutely breathtaking.

Beautiful snow covered trail just don't venture off snow is about 3-4 feet deep. hiked it today in just normal hiking boots.

Did this hike at the end of June with no research on the trail whatsoever. We were simply exploring and happened to find a trail. We hiked all the way to Lake Isabelle before turning around (started late in the day). The trail is very well maintained. There was some snow around the 10,000 foot mark, and some rock scrambling near the end. On our way up we saw a waterfall coming out from a mound of snow and ice high up. We didn't realize until we got to the lake that it seemed to be coming from the lake. The lake itself is serene and beautiful. We were the only ones there. Hike was fairly easy and we would love to do it again maye this time going a little bit further.

One of the best trails I've ever done. We did this trail in early September. Weather was nice and cool and we saw 4 moose while on the trail. We could not finish the trail because they camped up just off the side of the trail. Looking forwarsld to going back and completing it

27 days ago

Crushed fresh pow pow with my snowshoes on 3/23/18 up to the tree line where I turned around due to low visibility

Very easy, nice hike. I was there on a Thursday at 11am and hiked the whole thing to the reservoir. Lots of wildlife, and lots of humans. I was joined on my hike by probably 20-25 people. I can't imagine how crowded it would be on a weekend.

The road to the trailhead is currently closed for construction. I would not recommend until it reopens as it will add miles of pavement hiking.

Snowshoes were needed for this hike. Some spots had avalanche risk. It was a beautiful hike. Also a great place for backcountry skiing.

This trail was spectacular. We parked at the Brainard lot because the road was closed. Three miles to the trailhead, but pretty and easy. Once we hit the trailhead we slapped on our snowshoes and were on our way. Nobody other than a cross country skier was out there. The trail wasn’t overly difficult but we felt the hills. We’re doing it again end of March. Beautiful trail for snowshoeing.

trail running
1 month ago

So, I originally came here to hike but it was all flat, straight trail and decided to trail run and enjoyed the scenic. If you're here to hike, you might get bored since it doesn't have any excitement on trails but if you're a runner, you'd be appreciate the view, wide road to share with bikers and hikers. Ran into lots of mountain goats and it was a bonus. My rating is between 3 to 4, but give 4 stars for a special nature and wildlife experience.

Used snowshoes on a well-packed trail to Naylor Lake. The trail to Silver Dollar is rocky and right near avalanche possibilities (that was our opinion, however, the amount of snow up on the mountains is not significant due to high winds.) It's a short hike up but with the help of alltrails.com, we were able to trek in the deep stuff off trail on the way down. We just had fun and meandered in the 3 ft. of snow off-trail. Thanks AllTrails! We didn't stray too far from the trail either but you don't want to get lost out there!

Gorgeous winter hike. Tough with the extra mileage due to the road closure. Definitely bring snow shoes.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike that highly exceeded my expectations. Favorite aspect being that there is only a short (but steep) trek until you are above treeline in a tundra-like environment (the gulch). There are plenty of areas to explore, including the ridges that surround the area. The snow yesterday was the ideal texture for snowshoeing. Highly recommend.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike that wasn't crowded at all. Snowy in a lot of spots so I would highly recommend using your spikes for traction.

Awesome day! Didn’t make it to heart lake because deep, soft snow led to postholing. Perhaps if we got an earlier start the snow would’ve been a bit better.. Decided to call it a day and turn around. Packed snow for the majority of the trail - micro spikes came in handy! All around great hike - will be back.

One of my favorite hikes of all time, but difficult to navigate due to snow unless you go in July or August. Absolutely gorgeous. The little lake at the top is quite a climb but worth it.

Gorgeous. You absolutely need snowshoes. The road to the trailhead is closed so tack in another 6 miles rt. Awesome trail. Nobody- other than us and a skier out there.

1 month ago

March 3 hike was beautiful, but the last stretch towards Lower Mohawk Lake was a little too sketchy for me. Not much hard pack there. I regretfully had to turn around just after the cabin before the top, because there was nobody else around, didn’t seem very safe. Otherwise almost the entire trail and Spruce Creek Road are both super easy in boots without snowshoes. Highly recommend poles, got icy in parts especially on the way back in late afternoon.

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