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4 days ago

Love this hike I've been 4 times now and taken the kids they do really well. Spectacular views and such a beautiful little town. One of my absolute favs

5 days ago

A must see, short and sweet.

Very nice hike. Johnson canyon is a bit crowded and annoying, but still worth doing. If you hike a lot, consider that just a "end of the day" bonus. The ink spot is relaxing with mountain surrounding. Great for pictures.

Classic Kananaskis hike, one of my favourites.

27 days ago

Great hike, beautiful views. No snow shoes needed, used poles !

Nice hike with 2 waterfalls and hiking along a river to the ink pots. Very crowded however. Get there really early to get a parking spot. At the ink pots, eat a lunch along the river. Mountains in background are very scenic.

This is a gorgeous fun trail. Make sure you go early to avoid crowds. We did this in September and not many people went to the Ink Pots, so much less crowded, but coming back was very crowded around the falls. The ink pots are very neat. Love this trail.

Did this trail today, when it's still snow from the parking lot all the way to the ink pots. It was just above freezing. Really lovely. Sheltered from the wind, and the sun was warm enough that I was able to get down to just basic insulators. Spikes are a must, though, and poles recommended!

My favourite hike of all time.

Beautiful in winter, slippery on uphills but fine with good winter boots and warm clothing. The upper falls are beautiful when frozen.

Amazing hike! make sure you bring crimp-ons. The waterfalls ate breath taking!

2 months ago

It was a awesome hike and the view was awesome!!!

Awesome views

Easy, beautiful but very crowded.

A great winter hike route if you are short on time. I did this in 21/2hrs while stopping to take photos and appreciate the views. Right up to the fire lookout/helipad. Could be a good sunrise/sunset hike. Will do it again perhaps in the Fall and follow Jewell Pass this time to make it alittle longer.

Beautiful winter hike! But if you're not a very active person and just starting out then know that the full hike can be pretty harsh. It was my first hike of the year and I'm not a very active person and I walked out exhausted and in pain. But pushing through it is definitely worth it! But please, please, please BRING CLEAT ATTACHMENTS ! It is very icy in some spots and there's nothing worse then having your hiking vibe on and you're being held up because someone thought it was a great idea to wear Uggs or sneakers. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Can't wait to go back and do a summer hike.

3 months ago

Went snowshoeing today with my dog, it was really nice. Couldn’t do the full hike because of avalanche warnings but we hiked to the point which had beautiful views.

Big short steep hike up to the top. Tiring, but once you are up there you have a postcard picture of the amazing lake and mountains of Waterton. Highly recommend

This is one of my favourite places in Banff NP. Yes, the canyon can get really busy so make sure you come early.
We did the hike up to the ink pots in late October and started at 9 am and saw maybe 10 other pairs of people on the trail as we made our way up. When we came back down around 1:30 pm it was already much busier, especially in the canyon. Contrary to what many people say, the hike up to the ink pots is definitely worth the extra effort! Although the trail is not super interesting after the canyon, the view at the ink pots is amazing. Make sure you come on a clear day so you can see the surrounding mountains. When we did the hike there was some snow and ice on the trail so microspikes definitely come in handy, even during fall.

5 months ago

Good hike, not very strenuous. Next time I'll bring my fishing rod.

5 months ago

Shorter hike but definitely a good workout, great views.

Really beautiful both is summer and winter, but also very busy. The canyon is great for all ages, getting to the inkpots is a bit tougher but they are really interesting.

The trail is currently snowy which results in an easy to follow trail, but it gets wet and slick so prepare accordingly. There will be some snow scrambling and the views are incredible. The Ridge was very windy today and I didn't have extra clothes so I turned around at the false peak (started clockwise). I'll be back in summer to complete it! I would say the scramble is more difficult that "moderate", though.

6 months ago

Was a gorgeous hike. The point campground was a great spot to stop on our first night. The camp sites were very nicely laid out and maintained. The spot where we set up had access to the lake and we watched sheep on the mountain side as well as some mini rock slides. We saw a bull moose the night we spent there as well. Overall an easy hike in to it that was filled with great scenery.

Great views and a really unique walk up to the falls along the canyon, on a well kept trail. But the trail is narrow at times and it extremely busy.
Best to get here super early as getting a parking spot later in the day is next to impossible.

I did this hike over two days on thanksgiving weekend. The hike in to Point Campground was great, lots of superb views of this lake. Point Campground sites were very good, and site 15 faced the lake. The next day I finished the second leg of the hike. After the falls, the trail became very busy.

Gorgeous hike/trail run. The views are great along the ridge. I went counter clockwise and it seemed like I was the only one doing that. It was fine, but I suggest using spikes.

The trail covers both the lower falls and the upper falls. Go further up the upper falls for about 200m to another viewpoint. Beyond that I'm not too sure if it worth the walk (about 1h) to the ink pots. I'd recommend going up all the way only on a sunny day. Views are majestic. But on a cloudy day you probably wouldn't be able see the mountain peaks.

Just did part of the trail to Sarrail falls. Gorgeous views of the lake!

Beautiful but busy!! Definitely a safe place for solo hikers but the crowds can be a bit much. I think this is a great winter hike, the falls are beautiful when they are frozen.

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