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8 days ago

Amazing. Very wooded trail & heavily forested.
Back-country Trail & NOT official, therefore not maintained !

Was pouring the whole way & had been raining last few days, so not the best time to visit perhaps for many. Muddy, large puddles, slippery, etc. But then having said that, on the bright side all the streams were boasting great roaring flows (& yes many streams to cross & lots of tree roots, large stones. Be careful sometimes the sturdy looking log/root/stone wobbles unexpectedly while the precarious looking one performs surprisingly stable !!).

I was doing the hike alone & then also rushed it coz started late. Gate closes 7pm.
Full return from Kennedy Falls took exactly 3.5 hrs BUT I would strongly recommend taking the time to do this. And that's the whole point anyways. Or else can be quite painful on joints and also dangerous. Typically 4.5 hrs would be reasonable.

---Proper foot wear---Proper foot wear---Proper foot wear--..........IS A MUST !!!

For rainy days need to be adequately prepared. Poncho worked best for me along with highly water-proof hiking boots. No real place to sit & picnic, etc. More like a full walk return hike with almost no stopping. Of course the falls at the end are completely worth it. However during drier times, might be possible to find a clearing or two enough to take rest but do need to carry a mat or something along to lay on the ground.

Definitely not for the casual hikers out there.
Need to be aware of surroundings & always on the look-out (mostly for correct foot placement but I've read in other reviews that Bear sightings have occurred).
Trail marking wise I would say not bad but not super easy either. Sometimes did have to look around for the next one. So better always to start early while daylight lasts. You really don't want to be caught in this place after dark.

Would do it again at the slightest chance !!

8 days ago

The look out along the way is a really nice way to have a break, grab a drink and stretch a bit. It’s a little bit like Grouse Grind but closer to nature rather than man made. The view when you get up top is very nice.

Beautiful lake but to popular

Took me and a little dog 2 hrs to the top and then 1.5 hrs back to the bottom. Only saw one stream on the way up so bring your own water for the dog. Lots of roots for the second half of the hike so bring good footwear. Not too much room at the top to enjoy the view as compared to say, Quarry Rock. No bugs right now but was windy and chilly.

Awesome trail. Even on a cloudy day the trail was great. Took me two hours to go up, without any stop and three hours to go down, taking my time picking up mushrooms and berries. A bit hard to find the Howe Sound Crest trail at first but once you've find it, it's very easy to find your way to the top. (Tip: Follow Howe sound EAST trail). I highly recommend this one !

Be careful with the GPS! The link took me to a very dangerous steep and rocky forest service road the bisects the actual trail! Never made the hike as I was almost didnt make it up the road in my non-4x4 4 cyclinder engine :(

Bring a good group of friends and the proper hiking gear for an amazing hike. Theres nothing quite like sleeping in the forest or on one of these beaches. The views alone are well worth it.

16 days ago

This was my first “real” hike.. newbie here.. it was hard but so worth it! We got lucky with the fog lifting just as we reached Eagles Bluff. It gets busy quickly so I suggest going before 9 am.

wait for a sunny day, the vistas are amazing

20 days ago

This is one of my favorite shorter hikes. The views are pretty standard for most of the climb, but the panoramic views at the top are gorgeous.

21 days ago

First, this is not a lightly trafficked trail. I hiked it today with hundreds of others. Ruined it for me. And so many dogs off leash!

But the hike itself is perfect if you’re not looking to commit a full day. Steep and long enough to know you’ve had a workout with picturesque lakes to stop at and a beautiful view from the top.

Overall, wonderful picturesque lake destination. Be aware that there are lots of boulders..... you require high ankle support hiking boots if you are camping and carrying a heavy backpack. A nice variety of terrain. Long stretch of boulders during the trek and also when arriving at the lake.... the boulders are very technical to get to the camp site. We saw lots of dogs on the trail. Oh, final thing, there is a newly painted and beautiful hut! A special shout out to the BCMC Team upgrading and working hard at making the trail enjoyable!

It was a good hike with some steep parts. View was ok. Wasn’t marked very well, we had to back track a couple times...lots of people asking if they were going in the right direction, especially at the beginning. Busy place too, I prefer a quieter, less travelled hike.

28 days ago

A lot of elevation, and the trail was much longer than the map. I had 23.6 km there and back. Fantastic panoramic views of backcountry, and we got to see a black bear at 15ft. Amazing hike; definitely need the right gear with experience. And take lots of water.

4WD HIGH CLEARANCE IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Amazing hike with a beautiful lake but do not try with 2WD

It was misty with rain today. We did the 16km hike that's including the loopback from the west side. The view was not clear from the viewpoint. It was steep to go down from the Diez vista. You must pay attention to the trail markers otherwise you may go the wrong way. all in all, it was a beautiful hike . Be prepared, I recommend footwear with ankle support. we used hiking poles and they definitely helped on the way down .we did the full hike no shortcuts .great hike!

