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4 hours ago

Great hike! Use the trail map to make sure you find the place to climb up the steep part to get to the top of the mesa... pretty easy in that one spot... recommend taking the secondary wash trail on the way back down... easier to descend through the loose rock

8 hours ago

It’s hot. Very hot. And takes a long time to get there so make sure your car is gassed up and you have plenty of water. Other than that, pretty cool rock formations.

Really rockey and trash everywhere. there are a lot of off shoot paths so it's a bit confusing choosing the main path sometimes

How do you get to the trailhead with the construction going on?

One of our favorites! Our boys (8 & 10 yrs old) loved the challenges with the ropes and never shy away from some good bouldering. They are very experienced hikers though. Make sure your children are up for a challenge and that you can assist down and up the ropes if you plan to bring them. One rope in particular is hanging over water and was not possible for them to traverse but it was only a 6ft drop that we were able to lower them down. Be smart, bring lots of water! Canyon temps run about 15deg higher then Vegas temps. There is an awesome fill station with supplies (salt, sugar, potassium) and instructions about 25 mins into the hike to make a "sports drink". All around amazing hike!

Visiting the Vegas area and this hike ranks top three as the best we’ve ever done. This *did* kick our a$$es (and scraped/bruised elbows, knees, shins, etc). We brought just enough water and snacks in small bags, and were thankful for gloves. Other hikers on the trail were courteous and friendly, and helpful to others who needed help up/down a climb. The views were amazing throughout, and the hot pools were fun to explore. Colorado River was a great mid-hike cool down- take advantage of it before starting back. We will definitely do this one again next time we’re in the area!

This hike is a lot of fun. Takes a couple of hours and involves a lot of rock scrambling. I wore my hiking boots and had no problems with slipping on rocks. The view at the end is amazing. A good activity to get away from the Strip for a few hours.

We absolutely loved this hike!! Right from the start it was awesome! The flowers are blooming everywhere and its gorgeous against the dark canyon walls. It’s not to far until you reach the first hot spring but they are spread out throughout the hike. We had so much fun using the ropes. Another Bonus is the trail leads to the Colorado River! Have fun, bring lots of water.

One of our favorites! Our kids (8 & 10) are experienced hikers and handled it well. Definitely a challenge but well worth it.

Kraft Mountain trail is located at the Calico Basin and you don't need a pass or permit to go hike here. When you start the hike, it is a little bit deceiving...very easy start to the trail - we went round the mountain on the right side when facing it. It starts off very easy and then dips into the canyon with spectacular views of the surrounding canyon walls. About 50 min (5 year old ) into the hike it gets tricky and you will have to climb up some parts to carry on through the canyon. When you get to a part of the trail where it opens up again there is a sign that says trail...but when being new to the area and trail, it was difficult to see where the trail leads (straight on or left - you turn left and hike up the mountain) because it heads up the mountain and that does not have a clear path because of the rock face. We finally bumped into hikers who could show us the way and we headed up and over the mountain. When you make it to the top you have awesome 360 views of the Canyon and surrounding areas. It is an exciting trail.

Beautiful. at times challenging to find trail but we'll worth it

I've done this hike over a dozen times it's a very nice workout hike. I do recommend for those that are not familiar with the hike to bring a small backpack water snacks and definitely some gloves and do come early. be prepared and be safe so you can enjoy other bikes from there on.

So much beauty to enjoy here! Lots of scrambling- just an excellent place to explore.

This trail kicked my ass! But I made it all the way to the Colorado River. The water was amazing and the views were great. Make sure you give yourself enough time that you don’t get stuck out here in the dark like I did. Also bring plenty of water.

11 days ago

Having only heard about Redrock we didn't know what to expect. This is a good hike, but the amount of scrambling makes me think of it as more strenuous than moderate. As you near the top you will find foot ledges just a few inches wide, something that isn't for everyone. That said, explore! We found numerous paths all following the same general trail, some offering more of a hike whereas others are more scrambling.

Some scrambling but so worth it!

Hard hike! Would only suggest bringing your dogs if they are in shape and you can carry them or lift them. There are repels, and i would highly suggest wearing good shoes (but also shoes that could get wet) would also bring water shoes if you make it to the hotsprings and river. Feels like your in a movie with stunning views !

Great trail with beautiful views at the end.

amazing hike. one of our favorites!

Had fun

Fantastic hike. As of today, the ropes are still available to assist in scrambling and scaling some of the larger rock formations down to the river. Very manageable. Will 100% do again soon!

I hike this about once a week, great exercise.

It’s fun. Have some shoes with nice traction that are waterproof or resistant.

This hike is super pretty ! A bit “interesting” to navigate with a few forks, but we had a great time exploring .

It’s a challenge, but so fun if you like a little scrambling.

Goldstrike question. I recently read on Bird and Hike that someone cut the ropes at Goldstrike. People who have hiked it recently, are the ropes in place? We have hiked it many times, without ropes a bit too much for us now. Thanks for your help!

Knee pads and gloves are very helpful!

Really enjoyed the hike, and my dogs loved it, outside of having to be lifted at some parts. Definitely wouldn’t recommend for most dogs.

Great trail!

Beautiful and fun hike. Crowded on a Saturday

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