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We parked at a little pull-off on a side road near where we think the trail begins. You'll know it by the garbage and spent shotgun shells someone thoughtfully left behind.

The road is rough, but dry. Any SUVs should be suitable. The trail was dry and not too hard to find if you just head into the little canyon. Short, rocky hike suitable for anyone. We saw little shoeprints from some little people on the way, and I'd imagine children down to age 7 or so could do this. The petroglyphs were worth the modest effort! Please discourage people from touching the glyphs or making their own.

Very pleasant short hike with my four year old son.

Nice hike on a Spring morning. Disappointed at the end. Excavation at the hole with a big pipe sticking out of it. Haven't been able to find out what it was for. Anyone else have any answers?

Good trail. met lots of people. if you don't like hiking UP, then Ddon't do this one. The waterfall was beautiful. parts of the trail you need to be very careful with foot placement.

Nice little hike! Enjoyed the little creek and gazebo on the way. Beautiful view of washoe lake! Kid friendly

So far...favorite hike in the Tahoe-Reno network of trails.

Breathtaking views once you get past 7500 feet.

Would highly recommend.

Trail temporarily closed because of erosion.

I hiked this trail up to Mt. Rose Meadows in October. Beautiful, looking at all the leaves changing colors in the fall and there’s a forest of aspen trees. It’s a peaceful hike make sure you bring a lunch and plenty of water.

Loved this trail! Went with four dogs, they loved it as well. We only saw one other group of people hiking the entire trail. The beginning was all up hill but totally worth it when you get to the top.

Was glad that I added this into my morning. Love the creek sounds. Not too long so it's easy to squeeze in.

8 days ago

All of the trails in Galena are great! The easy access from Reno and the instant mountain terrain. This is a nice trail. Perfect for when you're looking for something quick.

great city trail, steep, and quiet once you venture in and up. Not much shade.

Slightly muddy. At the hole there is a significant amount of water so no going in. Three boys 7, 8, and 9, had no issues. Took alternate trails back. Phone worked the whole way so I knew we were ok, but honestly youre never out of sight of civilization.

10 days ago

Beautiful hike, with great views. The trail was a pretty snowy/muddy at parts, but still hikeable. I was recommended this hike by a volunteer at Galena visitors center and it did not disappoint.

11 days ago

A nice hike that is close to the city of Reno. Trail can get really muddy during wet seasons and crossing the river can be challenging when the river is high. Great views throughout and a satisfying waterfall at the end. I've done this trail in summer and winter and it was a good experience both times. A lot of other hikers and dogs.

I'm glad that I chose a day with a wind advisory to hike this trail. With the raging wind, I wasn't able to hear the traffic on the nearby highway. I was still able to hear the river and enjoyed that. Lots of Aspen's growing along the creek. Lots of Private Property signs. Not many large pine trees until the very end. Lots of sagebrush for most of the trail.

This is a nice hike along a pretty river. The river is very full this time of year, but not over it's banks. Walking the river on this side of the highway does indeed make you appreciate the lack of houses on the other side. There are Aspen's growing along the river for most of the trails length. I'm sure it's very pretty in the fall. Interesting fallen log bridge at the end of the trail. Not much past that, but fun to climb the natural bridge.

What a fun trail! It was nice to be in the trees again after waiting for the snow to melt, and this was a great first trail of the season. Lots of water in the creek at this time of year, but still very passable.

trail running
13 days ago

Did an approx 7 mile run from white creek trail to dry pond and there was very little if any ice/mud on the way. The pond was full of loud frogs that made for an awesome halfway point to relax to listen to them.

15 days ago

Great hike. A little busier than I would like.

Definitely labeled correctly as “hard”, although my report won’t be completely accurate being we did this hike yesterday April 7 2018, not expecting the entire back half of the Loop to be snow, some places thigh deep. Thankfully there was one set of footprints and this app to keep us on the path until our phones died. There was no cell service either. It was quite a trek getting around the loop-we weren’t sure if we should turn around or keep going but we pressed forward and made it around the whole loop.

We crossed the rushing stream 3 times via log bridge.

The views and surroundings were spectacular. We will definitely do this hike again once the snow melts.

Nice hike beautiful views

Nice, easy hike. Rarely out of sight of the subdivisions, but a nice area for a casual walk.

19 days ago

Easy fun hike. Stopped along the way to enjoy the sounds

It will awesome when the water recedes a bit we couldn't get to the dock

Good gravel, circular path that was perfect for our dogs! 360 views. I will keep coming back because it’s perfect for my dogs.

Im not sure I would consider this a moderate trail but it was an amazing canyon hike! The trail can be a little difficult to find at times but a great adventure finding your way through. Bring plenty of water or a filter with you because it's long and hot. The stream was flowing but I do not know if it's seasonal. Such a cool little spot just outside of town. Petroglyphs at the end!

21 days ago

Being my first “trail” in Nevada perhaps I’m a bit biased...I thought it was beautiful and I very much enjoyed it. It was an easy walk for me and the perfect challenge for my one and three year olds.

We didn’t quite make it to the reservoir as we turned back due to snow a little past the water tanks. The views were beautiful out to the Carson Valley below. It is a steady climb (but I’m 70) and we determined to come back in a few weeks. This would NOT be a good summer hike - I’d drive up a different route. But there is plenty of water for the dogs in a creek most of the way. Can’t wait to try it again in the Spring and Fall and see the lake and fish.

Wow. This hike Is now in my top five in Reno. I have hiked almost every other trail, and this one was the most challenging, with the best views hands down!. I went on a weekday around 1 o’clock and there was virtually no one else on the trail with me and my dog. Wide set trail with changes in terrain and up hill almost all the way. The view even just 3 miles in of the whole city of Reno is jaw dropping. I can’t wait to come back and hike the full thing - will definitely be an accomplishment.
This is NOT the hunter creek trail, nowhere near it (this one is up past scolaris), and the directions take you right to the trail head. I would definitely keep the map open as you’re going the first couple Of miles if you want to follow the main trail. There are a lot of off shoots and you can lose the main trail easily without looking at the map.
Highly recommend this for a good workout!

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