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The best hike in Washington

17 hours ago

It was in the low 20’s last weekend up there, perfectly clear. Our GPS read closer to 19 miles total. Hiked up above Robin and then bushwhacked down diagonal across granite to the trail. Definitely confusing after Tuck lake. Stay to left of Tuck Pot, climb up a bunch of granite areas scrambling. So many goat trails branching off to confuse folks. We had goats at night and the dog freaked inside the tent, oh well. No goats after that. Little creeks are frozen in the mornings. I’m 68, so you can make it, also. It is quite steep and my legs are still sore. Real pretty up there.

Great trail for all ages. The views are spectacular!

Wonderful hike! Long but moderate in comparison to other “difficult” hikes !

Great hike with some amazing view points and beautiful lakes!!!

3 days ago

BE WARNED: This hike is 12 miles round trip, NOT 7.7. However, it was perfect! Incredible hike, gorgeous fall colors everywhere, 1000% worth the work for the pristine lake at the top! There was crystal clear blue water and larches!

It’s the most picturesque reward you’ll ever get after a long, hard hike. My husband and I actually hiked this at night so we could be at the top by sunrise. It was GORGEOUS! Totally worth every steep climb up, and painful knee-aching step down. We clocked in over 10 miles. It was very cold, and near the top there were so many boulders to climb we thought we were off the trail, but eventually found our way. Could’ve been the dark though. :)

Great hike. Worth the effort once you get to the lake. Oct 12...perfect time. Weather was 49-59 over the whole hike. No bugs and few people.

8 days ago

Favorite hiking spot thus far! We can’t wait to go back.

Amazing hike, water level low. Stunning views

10 days ago

I’d love to see pictures of what this trail looked like before it got so beat down. Major trail erosion is everywhere and path width is extreme. I wonder how much longer this section will be able to handle such high hiker volume? We are unintentionally destroying the places we say we love.

What an amazing hike, fall colors are past the peak but they were beautiful nonetheless!! The last stretch of the hike was totally worth it, with the cascade mountain views on the east side!



Beautiful view of the falls

11 days ago

The best hike I’ve been on so far in my young hiking career. I clocked it at 9.31 miles up and down. Definitely a hard hike, but being 28 my fiancé and I were able to do it in our sneakers. Pack accordingly as it can get chilly and we did encounter some snow about half way up. Enjoy the breathtaking view!

Finding this hidden gem is hardest part. We ended up passing it, making a u-turn and then just walking back. I suggest if you just google maps to Panther, park at the very large shoulder (it has a bunch of rocks as a slope to your right) get out of the car and walk back on the right side of the road. Once you see this small rock structure (it’s literally 3 rocks stacked on top of each other), there on the right side of that is the trail to Panther Creek. Short walk to the platform and there in front of you is the massive Panther Creek falls. Definitely worth the drive.

Probably my favorite hike. Defiantly a hard hike but SO many great view spots that you can take a rest. We clocked around 9 miles round trip. Beautiful lake! We got snow, rain and sunshine. Can’t wait to go back!

15 days ago

This is truly a HARD hike. first 3 miles are leisurely, then the inclines start. Slight at first, but then... thigh burning work out! Started the hike around 9am, has lunch at Tuck Lake. Beautiful. Dress in layers because the weather changes quickly up there. The way to Robin Lake is really unclear. Follow the cairnes! There multiple routes, just based on how easily you can climb or scale terrain. Other hikers on the trail were very helpful and kept our group motivated. The view from up top is so worth it. Coming down was quicker. we got back to the car around 6pm. A FULL day hike. Most hikers stay the night. ensure you get off the mountain before the sun sets.

great short trail to the top and bottom of the falls. three kids and myself enjoyed this very much.

16 days ago

Totally worth it,, beautiful

16 days ago

Just breathtaking! Highly trafficked.

Sweet short hike with beautiful waterfall at the end. Would definitely recommend it for families or as a short stop when you drive by.

Amazing hike with beautiful fall colors and stunning views of Baker, Shuksan and the Cascades

beautiful flowers :)

Awesome place. best time to hike is between Sept 15 and oct 15. very clourful and scenic.

17 days ago

Beautiful! Totally worth it!

17 days ago

Amazing! Beautiful lake.

Really beautiful hike. The weather was amazing. The first and last 30 minutes are kinda intense and the toughest part. Once you are on the top, its all worth it and plenty of views and picturesque scenery along the route.

Fall colours at their best, beautiful day!!

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