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Great little hike, decent incline with a beautiful, clear blue lake at the end. Bring a picnic! Get here early or go mid week as it gets crowded and parking can be difficult. Make sure to park legally, they will tow you. Trail is marked well but the trails that link up from this trail can be hard to spot.

Excellent option if you like The Narrows, this is a much less populated water trail. Neoprene socks keep your feet warm in the cold creek water. First half of the hike is a bit exposed but the 2nd half is shaded in the narrow canyons.

All time favorite

3 days ago

Such an amazing place to push your limits! I did the whole Paria canyon and buckskin gulch in a five day trip in mid March, and it was incredible. Can’t wait to go back. I’m 5’ 10”, and the water level in some places were up to my chest. Weather was kinda cold but not freezing.

nature trips
4 days ago

Beautiful hike. Did it 2 days ago. We only had hiking boots. Micro spikes would have been helpful. At the time, nobody had reached the bridge in the meadows so it was very deep and unable to cross in just boots.

Amazing hike!! Did this in April, Started from wire pass and went right at the fork. Saw petroglyphs in many of the rocks. Didn’t see any other hikers until about 6 miles from the camp. There is tons of water anywhere from ankle to shoulder deep. The water is ice cold! Only one pool was difficult due to sticks and logs gathered at the end of it. We got to the huge boulders and didn’t have rope, we found a small hole and got through super easily. Highly recommend this hike!!!

It was a good hike. Rocky but good. The second half was still covered in snow making it hard to navigate the rocks. The view was spectacle. Our dogs did good on this hike too.

12 days ago

Went all the way to the base of the twin peaks with just spikes. Trail is well packed all the way to the meadow. Could make it to the bridge without spikes but any further you’d want/need them for safety. Once to the meadow and beyond it was pretty soft in some sections. Snowshoes would definitely be helpful but not completely necessary. It was a gorgeous hike.

We like to hike up on the left side of the river. It's nice and shady much of the way. Can't wait to hike it again!

13 days ago

Ample parking available, fee and permit required (both supplied at trailhead). Lot filled up by mid-morning on a Sunday in early April, so arrive early, especially in the summer.

As of 4/8, the falls are at peak flow. The trail up to Vista point and the Eagle Creek Bridge is mostly clear of snow. Past the upper falls, the trail is ~90% covered in snow, but easily followable due to heavy traffic. Snowshoeing is an option, but it's entirely doable in hiking boots and trekking poles.

The lake is still frozen over with some flowing water near the Eastern tip of the lake. Snow covers the surrounding bowl and peaks, while the Eagle Lake Trail continues up (to Dicks Lake) through snow and ice. We turned back after reaching the lake despite our initial plan to ascend to vista point at 7,300; snowshoes would help that climb.

Though the waterfall was great and the gorges remarkably powerful, the trail was travelled and lacked the Tahoe backcountry feel. It's a great opportunity (especially when the snow melts) for families, dogs, etc. to visit an alpine lake, but full-day hikers should look elsewhere. Nearby Dicks/Fontanillis Lakes, Lake Aloha via Ralston Peak, or Tallac via Gilmore Lake are quality alternatives.

Keep in mind that the trailhead is near Lower Eagle Falls, Vikingsholm, Emerald Bay, and Cascade Falls. Pairing this hike with nearby landmarks would make for a full day.

This hike is beautiful! Be prepared to get wet! I experienced a traffic jam at the falls because of a bunch of rowdy college kids, but other than that it was perfect. Pretty crowded.

13 days ago

Lovely loop walk, currently still covered in snow so wear good shoes!

Family with 6yo girl, 11 yo boy, 14yo girl and a 3 year old Brittney spaniel. Absolutely loved this hike. Saw a snake in the water, we all screamed but kept going. The ladder at the first fall was easy up and scary down. Dog didn’t make it up so we called the top of the first falls the end destinAtion for the day. I would say that “ladder” pushed our comfort level to the brink.

Wow!! Our first hike in Utah and it do not disappoint!! Did both waterfalls, definitely glad we had water shoes, and a hiking stick was helpful as well. Saw many families and even a few dogs. HIGHLY recommend this hike!!

Beautiful hiking trail! Keep in mind that there is a ten dollar cash fee to park at the trail head.
The trail it’s self tho has a few points where you have to slightly rock climb but they aren’t too difficult. The first little while is mostly dry but by the end it’s almost entirely water. Since it’s winter runoff the water is pretty cold so I would recommend wearing water proof socks or puddle jumpers. If not, you’ll make it, it’ll just be a little colder.

