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1 day ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Definitely one you start before 3 in the afternoon. Beautiful views from walkers knob!!

Girlfriend and I took two dogs. I wouldn’t consider this a hard hike. It’s a little steep at the beginning.

I’ve hiked this section quite a few times and it never gets old. One of the most beautiful hikes in Eastern US in my opinion. Be prepared for any kind of weather.

Steep hills and an awesome view on top of the mountain.

So far it has been my favorite hike. It was a beautiful day and early spring so the trees have not bloomed and you get a view most of the way up. I would say it’s on the harder side of moderate. I definitely plan to do this on again.

10 days ago

First time hiking this trail. I did get lost on Natureland Trust. It looked as if there had been a lot of rain previously where trees and rocks were washed down on the trail in some spots; however, I did find an amazing view of the waterfall. Be careful on Natureland Trust Trail-easy to loose markers in spots. Fantastic group of trails-especially Natureland Trust. Definitely NOT for children. You will need hiking boots. From advice here, I took the strenuous paths first and do recommend that! I did #11 to #12, #14, #13, back to #11 and parking. With my off the trail excursion, around 9 miles and it took me around 4 hours. Will do this hike again!

This group of trails kicked my butt! I went up the stair side of High Falls Shoals Loop, then on to Upper Falls Trail, and came down Headquarters Trail. The waterfall and rock formations were really cool, and there were some decent mountain views along the rest of the trails. The ascents on the first half of the loop were insane, but at least it made for an easier second half on the way down.

The trail continues after the waterfall when starting from the state rd. It’s well marked and not very difficult. 6 months pregnant and didn’t have any issues. Keep an eye on your feet though, as the trail is rocky and full of roots you can trip on if you’re not paying attention.

Hiked on August 2, 2017. It was foggy and misty but with regular breaks of sunlight. This is one of the best hikes I have ever done. Magical views of Glacier National Park; water, multi-colored rocks, sunlight, greenery and wildflowers everywhere. The top down hike was still challenging enough and the park shuttle back to the parking lot was much appreciated!

I hiked the full loop from the base yesterday. Cedar Ridge trail up to Brinegar cabin then across the park on the Bluff Mountain trail before coming back down the mountain on Flat Rock Ridge. Please do not attempt the full loop unless you are in very good physical condition. It was 17.4 miles total, and I think this time of year (late March) is a great time for it as the lack of foliage means that the entire length of the trail has gorgeous views. This is one of my favorite places.

17 days ago

This trail leads to nowhere, it was very steep uphill battle of very soupy wet trails, to just end up going right back down the mountainside. No good views or special features in my opinion. Craggy gardens trail is straight across from this entrance and i would recommend that trail over this one any day.

Just did this hike and really enjoyed it. A surprisingly busy area. My GPS had it at 9.3 so something is going on there, I wonder if parts of the trail have been re-routed, especially on the down side of Dismal Trail. Certainly some rough spots and the climb up the valley on Natureland can be tough. The only reason I rated this 4 instead of 5 was that I never found a way to get close to the falls, other than going over the top on the suspension bridge.

Great trail, lots beautiful views, family friendly

First time doing this trail. Completed the Raven Cliffs Falls, then decided to go down the purple/pink trail. It was hard! Before you embark on the trail, do make sure you have food and water as the sign says. However, I completed (looped around the bleu trail and then back on the red trail/raven cliff falls) the whole trek at 8.28 miles in a little over 4 hrs (including getting lost a few times) according to my gps. But I went without taking breaks and fueled up as I progressed.
Views were okay . The bridge was okay. Not my favorite hike but definitely a good workout! Raven cliff falls and the bleu trail would be good for running so I will probably do those again in the future.

Awesome trail, but it somehow turned into an eleven mile trek. Take lots of water, some food and be sure to leave in enough time to get back before dark.

We completed this hike yesterday. We went clockwise leaving Moore’s knob until last. That’s a difficult climb to end with but I didn’t feel like heading up a mile of steps at the beginning. Next time we will try counterclockwise, starting at Moore’s knob. It was very beautiful and satisfying to complete. Not much traffic except around hanging rock. Fantastic views. Take plenty of water. My son who has had four heart surgeries managed this without difficulty, so not too bad at all. Great day hike.

trail says about 8 miles but my GPS had us over 11. take on dismal trail by coming from raven cliff falls trail. that sends you down the hard way first and the end will be easy, me and my fiancee went backwards unknowingly and it was rough. definetly the most difficult trail I've hiked. but it's very rewarding.

loved this trail, climbing the rocks was fun along with the three ladders. when you go up the second ladder , hold on and look back .. great view. windy at the top so we had a snack at the shelter with some other hikers. the downed plane was my favorite part.

This trail was a butt kicker! But absolutely worth it! 7.5 miles total, crazy terrain, pretty views and a workout!

this trail is awesome. good views. good challenge. totally worth it rain or shine, heat or cold. :)

24 days ago

MODERATE - not sure this should be rated as easy. The hill climb is good - not the worst - but a good workout. The view at the top is totally worth it. I started at the far end of the lot and went in that way - up the first John Rock summit trail and down the second and instead of heading back the same way took the Cat Gap Bypass trail which was awesome past some great waterfalls etc. this adds to the hike - about 1.6 additional miles if you have time do it.

It’s an uphill battle most of the way through relatively heavily wooded area, but the end result is worth the wait. Some of the best views of the Blue Ridge in the Hendersonville area. Highly recommend.

26 days ago

The family (40, 39, 11, and 8) and I hit this today. Great weather (70)! Did the falls, knob and summit. Wonderful views. A little overgrown, but good challenges and pleasant switchbacks.

27 days ago

really fun hike, definitely worth the climb. just be careful not to miss the switch back, or else you'll end up on a goat path that leads no where.

Great trail with multiple levels of waterfalls, well built stairs go up most of the way.

Spent the night at the shelter and had some challenging weather on our hike out to 19. Harbor hostel folks took great care of us with a fairly priced shuttle back to carvers. Should have at least a couple overnighters in before attempting this one IMO.

We walked the raven cliff falls trail(#11) to the Gum Gap/Foothill trail(#13) to the Naturaland Trust Trail(#14) up the Dismal trail(#12) back up the raven cliff falls. It was cold raining and sleeting. Awesome trail. So much to see and not a very difficult trail. Walking up the dismal however is a challenge. Don’t go up that trail if you aren’t in shape or not up for a pretty good challenge. You can always go down that and up around the opposite way we went. All in all a fantastic hike and a really fun time. We did a little extra hiking and did right at 10 miles in about 4 and 1/2 hours. Good challenge. Fun trip

I also reccomend doing Moore's Nob first (counterclockwise). I started with Hanging Rock first, met a busload of 3rd graders coming down the trail and an additional 15 or so at the top. Maybe that'll thin-out if you do it last. Its definitely an easier finishing segment. I did the entire loop and the map shows about 10 miles, my phone shows closer to 11. Eating lunch, sightseeing, little more than 5 hours.

Hiked it this morning for the first time. The recent rain made some parts a little more challenging. Over all the loop starts off easy and then gets very hard once you get on Naturaland and Dismal. Early morning fog made for some great views from the trail as well as the near by overlook at the park office.

Beautiful views , diversified terrain with some pretty strenuous climbs .... 50 mile an hour winds on one of the peaks .... significant downhill section near end ... if you are looking for a hostel / bar / food at the end of this section try The Station at 19E , they really take care of hikers .

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