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14 hours ago

Awesome hike! Did this two days ago and loved how it gave total views of Mt. St. Helens, the blast zone, and the forrest. Lots of trails are still closed, and the overlook doesn’t open until May 16th, so check in with the visitor center to see which trails will be open for you to use.

Signs are awful. Crowded. But amazing views

Not as muddy any more. Not too crowded compared to other gorge trails.

Beautiful hike! Quite a bit of snow, so hiking boots/snow boots are ideal footwear. Long hike, but falls were worth it!!

Just a little snow at the top! Great hike.

Great hike! Trail start is across the parking lot crossing the street. At a steady pace it will take you a good 2 1/2hours stoping once along the way to eat. We started around 12;30pm and arrived around 3:00pm to the waterfall. Great views along the way, with many small falls. One of the best hikes I have done. This will be the best time to do it since it's not so hot and not so cold and the trail is very green with a lot of moss around the trees. A lot of great spots to overnight camp next yo the river!! Do it!!!

great views. very snowy on april 18 2018. extra gear needed to reach the top due to weather that time.

3 days ago

Nice hike. Waterfalls are beautiful. Got a few peeks at Mt Hood. Took the northern path on the return, walked through shin deep snow mid April. Shoulda had our gators on with our waterproof boots :). Great hike all around.

Great climb! I recommend microspikes and poles, still lots of snow on the last mile. I took the old trail up and down.

An incredible trail that is well worth the hike. I was a bit out of shape so it was a little harder than I expected. We got up early so we could beat everyone onto the trail which is a great general rule if you want to keep at your own pace.

The views are incredible. One of my absolute favorite hikes.

Definitely a tough hike. Went up the old trail and down the new. Old trail was pretty wet/muddy for the first 1.5miles. snow and ice the last mile. Snow was super soft the last half mile push and was tough even with microspikes. the new trail seems exceptionally easy albeit long after the steep climb up. Fun and challenging trail though.

Perfect Sunday hike, a light rain and some muddy spots. But it is all well worth it when you get to the falls. Absolutely breathtaking! !

8 days ago

Just did this trail yesterday. Be advised that it is super muddy and slippery right now, so to add some extra time into your plans to compensate for moving a bit slower. But it’s a great hike.

Area Status: Unreachable

Heading back soon as I was unable to complete due to work ;( Expect this trail to take a minimum of 3 hours at a decent pace (3 mph average)

Went last weekend. Good hike. It is difficult. This was my first time doing it. I look forward to doing in the summer time. I would highly recommend taking micro spikes. My dad did it without but it was much more difficult.

Hiked this on 9/13. Very wet and rainy day and lots of deep puddles on the trail. The route was pretty well marked and there were 4 foot bridges over the streams (which looked like raging rivers because it was raining so hard). We decided to take the Heartbreak Ridge to the top and ran into snow that covered the rocks on the scramble. We got almost to the “pole” on HB Ridge and scrambled back down...definitely steep and challenging! We clocked 17.75 Miles on my iwatch...

so gorgeous...

absolutely amazing, pretty grueling at the very end, but absolutely worth it

I'm not sure how the trails get their rating and I am not an expert, but I really think that this is not a moderate trail.
We shuttled from the trail head to Shady Cove campground. The hike from that end starts out very pleasant and pretty easy. Around a mile and a half to two mile in that all changes. You climb up out of the river bed in switch backs that become more and more rocky as you go. When you reach the top you have to go back down. The trail becomes very narrow and very rocky. When you get to the river you turn around and start back up again.
We went after a heavy rain. This made the river amazing and beautiful but it also made the creeks feeding into the river very fast and deep. There were three crossings that did not have a bridge. Two had logs laid across. One of those was very smooth and very slippery. The last crossing did not have any logs. We had to cross up stream, off the trail, on a tree that was laying across and on the far side was about 6 feet off the ground. I understand that the heavy rain was the cause of the full creeks but something should be said about that lack of safe crossings.
It is a wonderful hike with so much to look at. I just think people should be made aware that it is not moderate. It is a very difficult hike if you are not prepared.

12 days ago

The best overnight backpacking trip so far, we can’t wait to go back!

Great views, easy hike, beautiful roaring waterfall

Awesome..made it today inspite if severe snow storm & rain...

14 days ago

We checked this trail out after doing the Hall of Moss loop. We went about half way to Tom Creek Trail. It was pouring rain! Trail was very muddy so def need some good hiking shoes if you plan on going soon. This trail was nice you get more moss, big trees and a view of the river.

If you hike the loop, eventually the trail splits. Someone has placed logs across the trail you should NOT take.

15 days ago

Nice trail, although the trail was kind of muddy. We hiked out of the woods in a more open area and we spotted lots of beautiful common garter snakes. Bald eagles all over the place.
Gilette lake is not that special but on a sunny day it is enjoyable.
Looking to the west...who are those two rocky persons sitting on top of that isolated rock? Is one of them wearing a hat?

18 days ago

Great view but bring spikes for the last 400 meters

18 days ago

This is legitimately the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. We went up here yesterday and it was such a lovely day and it was early enough in the season that it wasn't near as crowded as the other time I came here last summer, which was perfect. Highly recommend this to everyone!!!

18 days ago

Ignore my stars.. I just wanted to give an update on the road conditions. We tried getting to the trail head yesterday and found quite a bit of snow still on the road heading to the trailhead. We were traveling in a 4WD crossover, which did fine, but the snow progressively increased and the road narrows with 3 miles still to go. We decided to turn back in case it became too deep and we didn’t have the ability to turn around down the road. It would be passable with snow tires or maybe a little bit bigger car. In reality our car would have probably done fine but it made me a little nervous. We will definitely be back to do this hike in the future!

18 days ago

First timer and loved it!
Thanks to my buddy who knows this place like the back of hands. I hope to be back to enjoy the spring full bloom.

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