I usually hike the trail on the north side of the river, but I opted to try out the hike on the South side last night. It is interesting how different the 2 trails are. The South side is such a nice wide well maintained trail but is far away from the river that you can only hear it in the distance. The North side is a narrow trail that hugs the river so there is scenic views all along the trail. The South side has a nice straight shoot view of the falls, but kept hiking hoping to get closer and I never found an amazing view point of the falls. I will have to do research but I watched for Kairns to direct me to the great scenic spot and there was a only 2 ok far away spots that were along the trail. The North trail gets hard to follow up by the falls and if you miss a Kairn you can easily get lost. You are so close to the falls, but most routes to get close to the falls are precarious and a little dangerous to get down to the falls to actually see them. There have been people who have died here with just a slip and if you end up in the water here you are just done for. I think I still like the trail on the North side better for the views along the river are so amazingly beautiful, but that is not the official trail they want you to be on. So be careful when you get up to the falls and try to keep in your mind the landmarks of where those Karin's are so you can get back on the trail safely.

17 days ago

Absolutely beautiful trail! We tried it out last weekend (beginning on April) and brought snowshoes. I don’t think you necessarily NEED snowshoes but I think it made it a lot easier and more fun because we were sliding around or falling into the slush. This trail is dog friendly and my dog had a BLAST. The views on the way to the lake are breathtaking, and getting to the lake was so gorgeous. My dog got to swim around a bit and it was just a 3-ish mile hike round-trip. There are a few parts that have slight incline but overall it was a pretty mellow hike. I will definitely be back!

Amazing hike which provides you with a “canyoneering” type experience without the rappel or requiring a wet suite. Just be aware you need $10 cash to park at the trailhead.

19 days ago

Uphill climb the whole way, but not too bad. Snow is all but gone and there are only few slick spots left. To reach the base of the falls, at the fork with a sign go left. About 30 feet up on the left you’ll see a side trail that’s a short, steep descent to a well traveled path. This brings you to the base of the falls where the magic really is.

Great hike, takes some time to get up or down the first waterfall while waiting for other people but once we got above the second waterfall there were almost no people. I would definitely recommend waterproof hiking boots over water shoes, my feet were warm and dry all day long.

22 days ago

The trail is mostly clear now--there are some long ice sheets in the last half mile before the turnoff to the falls. I had microspikes, but I suspect you won't need them if you trust your shoes. Waterfall was lovely--the 2 mile trail to the waterfall is more interesting when things are greener than they are now. The dead horse is still off to the side of the trail.

23 days ago

Best day hike I have done. I hiked BG in March. The first hour was dry. The second hour was in and out of a couple dozen pools that ranged from knee to waste deep (I am 5’6”). My neoprene socks and pants helped me stay warm because it was 30 degrees but my feet stayed numb throughout because I only went with 2mm. My bf had 5mm and was much more comfortable. After an hour in the pools, the canyon opens up and I warmed up a bit but quickly hit the deeper pools known as the cesspools which are chest and neck deep. One has a rock slide into the pool which if you slide down it will submerge you. If you stay to the left there are small steps down and the left side is slightly higher (stay to the right on the return). Started at 8:30AM and got back to the trailhead at 4:20PM. I didn’t use poles so my knees and ankles were sore the next day. We only saw one other couple during the hike and were mostly alone with the exception of some people at the beginning of the trail.

Super fun hike! The first mile or so of the trail is dry but the rest of it is in the water. The water is a little high right now and dirty. It makes it a little difficult to see what you’re stepping on. Hiking sticks are recommended. Also, since the water is all winter runoff, it’s really cold water. We bought and wore knee length water proof socks that saved the day. The second set of ladders when we went were pretty impassable due to the higher and cold water as well as the amount of water flowing over the ladder. Overall, one of my all time favorites!

on White Pine Lake Trail

1 month ago

Challenging trail especially in the snow because some areas aren't very packed so you end up knee deep or more. Most people choose the Red Pine Trail over this one because it's a little shorter and a little less steep. This one is more peaceful because there were no other hikers just two skiers. I'll definitely try this one again when everything is thawed out more.

fun hike !!!

Absolutely gorgeous. Be prepared to run into water during the winter months. We came across knee deep water in Feb.

This is by far one of my favorite hikes I've ever done. However you need to time it right, this is one of the more popular hikes in the local area so sometimes there are long lines to get up and down the ladders.

Loved this trail. Lots of beautiful scenery, and in late July the wildflowers were even more beautiful than the mountains! Ran into a moose sitting in the middle of the trail! It’s a bit of a challenge, but incredibly worth the effort!

High return on investment in this short hike to a beautiful lake. Right now there’s a lot of packed snow and some ice on the second half of the trail. Micro spikes were helpful.

This is the second time I have been on the trail. Two days ago the weather was perfect but yesterday it warmed up and the snow melted and turned to ice. The entire trail was icy and dangerous. We made it there and back and still had fun but just a warning to be careful after warm days!

Still beautiful and would do again!

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