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well marked, good distance for a day hike, fun scenery

5 days ago

Hiked here on the hottest day of the year in July 2016. It felt really good in the wilderness. It was 10 miles total. Tons of ticks! I had 5 on me within the 24 hours...1 held on for 3 days. only 1 place for water but I was not brave enough to drink it and test out my purification tablets. camped at campsite 7 and all night there were tons of some kind of very large nuts/seeds dropping on our tent and I got no sleep. Beautiful trail. I consider myself a beginner to intermediate hiker but this was my first overnight backpacking trip and it was amazing!

Walked trail 9, 10, 11 it was absolutely breathtaking with some pretty steep inclines which I loved, if your looking for an absolutely amazing day and a good workout with some breathtaking views I recommend this place, i drove 2 1/2 hours to go hiking here with my dog and the entry fee was $8 but that little bit of money for the parking ticket is worth every last cent

7 days ago

The trail was beautiful after a week of rain. Pickle Creek was roaring and every drainage had water in it. The trail itself was in great condition though. We started up Pickle Creek, crossed it in knee deep water to join the north loop and then camped overnight at site 3 on the south loop. We finished up the next morning on the prettiest section of the whole loop.

Stunning views and a tough hike! Definitely bring extra water and take your time back up!

Very pleased with this hike. I went with my father and his dog and my two dogs, and everyone had a good time! The scenery was nice, the natural tunnel was neat, and the hike was a great length for a day hike for us. There are a few water crossings, but they weren't bad.

12 days ago

This was a pleasantly difficult trail. It was much more difficult than expected and we didn't plan accordingly for time while packing a 2-year-old along. Of note, the water crossings at Bee Creek are super confusing. Do not cross when you first hit Bee Creek! Go to the right as far as you can and you eventually have to cross the creek at that point. It was cold, my 18-year-old didn't listen when I told him there would be water crossings, so he ended up in ankle deep water barefoot on 5 occasions instead of the 3 that we really needed to cross. Overall, a great trip. I do agree with some that the views weren't all I expected, but it you are looking for a challenge, this is a great trip. I didn't see backpacking listed on this trail, but there was a nice little primitive site at Bee Creek. I think next time we may make it a 2 day trip and enjoy the area more instead of trying to hurry through to make it back before dark.

I really love this trail. Traveling from Hot Springs, it is close enough to make a full day out of it! I've completed this trail once, and I am going back Wednesday to do this trail plus some more! Also, this definitely is closer to 13 miles instead of the 8 stated above. The steepest parts are around the 4-5 mile marks!

12 days ago

The falls were impressive and a good flow of water was coming down. I couldn’t imagine walking down there just for a trickle because the climb back up is a doozy! Not a long hike by any means but will definitely test your stamina and heart on some sections coming back up. Good times!

13 days ago

Great hike. The washed out bridge is almost done being replaced, so the northern loop should be easily accessible again soon. Did the southern ~9 mile section in clockwise direction in ~3.5 hours. Trail markings are not the best in some spots, particularly near the Bee Creek crossings. It had recently rained, so rocks on some of the steep bits were a bit slippery, and two smaller creeks and the larger Bee Creek involved wet crossings. All three of the Bee Creek crossings involved wading through 8-12 inches of clean fast-flowing water. Great views from the tops of the ridge lines, particularly in the more difficult southern half of the trail.

trail running
15 days ago

This is the worse “trail” I’ve ever run. It’s 1st a swamp and 2nd the equestrian traffic has destroyed what little trail there is.

18 days ago

The trail was beautiful after a week of rain. Pickle Creek was roaring and every drainage had water in it. The trail itself was in great condition though. We started up Pickle Creek, crossed it in knee deep water to join the north loop and then camped overnight at site 3 on the south loop. We finished up the next morning on the prettiest section of the whole loop.

Simply amazing!

Went in March of 2018. The top of the trail head had a chilling breeze but the weather was warm as we went downhill. It was gorgeous despite most of the trees not yet blooming green. It allowed for more views from the heights as we progressed down.

We got off the Trail accidentally traveling down a partially dried creek ending back on the trail at the river and made our way to the falls from there.

Overall a great trail but reveling to ones current cardio fitness on the way back up. I had to stop several times to catch my breath. Totally worth it.

The goat trail is one of my favorite hikes in this area. Easy but rocky downhill hike on the way in and a little challenging coming back out. The amazing views from the bluffs are well worth the effort!

Low water section of trail along Meramec covered. Cut my hike short by 4 miles

I hiked this trail plus several more miles to hw 21. The trail was well maintained as well as the camp sights. You gain elevation quickly and enjoy a challenging hike with rewarding views. Not much water so bring plenty.

I have hiked this trail several times in recent years, but I have never seen so much water in so many of the creek beds as I saw today. I was surprised that the early spring rains created so much runoff. It gave me such a different experience--I loved seeing and hearing the rushing creeks and it was a fun challenge to cross some of them (thank goodness for waterproof hiking shoes!). The area just past the natural tunnel usually has plenty of room to sit; today, that area was under water! I spoke to another hiker who recalled a visit when the creeks were even higher than today and he couldn't navigate many of them. This has become one of my top 3 favorite Missouri State Parks. The caves, high bluffs, creek beds (with and without water), natural tunnel, and changes in elevation make for a solid workout and lots to look at along the way.

well groomed trails. a bit rocky so bring along shoes with plenty of padding.

Great little hike. Definitely not a hard trail. I would say moderate at best.

21 days ago

easy to follow, well kept and all around great trail!

22 days ago

This was a surprising trail. We added this loop onto our centerpoint trail to give us more miles. It turned out to be a new favorite. The creek is beautiful and a good place for water. There were several spots along creek with fire rings and flat spots to camp. There were some old cars abandon Apple orchards and a tough uphill climb.

Favorite trail so far...a bit of everything I like when it comes to hiking...I wouldn’t say this trail is for those looking for something easy...I hiked all of the North Trail...can’t wait to explore the rest!!

Definitely not as hard as it's rated. Not a ton of up and down....we did it with kids and it took us only 4.5 hours.

27 days ago

This is a fun hike, is mostly covered, and has a breathtaking overlook at the end! We went up on the west side trail and down on the east, though you could easily choose the opposite. There are camp sites along the east side. The east side also has bluff overlooks and waterfalls, but it is more rocky. If you’re starting on the west side, make sure to not turn prematurely when you’re getting close to the top - pass the road closed sign on the trail as the trail shoot off for spy rock is clearly marked with brown/yellow wooden signs. There’s great hammocking and two camp sites at top of spy rock! Might have to pay $3 for parking so bring cash.

1 month ago

Did this back in 1979. Visited Hemmed in Hollow. Beautiful scenery !

I’d say “moderate” is a fairly conservative rating. Pretty rocky in places and the uphill hike back is no joke. My legs are gonna be worthless in the morning. However, the views were worth every step. Absolutely incredible!

Great trail. Took our group 3 hours total hike time, but need to factor in rests and such if hiking with group. We started late at Dogwood area (left our car in Fern Campground) and hiked 2.2 miles to primitive camping beside Bee Creek. Hiked out next morning. Don’t park at the Sky Trail trailhead as the bridge is out and you won’t be able to get back to it. Walk back to car is close to a mile. Skyline Trail is only -8 miles but first 4 are the most difficult and along some ledges. Enjoy!

1 month ago

Very good hike. Challenging. Well marked. Trekking poles a must. Great scenery. Several lookout points. Endurance is also a must for older generation.

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