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Good family trail

I would recommend doing Moore’s knob first for sure. Because it’s a loop there you can take that either clockwise or counterclockwise as well. Counterclockwise has a ton of steps first and more of a sloping path down which I prefer but my group didn’t. Out of five of us only two made it the whole way and if you park by hanging rock so you end near your car is a great idea. If you do this and walk to the trail head of Moore’s knob it ended up being a little over 13 miles on my gps watch

Combined this hike and Hanging Rock in same afternoon, both great hikes!

1 month ago

We did Chestnut Knob, followed by Sawtooth , Upper CCC , and Little River Trail. A total of about 7.9 miles with over 1,400 ft elevation. Great workout for the day!

Great challenging day hike.

Had a great time on this hike. As others have mentioned, I recommend a counter-clockwise approach. Nice scenery and a nice workout.

2 months ago

Great views and fun tough hike. I would definitely recommend going counterclockwise and hit hanging rock last.

Easy and pretty!! Beautiful falls at the bottom. We did the Hanging Rock trail and then this one. Do them Both!

I really enjoyed the hike. Beautiful scenery

The trails were a bit to follow, they are poorly marked but the park is almost impossible to get lost in. I jumped around from trail to trail and around the gorgeous lake, to try and make the trip longer. The hike isn’t very long but if you walk everything it’s worth the trip. The only issue is all of the stupid dog owners. My dog and I went on a Saturday and no one had their dogs on leash, which meant dogs sprinting up and barking at my dog for almost the entire trip. Crowded on the weekends.

3 months ago

Perfect full day hike. Challenging but not overly physical with great views. If you can tackle 10+ mile hikes, I highly suggest this one!

Nice bridge, well marked trails friendly people and dogs

Waterfall was amazingly beautiful

4 months ago

Easy relaxing hike. Some areas were wet and very muddy so we had to make some “bridges” to get across without sinking in the mud. Beach area is a cute area and perfect to picnic at.

on 5 Peaks Trail

5 months ago

my dogs and I completed the Reach the Peaks challenge. love these trails

close to our family property. took our dogs. there are a few switch backs on rocks which the dogs (and me) were not real thrilled about. beautiful bed of galax leaves at the end (if you go counter clockwise). good parking. all around good hike.

The first part of the hike, steep downhill with switchback would benefit from a walking stick if you have one.

For some reason my track didn't save the past couple of times, but, for the past month the gnats are HORRIBLE in the fire damaged areas!...repellant doesn't seem to help much either. But, still, a nice loop. There's even a hidden waterfall just off-trail (which I marked and took a picture of...shame the track didn't save).

I did the 5 peak challenge. Phenomenal views and so exciting to complete. I'm a Rock Star.

7 months ago

This is a nice hike to all 5 peaks at Hanging Rock State Park. If you go counter-clockwise, you'll face the hardest climb first, with pretty much a mile of stairs to climb to get to the top of Moore's Knob. Approaching it clockwise leaves Moore's Knob til last, and then the ascent is about a 2 mile climb with a lot of rocks and scrambling - your choice! Have fun!

mountain biking
7 months ago

3 different levels here and even a pump track. Level 1 tight and easy. Level 2 tight and fast and fun with slight elevation changes but super fun bc of how narrow some spots. Level 3... you can get served. Built on old landfill and some steep inclines (for beach town) and gnarly roots. Have always had fun there

Wonderful hike with beautiful weather. Be wary of the trail markers though, it's very easy to get off trail.

8 months ago

You want a good workout in a natural setting....this trail will give it to you. I loved it. Did the trail counter clockwise because of the reviews that I read and so glad I did. That is the best way. The trail has a lot of roots and rocks in it but that's typical of most trails that I've done. By the time I got down to the creek my legs were shakey. It's harder going down than coming up. lol There is a lot of small waterfalls in a thick forestry setting. Wear good shoes that grip well. Once you get to the bottom you will start crossing back and forth across Gully Creek over a series of waterfalls, each feeding into one another. It's beautiful! There was a group ahead of me that reached a point where they couldn't figure out where the trail went. Cross the creek! lol Look for other footsteps and you'll be right on trail. You'll have to move some branches and things out of the way. Trail back up is not bad. I had to stop and take a few breathers. I loved this trail and will go back soon to do it again. Highly recommend it. I'm an average person in average shape and I made it. Probably be harder to do with kids and pets, just depending on the kid and the pet.

I did chestnut knob today with my golden. He is 5 months out from acl surgery and did great! We can't wait to go back and see the falls next time

8 months ago

We went this am- hit the trail about 8:30. My wife and 2 kids 6 and 8 yo. We planned to go counterclockwise but there were no markings at the picnic area that we saw so ended up clockwise. Nice walk down but along the river it is quite forested. They all say there are a few crossings but I swear there were about a dozen. We got tired of them. The walk back up is pretty tough, but the whole trail is not too long so it ends quickly. Not our favorite trail as there are really no views, not even at the knob.

Nice trail along the creek for about 1/3 of the way. The creek is beautiful running down the mountain. You cross the creek a couple of times so your feet will get wet. There are facilities at the trailhead. Very good hike.

Great walk with lovely views. My pup enjoyed it as well!

mountain biking
8 months ago

Went to ride July 2, 2017 and was closed. Recommend checking out website below to verify if open or not. Unsure why it was closed (repair, washouts, etc). Will try again later.

For trail condition / openings:

Went this morning, nice, shady trail. Saw a huge water moccasin in a tree stump in the pond. Great walk!

8 months ago


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