This is a classic. not easy though. not too dog friendly. best as an over-nigher or as an extension to the HSCT. i must do you BCer's

This is a world class hike if you do the whole thing. Not easy; depending on access point. its one or two days for the whole thing. But just going to St. Marks is a great half day hikes with views of Howe Sound and Vancouver Island.

cant do until Summer too much snow.

1 month ago

Amazing views at lake. This is a westcoast trail its not Garibaldi. tough slog if camping over night. 5 star views, 2 star trail. We stayed over night it was 6 hours up with a heavy pack. Quite, not much traffic.

1 month ago

Great low elevation hike tat can be done almost year round. Nice views of Deep cove and dog friendly area. it can take up to 6 hours. just going to the second viewpoint is good if you only have 2 or 3 hours.

This beautiful mountain makes you work to get there... but it’s worth it. This hike is rated as difficult but you get to say you did three peaks!: Grouse, Dam and Crown If you’re got more mettle than us you can start from the base of Grouse mountain and do the Grind. That will add about another hour up. We enjoyed a little help w the initial elevation via the gondola;)
The hike felt was well marked and the path is easily seen. We took the Ridge route instead of Alpine but they both meet up to descend Dam mountain. That’s right you once you peak Dam you drop down first to start your clamber up Crown. On descending Dam you get the aid of chains down some steep rock and root sections which my boys enjoyed... me too!
On reaching the start of Crown, there is a marker that states challenging: steep sections, scree, 1.9km to peak. It’s correct. Maybe take a break, check your water. It was 30C for us and no where for water except a drip through a dried up creek. There are also a couple areas with chains again as there are some sections that are a bit of a scramble. This simply made the hike that more enjoyable for us.
As said, it’s only 1.9km to the top w some fun obstacles and once you break out of the tree line you see the top ridge of Crown. Below this ridge is a rock slide w large boulders that is easy to cross. Some great views down into the valley!
Once across the slide you ascend and begin the short climb of the peak. The surrounding area is very steep and the trail can be narrow but we found it easy to manage. The views are fantastic!
We loved this hike as it is a tough hike but involves some fun sections and the payoff is totally worth it. We did this hike during the smokiest time of the year, due to the BC fires but it was still beautiful. We will definitely be coming back.

1 month ago

This was a really wonderful hike, we did it last weekend and we couldn’t see very much due to the smoke but I could imagine it would be a breathtaking view. It’s a pretty steep scramble after you break away from the St. Marks trail (this is not a very well marked turn off at all). The best way back down is to take the ski run called Connor’s run, we took a different ski run and that was a mistake cause it was really steep and probably took us much longer. Hike was around 3 1/2- 4 hours.

Took me 3,5 hours total including my stop for photos on the top. Really nice hike, some steep areas but nothing crazy in my opinion. I would like to try to run it (or most of it) next time.

Trail was well marked in my opinion, but I have experience hiking trails that aren’t as well marked.

If you want to have a peaceful hike get out there early. It starts to get busy towards noon.

Great hike/experience! A friend and I hiked this from August 10 to 13th, 2018. Definitely a hike you can take your time in doing and spend time relaxing on the beach and taking in breathtaking views. We however only had 4 days off to do it.

Starting at noon on the 10th we hiked to Cullite, got in late (~8:30 am)
Next day we started late (~12:30 pm) and hiked to Cribs arriving at ~9 pm after spending time hanging out at Chez Monique's and on the beach before the campsite.
Next day we left at ~10:30 am and got into Tscowis after spending all day going slow and swimming/eating dinner at Tsusiat Falls
Final day we hiked from Tscowis (starting at ~7:00 am) to the trailhead by ~12:30 pm

This is definitely a difficult hike, but doable in 3 days (2 full days, 2 half days) if you have time restrictions. I don't know why this hike is tagged buggy. It's only buggy at one or two spots on the hike but otherwise I didn't get any bites.

The only drawbacks to doing this hike is the cost -- the permit fees are high and you have to pay a park fee, parking, and for two ferry crossings. It's about $270 CDN for just the hike/permits/parking/ferries on the trail.

You should book early (Jan 8th) if you want to pick your dates. That said, I booked 2 weeks before heading out on the trail as cancellations happen and if your party size is small you can find some openings.

Great hike through cedar forests. Very easy hike until you get to the area with a rope, then it becomes more challenging with difficult terrain and crossing a few rocky stream beds. Watch your step. The falls are worth it, can take a dip so bring your swimsuits!

A beautiful trail! Bear sightings, so make sure you have your spray and bell ;)

Great workout as its mostly uphill. Helps to bring walking stick for the up and downhill. Amazing view at the top. But lots of flies and mosquitoes. Recommend bug spray or wear long sleeves to cover.

Easy going hike. Opens up access to some nice scrambling above the lake. Also a great place for a summer swim.


Great reward for the effort.

1 month ago

Did the trick for being local and easy to access. Was not overly scenic but was still a few nice hours in the outdoors.

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